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What sort of political affiliations would you describe yourself as having affinity with? I'm into green & individualist anarchism myself.


Anything with people tends to devolve into depriving others of rights and power while maximizing your own. Politics are therefore irrelevant; the only thing that interests me is the structure of the political system and what is possible both within and outside of it.


My idea is that the status quo and basic principles this society is based up are fundamentally incorrect in such a way that our current system is neither sustainable nor worthwile.
Thus i find myself outside the scale covered by current petty politics, to me its all just a pathetic show to impress idiots, a bit like football but withe more talking.


I prefer not to associate with organizations of that kind because it's not possible to identify a truly best organization.

It also takes time and energy, man


Conservative, I respect and follow capitalism.


I think democracy is flawed. In a majority-rule society (even a properly functioning one), for every majority decision there will always be a losing minority who misses out and is inconvenienced or oppressed by the law decided by the majority.

The only solution I could see to this problem is a world where each and every individual is responsible enough to govern themselves. In other words, the lack of government, or anarchy.

I wonder if such a thing is even possible though. Probably not for a very long time. People aren't ready yet.


The hardest part about a anarchy is starting it. There are already multiple groups of different kinds of people willing to work together, so if suddenly anarchy took place, they would all fight to claim dominance, killing the entire point of anarchy along with their enemies.


Yes, I agree. People right now aren't wise enough to live in an anarchy. Maybe someday though.


What kind of mindset do you think people need to have for everyone to adjust to anarchy properly?


That's honestly really difficult to say. If it was tried right now with the current populace it wouldn't work.

If one country tried anarchy, military would cease and other countries would just devour it. Anarchy is something that would have to be done globally in order for it to work. Everyone would, at the very least, have to be in agreement with the idea, and be able to maintain peace on their own for themselves and others.

So, I think it would take a lot of preparation for there to be any chance of it working. Society would shift that way very gradually until it just sort of became anarchy. Of course, which direction society will begin to shift in the next few years remains to be seen, but I feel like a shift is starting.


we already have "anarchy", it is the blank slate which everything including states are built on. every system is fluid and constantly changing, including so-called "anarchist" systems, which are actually still states enforced by the implicit backing of force by the collective.


You guys all sound so fucking pretentious you ver smart little shits

Sage goes in all fields


What did you expect? Generic left vs right positions?


File: 1440452254701.jpg (92.12 KB, 850x1030, Stalin.jpg)



I'd say libertarian if it weren't for the fact I'm fairly certain that, left perfectly open to all outside influence and without a strong central identity, a culture will not remain the same thing for long. And oftentimes this can be a negative. Also, I don't think just because a behavior doesn't harm others necessarily means it should be respected. Tolerated, possibly, but not necessarily respected, as the market alone would lead you to.

Yeah. Also, it's IMPOSSIBLE for the human brain to empathize with more than what, a little over a hundred people? Fuck, of even seeing many more than that as people rather than just a number. The only truly representative and free state is one which is made up of about that number of people, maybe in loose coalition with other collectives. But that wouldn't be effective, so the best you can hope for really does seem to be a caring, intelligent despot, in a lot of ways.







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if this ends in 0, Trump for god. pic related.


Did not end in 0. -sad airhorns-


A big mess of cognitive dissonance.


Apathy party. I don't know nor do I really care what goes on in the government. As long as I can still shitpost on the internet and still be able to get drugs without any real risk of getting caught I'm happy.


I'm on the side of the party who give the more NEETbux.

Otherwise, for some strange reason I'm Luddite, with no particular political ideal, just the complete destruction of the technology and industry, the more primitive the better.


I'm on the side against the NEETbux, so hah!

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