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File: 1437512005653.jpg (17.48 KB, 480x320, NHK1.jpg)


This has likely been asked before, but does anyone here have physical disabilities that prevent them from having a social life/leaving the house/etc.?

I've had Crohn's disease for about a decade but only recently has it advanced to the point where I can't do much at all with myself physically. I'm very sick and live at home, I've run the course with every available medication and can't effectively treat the disease with much else beyond surgery - I lost count after my tenth surgery or so last year. Over the past two years, I've become a full blown NEET. The most time I've spent outside of my bedroom has been in the hospital, where I spent the majority of last year, and even then I felt very alone.

Even if you just have to vent about it, it'd be interesting to see if anyone has had this situation thrust upon them for similar reasons.


File: 1437524922608.png (159.46 KB, 500x500, frustrated mangaka noises.png)

Actually, yeah, and for a very similar reason. They think it's Crohn's disease, but so far all the tests have been inconclusive and I've been way too tired to go back for even more of them. I've gone to urgent care at least 3-4 times and the last time was pretty traumatic. I've had an intense phobia of needles ever since I was little, and for whatever reason my doctor had to go across the street to deliver a fucking baby (like they couldn't have sent someone else in) and since they were convinced I might need an IV at some point, I was stuck laying there with the stupid plastic cap stuck in my arm until he came back. After about three hours it got really painful, especially since my arms are so thin, and even after I'd pressed the assistance button like 6 times no one was coming in to check on me. Needless to say, I started to have a panic attack, because I was horribly dizzy after so much blood being drawn and having a 102° fever + bloody shits. I'm glad I haven't had to go back since, at least. I probably do need to go to the hospital at some point, though.

Whenever I do leave the house, it's always only for a couple hours at a time. I should get myself a cane or something…my joints have been particularly bad lately. Anyways, sorry about the ranting. I'm sorry to hear that you're going through all of that. I hope you find some sort of relief soon, if not remission.


File: 1437526957267.jpg (86.6 KB, 644x270, NHK3.jpg)


I can unfortunately relate to a lot of your anecdote, I'm really sorry to hear that you've gone through all of that. One of the scariest phases of my experience was trying to figure out what it was; for you, I hope it winds up being something other than Crohn's, but if it is then there is hope in medical treatments and surgery isn't always an immediate option. My case is fairly extreme due to how quickly it's advanced and a good deal of mismanagement on many people's part, but if you go into this sort of thing with a bit of knowledge you will at least be able to say you tried your best to work with the body nature gave you.

What's important is getting as many outlooks on your illness from others as you can, as awful and uncomfortable as it can be. For someone who was naturally very introverted as a child, all of this helped me become a person who is capable of dealing with awkward, painful situations fairly well. It's hard to say that, though, because I often hide how sick I am in an attempt to appear strong, but it's difficult. You want to be strong, but it's hard in light of things such as developing an incurable illness. It's not much of a silver lining, but if you think of it as a trial or a challenge, it might tap some unknown well of strength that's very, very difficult to even see until one is stripped to their barest state. Being able to even type that story out is evidence enough to me that you've got the facilities to handle what is going on. This is coming from someone who was convinced they would be dead around this time last year, but even when you're trapped with what body you have and so few answers, and so much on every possible level, there's always hope in the unknown, and there's always a world beyond that wall of pain. We may not be able to go out into it often, but at least we can find what strength with have to peek over the top every now and then and find what makes us happy.

As unfortunate as my situation is I'm also very blessed with a supportive family who's dealt with a lot themselves. But it still gets lonely being home while everyone is at work. I like to write and draw so I get absorbed in a lot of my work, but I often wish I could go out and experience life so I would have some form of inspiration. I do it as much as I can, though. Breaking the monotony is so, so sweet when it happens. I went to a museum the other week and stood so close to a Van Gogh painting I could see every little bump and blot of paint. It was artwork by a person who also went through a lot, and left a lot behind, and whether it was on purpose or not he made it possible for other people to find what it is that helps them and brings them joy, even if it's only in little increments. Being sick isn't so sad once you get into the motions. After every bit of chaos there's a lot of quiet, after all.


Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease

I'm on disability

am a NEET hikikomori

i was "normal" (as normal as a channer can get anyway) with a job and going to school, no friends really tho, I had just gotten over a year or two of NEETing after testing out of high school and trying 2 community colleges, then got to the 3rd and was turning it around getting good grades and planning for the future

got sick and had to drop out and here i am



File: 1437695015525.png (525.26 KB, 800x800, mado smoking.png)

This is honestly one of the nicest things I've ever had someone say to me, and coming from a complete stranger on the internet who only happens to share my struggles makes it even more bewildering. Thank you, though. I've kind of grown bitter and mainly used poor coping mechanisms that sent me off the fucking rails, which distracted me for awhile from my physical struggles, but ultimately came back to bite me hard in the ass. Your message and a change in my medication kind of inspired me to try and turn that back around, though. If I can't finish my novel right now, I think I'll at least stick to writing the short stories I've developed a knack for. It's easy to incorporate medical complications into surreal stories, anyways. Maybe that'll make me feel a little less like a sack of wet sand laying on the couch all day.

Had to google that one, since I didn't realize it was another name for chronic fatigue syndrome. Sorry to hear about that, though, especially considering the ignorance surrounding it that I've heard of. I have a good friend with CFS, and he's still struggling, but I have high hopes for him and I'm sure you're no lost cause either. For now, I hope you're at least as comfortable as you can be.


multiple sclerosis. ended up dropping out of highschool a month before the final exams due to problems arising from that, both physical and mental issues taking a toll. currently getting disability benefits though frankly i'm not exactly sure what for (have somewhat severe mental illness as well)


I have CMT (Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease), and while it's not as bad like my dad's (his got bad at around my age) or my uncle's (crippling to the point he can't move), I fear that someday it may hinder my ability to do physical activities.

However, I do manage it by making sure that my feet stay flat and I walk almost every single day, be it rain or shine. Physical therapy during my childhood also helped immensely.

I don't know when my CMT will come back to bite me in the butt, but I hope it's far off into the future, when I'm an old lady, insead of here and now.


I got RSI it hurts and i can't use the computer as much


File: 1445543627209.jpg (101.05 KB, 550x542, koe no.jpg)

I was born deaf. Nobody really talked to me because I would keep asking them to repeat what they said (got implants at a young age) so I kind of just got disillusioned from the whole real life interaction thing.
It's okay. I like to think I'm decently mentally healthy aside from that, but considering I would be a literal hikki if I didn't have any engagements, I'm not so sure.


File: 1445588277958.jpg (56.63 KB, 720x400, Rei_Ayanami_Neon_Genesis_E….jpg)

Selective Mutism, it equal parts physical and mental.

I have issues talking because of stuttering, repeating myself and just locking up, becoming totally silent.
Or sometimes I can't speak at all, most of my life when it comes to having this as just been me starring, using more physical actions and just choosing not too talk.

I have no idea how much this is on the spectrum of being more physical or mental.


Oops, I just realized I contradicted myself but yeah I'm not sure on how much it is physical compared to mentally.


Cleft Palate, Cleft Lip and perforated ear drum. I got surgery for the cleft problems at a young age, but nose is uneven and face could be looking better. Got perforated eardrum form wearing tubes in ear for longer than it should have at a young age. Hearing isn't a problem unless at really loud places. I just can't swim.


not exactly sure what if anything I have.

my stomach always feels extreme discomfort, and that resonates with my mind creating a constant state of panic. i'm extremely scared of getting sick to my stomach and it drives me nuts day in and day out because I always feel sick, yet rarely actually get sick.

this causes me to neglect nutrition(it makes eating very unpleasant)and has made my body weak and frail. i fear death, and illness constantly and rarely leave my house as a result.

too scared to go to a doc as well, scared of what they will find, but more scared that they won't find anything and i'll be suffering with this for life.


I think you have something similar to gastritis. You should search about it, since if you suspect it is the case, simply changing eating habits can improve a lot the situation.
I have this problem, but it was way worse before. I remember that every time I woke up felt terrible, probably because I stayed too long without eating. It also seemed to get way worse when I was in public space, probably because of the anxiety of being helpless away from safety.


not exactly physical but not really mental

I have non-24


>excessive alcohol use

there it is. spent a good 3 years drunk constantly. thank you anon.


File: 1445737031320.jpg (157.4 KB, 555x555, 40577093_.jpg)

Are you my conscious


I hope not…


File: 1446758086822.jpg (45.23 KB, 800x680, mfw.jpg)

Wow, I can relate to at least two people here.

I'm not sure what I have either, but I think I have some sort of stomach/intestine disorder and it easily flares up whenever I get stressed/worried/depressed and unfortunately that happens easily and often.
I also have asthma and chronic bronchitis but it's been controlled lately.

I had just barley graduated High School with my sickness and I tried to go to college but I was just too sick to continue and have been a NEET ever since.

And during September this year, my parents had to leave for an entire month (to see my sister give birth) and I was expected to take care of the house and pets but I had gotten sick the day they left with Gastritis (which also flared up my asthma) so it was difficult. I had to go to the hospital at least three times to Urgent Care that month but the doctors were just scratching their heads and there weren't any gastroenterologist in my town to see.
I felt very isolated and it's made me depressed because it made me realize just how worthless and a burden I am. I just think I wasn't made for living.


File: 1446809732994.png (35.63 KB, 221x212, pizza.png)

I'm obese. At least I have a significant other that is a pervert enough to enjoy a body like mine.

>why don't you lose weight

It's incredibly hard losing weight when you want to kill yourself (several shit I have seen and bad luck, summed up in a terrible childhood, domestic abuse, bullying and seeing my father puke blood to death in a hospital bed) often and then people start offending you everytime because you spend your money on food. At this point of my life I have stopped caring about the so-called "fatshaming" but sometimes people seem to just use it to bully fatfucks like me because it's universally wrong being racist or misogynist nowadays.


>sometimes people seem to just use it to bully fatfucks like me because it's universally wrong being racist or misogynist nowadays.
Bullying doesnt isnt right, but its hardly comparable to being discriminating to people who were born different.
If you dont want to lose weight or just naturally absorb fat, some people just gain more weight than others, well thats fine.
But those people who stuff themselfs endlessly for whatever reason are just gross and wrong.


File: 1447017462356.png (147.63 KB, 300x300, smokingmio.png)

Would you think bullying anorexic people is comparable to bullying obesity? They are both disabilities.

Anyway, in society nowadays it's strictly forbidden being fat and nobody takes "body positivity" movements seriously for obvious reasons. There is a huge social pressure going on and it's implied your value as a human being is highly decreased if you have fat on your body. In social circles, everyone will know you as the fatfuck even if you have many other features. At school, people will bully you because you are different. They won't bully the kid on the wheelchair because it's taught it's wrong because the kid can't help it, but can you really judge someone fat can help himself when the given conditions are always on? At home, you'll hear from your parents that you are universally useless because you won't look good to their peers because you are fat, no matter what you do. When you grow up as a overweight kid you can surely expect to everyone, kids and adults, say bad things to you and you can't even defend yourself. You grow up bitter, with no motivation to do anything, no trust in people and no self-esteem.
While there is a sense of solidarity with truly disabled people, people who are overweight are eternally guilty for their own sadness. We have to either grow up and sulk it and become one of them or eat ourselves to death, if we allow ourselves to feel sad. It's like a drug addiction, but it's not treated as such, people who have drug addictions are praised when they stop using the said drug, but if you are overweight and stop eating, you are praised as well. Which makes no fucking sense. If you research about those people who joined "The Biggest Loser" in the past, you will find out that they suffer with many diseases or died simply because they stopped eating. And that is praised highly and they earned money to become sick but look exactly how the norm demands, for the society's amusement. Won't provide links but if you type "The Biggest Loser illness" you'll find many articles and interviews about that. And you know why that all happens? Because there is a wheel of fortune spinning behind all of this. Someone earns cash when people overeat, someone earns cash when a norm of how you are supposed to look is stablished, someone earns cash when you want to lose weight, someone earns cash when psychologist or therapeuts are needed just because someone is afraid of being rejected because extremely poor self-esteem and the list goes on. It's a world of losers and winners, and you lose automatically if you don't fit in the norm, or at least pretend.


File: 1447063343733.jpg (75.13 KB, 628x555, you want some of this bitc….jpg)

>At school, people will bully you because you are different. They won't bully the kid on the wheelchair because it's taught it's wrong because the kid can't help it
Actually a couple of "friends" of mine and I bullied a kid in high school just because he was mentally retarded. I don't mean mentally retarded as in autistic and socially inept I mean legitimately retarded, he was unable to walk straight and he couldn't speak properly (from what I've heard he's got 1 year to live). I have no regrets for doing what I've done, some people are just dicks and do things for the lulz.


whoops meant for >>15908


File: 1447071498489.jpg (67.87 KB, 759x450, victimcard.jpg)

>Would you think bullying anorexic people is comparable to bullying obesity?
Bullying anyone is wrong and that's all.

>in society nowadays it's strictly forbidden being fat and nobody takes "body positivity" movements seriously

Being somewhat fat is not wrong and being tolerant about it is alright, however obesity is a different case, it's a disability, it's unhealtly and being possitive about that is being dangerously childish.

>They won't bully the kid on the wheelchair

You're so innocent…



Sorry if your school were that bad and adults didn't give a shit. At least at my school people treated the deficient girl properly. One kid was expelled for bullying her once and nobody ever tried it again. I got told by the school psychologist I should lose weight to be accepted. While she was right, this is not something to tell a 9yo, because all I could understand from those words are "They won't stop treating you like shit unless you change yourself for them".

People who bully other people should be punished harshly. This is not something to take lightly.

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