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>tfw morbidly obese after being a NEET for 5+ years
>have barely moved around since then
>300lbs, 5'10"
>extremely out of shape
>definitely impossible to go to a gym with my mental state
>too afraid to walk around outside my house during the day because of people
>too afraid to walk outside around my house during the night because dogs go crazy

I seriously want to start walking (even on a treadmill) but I have other fears/anxieties that hold me back. I wish I didn't live in a residential neighborhood. Has anyone been in a similar situation? I just want to be able to walk for more than 10 minutes straight without pain…


Depending on how much room you have in your room or house you can do other excersises like rope jumping or pushups and whatnot.
You might also consider one of these bike things that stay in one place.

Dont let your fears hold you back. Start small and keep at it and if you dont seemingly make progress dont let yourself be demotivated, any movement is an improvement.

Remember also excercise is only half of losing weight, the other being diet.


you have to realize the problem is in your head and this is coming from someone with 100 more lbs than you.
I used to think i had no future until a friend of mine explained to me that nobody ever cared about my weight but my attitude.
I feel like telling someone to face their fears is somewhat forbidden here but it worked wonders for me


File: 1431640654270.jpg (115.18 KB, 454x720, 1429988902879.jpg)

>I feel like telling someone to face their fears is somewhat forbidden here
I don't think so, the general idea I've been reading in this board from all the years I was here is "Others don't care about you, so you have to take the initiative yourself". It depends in how you say this what you have to hold in your mind when giving advice.
Encouragement is very important when trying to help other anons, especially because we can't actually do anything else through our keyboards and screens. It is important to realize that the problem is mostly inside ourselves and try changing what is making us sad/bothering/etc.
Some people find it bothersome when someone advice with how they fixed similar problems, since they feel they're some kind of failure since they "can't do it". But I think it would be easier if they actually tried at least once instead of denying the help completely. That's where encouragement comes handy along with the advice you give.

So, OP, just as the people before me have already said, start with something small, and go up gradually. First try with small exercises, and also (if you already don't) incorporate more veggies into your diet (they fill you up so you eat less shitty food, plus vitamins and a lot of other stuff). Your main enemy here isn't your body, but your mind, so you have to start setting your mind to achieve your goal, and do not give up no matter what. Most of obesity problems come as a byproduct of anxiety, since overweight people tend to eat when they're nervous or anxious (Kinda like alcoholic people drink). Therefore, I suggest getting into some other kind of activity that calms you and to keep yourself away from snacks and anxiety as much as possible.
30 minutes of exercise is what the body needs per day, so you can make an easy routine that last at least that much. It would be fantastic if you could fill us with a bit more of information about the condition of the place where you live (if you have enough room to exercise, or anything that could help you like a fixed bicycle or dumbbells or something).
Another important rule: Do NOT overdo it. If you have barely moved for such a long time, do not force your body more than what it can endure. It doesn't mater if you just walk with pauses around your room, as long as you prepare your body for higher levels of activity and fill up some movement, that's ok. Gradually, you will feel your body can do much more and you will be able to aim for it.

Good luck, I hope this helps you.

PS: If you cook your food instead of buying it, I recommend you to read more about Macrobiotic Zen Cooking. It's really great.
If you don't cook, I suggest learning so you can understand what you're putting in your body. However, cooking can be a big thing if you're not used to it, so, if there's a chance to get someone to teach you, grab it. If not, it's not necessary, so don't worry too much.


others will most likely care when you start showing real inisiative tho


File: 1431641604275.jpg (34.14 KB, 456x451, 1428463792169.jpg)

Hmm, The problem is that others don't want to drag your problems away for you and pamper you like a kid. Sure, there is people like that (which could be toxic in some point), and not everybody may ignore you like you weren't real, but they can't fix your life for you if you're not willing to do so yourself.
If you show an attitude that states clearly you want to improve, they will likely give you a hand and support. Those things are really important, support and encouragement, but completely meaningless if you're not willing to drag yourself out of the well.

Point taken anon, but remember that that is not the case always, specially in this place. Or at least that's what the majority of posts showed for the past years I've been here.


File: 1431667739956.jpg (75.86 KB, 636x422, cake.jpg)

What is it with people thinking exercise is the only way to lose weight? Sure, it helps and it's good for you but it's absolutely unnecessary. Buy a food scale, start tracking calories and you'll lose the weight. Eating less is literally all you need to do, no expensive gyms or special diet plans that will magically get you around that don't exist.

Can confirm that thermodynamics do real, lost 35 lbs last year.


I forgot to mention - you don't have to make a notebook food diary anymore, it's much less of a hassle with MyFitnessPal. You just have to enter how much of x you ate and log it, and it does the adding up and tracking for you. You can even input recipes for a calorie count.

Available on both your PC and phone for free, so no excuses about this bit being too difficult.


File: 1431670424004.jpg (31.11 KB, 463x334, luisitosefuedeputas.jpg)

>What is it with people thinking exercise is the only way to lose weight?
>>14423 here, I watched a TV show about obesity for over 8 years, with all the pro and cons about a shitton of ways to lose weight.
I am not fat myself or anything, but, besides all the help for overweight people, it really gave good advice to have a healthy body, so I watched it and that's why I remember what they used to tell to their people.

The point is that OP has "barely moved" in the past years. Sure, let him lose wight without exercise as his main action, but his body will have to pay some consequences as well. If you were talking about somebody who gained a few extra kilos/lb's, but who isn't overweight, then you're right, exercise shouldn't be really that important, because that person only gained weight but hasn't lost too much muscle and body-movement. However, his body needs some movement, and also gain some muscle which was lost.
I'm not really a doctor so I can't really tell exactly what else a body of an obese person needs/lacks (since they only explained such things after analyzing their patients in the TV show), but the general idea was that exercise was good because it let the person realize how much he was losing weight.
Imagine that you can barely walk for 10 minutes, as OP states, but suddenly, you realize you can walk 15, 20; you can even run a bit. You gain flexibility, and you realize you can tie your own shows. That was, like, a fucking dream for the people in that show. And also, exercise secretes hormones and drugs that make the person feel good, too, so it proved to be a way to distract their mind.

Food is really important though, and skipping meals/eating less has proven in the past years not to be as effective as eat every 3 hours a smaller serving than you used to have of balanced food BUT with supplying that hole with more vegetables, soups, fruits, etc. Also, adding seeds to your salads is very helpful too.

As you said, controlling the calories is also very important, just as being careful to not eat too much sugar and salt. It's true that people do seem to forget that what defines their bodies is exactly what they're eating, and that because of that they tend to get sick.
Since they belittle/deny this part of the whole "treatment", it's no wonder the majority of population is suffering from diabetes, high blood-pressure and similar sickness.

I personally didn't indulge too much about food in my previous post because I really don't cook for myself (though I want to learn), and because I don't know how OP provides his food.


It's absolutely important to gain more muscle in the long run, but if OP is morbidly obese that shouldn't be the first priority. Being that big gets in the way of moving as well as exercise and it might be too hard for OP - especially since he says he can't go to the gym. I don't want them to feel discouraged, there's absolutely progress to be made before you are ready to move.

Smaller/frequent portions work for some because they prevent feeling hungry and consequently binging, but for me it didn't make a difference. I did the opposite for a while and tried intermittent fasting, which is basically not eating/snacking at all through the day and then eating one big meal. I found that to be more satisfying and easier as I simply didn't want to eat through the first part of the day and my problem was habitual snacking and sugary drinks. Just eating 2-3 meals also works just fine.


I've read that taking the same amount of food and splitting it into more meals per day will raise your metabolism and help you lose weight naturally. If you eat too little it's your muscle mass that goes first.


Bothof those are bullshit.
You can't raise or slow your metabolism as you please. It does vary depending on your muscle tone but by as little as 50-200 calories. That's about the amount in a waffle cup of vanilla ice cream.

Your body only starts eating muscle primarily after your fat storage is depleted. That's why anorexia is so deadly, you can literally eat your heart. Other than extreme restriction (less than 500 calories for months) will not lead to any significant muscle loss.


>Both of those are bullshit.
Actually, the "taking the same amount of food and splitting it into more meals per day" is true. Some athletes eat every 3 hours smaller amounts of their "normal share" and supply the "lack" with more stuff that compensates the nutrients their body need for they sports. The thing is, the size of this share, and what food they're eating (which helps to incorporate said nutrients) are decided by a nutritionist which knows how many calories their patients use and what their body need, so that's why it doesn't work for most of people, since they actually don't know exactly what they're getting from what they eat.
(If anything, the part about regulating the metabolism isn't true; at least I don't really think it holds such power).


Athletes [like bikers or runners] need to eat often because they are burning many calories and need the food to not pass out while exercising. But let's be honest, most of us are not athletes or physical laborers and don't need super frequent meals for performance, or as many calories as an athlete is eating.

Either way, I feel like I'm hogging the thread at this point. OP, you still there?


>Athletes [like bikers or runners] need to eat often because they are burning many calories and need the food to not pass out while exercising.
Actually, some models do this too, but I suppose they also exercise as needed.

Yeah, we're derailing the thread too much. I will restrain until OP shows up and tells us what he thinks.

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