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Any fellow NEETs nearing 30? Or beyond? Or do we call those 'street people'?

I don't communicate regularly with other shut-ins, but from what I've seen on various NEET/Hikki boards, things begin to feel extra lonely the further you get from the 18-25 age range.


Am 28. But don't feel lonely in the slightest. There's a great big internet out there.


I'm 28. The thing about age is that it keeps going even if you do nothing, and doing nothing is what a NEET is best at.



48, been a NEET shut-in for 1.5 years, 2 years shut-in prior to that.

WTF with the "street person" thing. For god's sake we're shut ins, not poor.


What drove you to become a NEET shut-in?



I was half jokingly implying that NEETs who outlive their parents usually end up homeless, because they presumably haven't been working for many years, don't have any substantial savings, and are deemed unemployable by that time because of their age combined with lack of education and work history.

Obviously not everyone who identifies with the term NEET meets that criteria, and I realize that. Hell, I'm envious of those who don't.

Anyway, if you wouldn't mind sharing, what circumstances have allowed you to live as a middle aged NEET shut-in without being poor?


File: 1435646156678.png (786.57 KB, 1200x720, vlcsnap-2015-06-30-02h22m4….png)

I am 27; 28 next month.

Dropped out of college back in 2007, and did some background extra work sporadically until 2009, and then did 15 hours in a convenience store. Was moved out into small apartment in 2010, where I have simply existed, ever since!

I took great advantage of isolation to begin with, beating lots of good games and stuff, but ultimately became deranged and sort of nonsensical and out of my mind. I ended up looking for lots of psychiatric help, and talked for hours to countless people, but nothing was ever "done" and so it was just the talking as therapy in the end. Actually helped, I guess, as getting out a lot of my childhood issues stopped them from "formulating" inside me any longer, and now I don't even remember what I would have brought up had I gone to the doctors.

I stopped visiting weed dealers in early 2011, but smoke weed I find on the ground (there is a lot of weed smoked around here) and that is completely fine with me. I get high for free, but without any schedule attainable, I live a less weedbound and much more freeform life, these days. For some years now it's just been me, extremely aware of a slow reality, in this apartment.

I read and post online, while uploading music/videos of photos I take to various sites to share the creative things I *do* still manage to conjure up (harder than ever to make things, these days.)

I used to post here, even, but have only just dropped in to leave a relic of my passing, after many untold months.

I have 1 AFK friend from high school whom I hang with maybe once a month, and my dad maintains textual communication via his iPhone and emails, to my great irritation on many occasions, which he will never be aware of, because he does not live here to see how incensed I may become.

Hey, uboachan, how's it goin', you look thinner than I remember…

I urge everyone to download Aire Freshener, a white noise program.

I have found that for people who find themselves trapped inside loud minds, white noise for hours and hours (especially when trying to sleep. I don't mean a whisper of white noise, I mean white noise that is just loud enough to stop you from being able to think any longer.)

Your mind, unable to think due to the power of the white noise, will cause your mind to become freed and calm. I don't know if your subconscious overtakes your conscious mind, or something, as a result of the white noise, being consciously observed, moves into an unconscious observation, after your mind has attuned to the sound and become entranced.

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