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22 year old ex-military neet (for the last 26 months) here

does anyone know of any jobs/careers that are:
- low responsibility
- low stress
- low social requirements
- do not involve driving or operating machinery

i have driving license, but i avoid driving, since it's too stressful.

i'm about to just ship myself off to some offshore fishery process ship for X amount of months, because i'm going to run out of money soon.

can anyone help me find a job? i have experience with integrated avionics/flight controls for bombers in the military, but that's literally it, nothing else. i didn't even enjoy that stuff though.

i'm thinking a janitor job would be good for a small building or office?


I would've recommended working as a landscaper, but you sometime have to drive and use scary machinery


Mcdonalds and the like


McDonald's is kinda the opposite of a low-stress job.

A lot depends on your personality and what you find stressful. Things like night stocking grocery stores and janitorial/cleaning gigs are low-stress and don't have to deal with terribly many people.


night stocking!

that sounds great

i would weed-eat/mow yards around my neighborhood, but im not sure how to find clients or how to even talk to new people


Pretty sure your requirements are way too limiting, you might be out of luck.
Also, offshore fishery is the very definition of stress, I can tell you because my stepfather used to do offshore sardine fishing and he turned from a nice man to an unapproachable beast.


Low level (unarmed) security. This involves, at most, taking walks every hour and checking people in. At best, you can find an overnight position where you can sit around with your laptop all day. I have one such job. The dream is real.


File: 1430162209623.jpg (344.94 KB, 650x668, 1369888499476.jpg)

Well, my landscaping experience limits itself to a golf course and I was in a small team of 15 full time workers.
I would mow greens every morning for 4-5 hours, and the rest was whatever job was needed to be done, from laying sod and cleaning tree wells to shoveling new sand into bunkers. It hard on my body at first but I got used to it. The people I met there were also super relaxed, enjoying the sunlight, taking care of plants, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes while talking about TV shows or old movies.

It all comes down to luck to be honest, but I wouldn't recommend applying to jobs for landscaping contractors as those can be a lot more stressful(but you might get more money). I'm not trying to be rude here, but maybe what you need is a "mundane" job where you take care of things. Maybe it will do you good as much as it did for me.


>night stocking!
Don't be fooled I use to be a night and second shift stocker. Night shift sounds like it would be easy going but its so much harder since no customers are in the store you do all the major stocking then. I did easily a third less work on second shift then on third, that being said it wasn't easy enough to keep me from being fired after 14 weeks.


IT support?


that's basically what happened with my last job. i had a mental breakdown from the stress and earned myself a discharge.

maybe, i would probably enjoy it more, since you aren't interacting with customers…

that sounds amazing. i have all sorts of military experience, so i might be able to find a job like this.

the is too similar to the troubleshooting on my last job. all thought processes quelled to focus on solving problems. i think this is worse than hard labor. at least during hard labor you are able to think freely.

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