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What do you do in order to make your NEET life more comfortable ?

Since I've become a shut-in and don't go to college anymore, I spend my days doing more or less things over and over… Thus boredom tends to govern my life (and makes be binge eat, DAMN).
So what kind of Hobby do you have ?


Video games. Mmorpgs to be specific. you have an advantage to most people since you can grind all day instead of working.


File: 1426513505264.jpg (13.13 KB, 345x285, kurokona26_p.jpg)

I'd like to use that in my favor too but I just can't find an mmorpg that can keep me playing. Any suggestions?

And to OP, animu and mango, plus one particular video game.


Game development/art


Videogames and im even working on a few myself.


Really you just have to join a guild imo to end your boredom.

Gw2 is supposed to be good

Eve is good

Archeage is ok
Tera is ok, but i personally enjoy it
The new WoW expac I hear is good
ESO is going b2p soon


OP, here.
I can see that games are like a big part of your life too haha !
I'm on DB XenoVers (had to crack it so no online T-T )

If you find a good mmo to play to, I wouldn't mind playing with you. I also get bored quite easily when I'm alone.


File: 1426606134740.jpg (35.97 KB, 400x298, 67495937mm0 2.jpg)

Ohho, guilds are indeed worth considering. Never looked into them actually, with own isolation habits and all that.

Had been eyeing GW2 since its release but the price scared me off. With that said, games with a monthly fee are a no-no, unfortunately.

That's why I'll try to get Archeage and Tera playing. Need 30gb for each when I only have 8gb available, welp.
Thanks for the suggestions!

And thanks for the heads up, that'd be nice alright. I was enjoying Mabinogi a while ago by the way.


OP here


I've downloaded Tera, if you want to play add me on skype:


I'm still fairy new
I've got 2 65's but they're not fully geared yet
What server are you in?



I made a priest (lvl 2) in veritas, which server are you on ? I'll go.


Celestia Hills (role play lol)
Our server gets a lot of haters though so don't feel like you have to



Well, I'll make a character asap haha


Arf… Which server please ? T-T


My bad, Celestial Hills*



There ain't any server called that :o


For Tera?


Ohhh you're on the Europe version
I have the other version



Dang, I guess you have the US one then ?


Yeah sorry about that dude :c


>>13774 I'm on a different server than you, I'm on Tempest Reach, I believe. Gw2 had a sale which had it at $15. I can try joining your server on tera if you wish


The NA version is better by far. Consider downloading it.


OP here


Dang ! I would have to use a proxy and all… My ping would go over the roof…


Doesmt hurt to try


I'll install it tomorrow then :D


File: 1426637668861.jpg (1.29 MB, 1873x3850, wow map.jpg)

You guys are tempting me to get sucked into vanilla wow private servers again.

I've played them so much, I'm starting to feel nostalgia for playing private vanilla servers, rather than actual retail.


File: 1426638241659.jpg (52.12 KB, 704x396, cc0b15eb.jpg)

Managed to clear up enough space for Tera! Got the NA version per >>13790
(Archeage will have to be for other time)

So what's the server and all that jazz? Installing and it's 10 hours til impact.


Tempest Reach is the server.


OP here, I'm downloading the NA version. Let's all join the same server !
I'll take a healer class btw


OP here

If you see a mystic called Bellelune on Tempest Reach, it's me


File: 1426706874442.jpg (117.88 KB, 1500x1125, 68950a16.jpg)

Well shucks, I created in Celestial Hills as friends of mine are already there, plus the roleplay bonus element has me curious.

I'm an Amani by the way, liked the lore.



So… Where are we going to play ? :o
I don't mind making a new character on a new server, but we gotta agree on which server first xD


It's the OP.


Just kiss already.


Role play master server
Add me Della (current main) or Ciaris


I'm guessing their server works.


File: 1426711542249.png (1.93 MB, 1310x736, TERA_ScreenShot_20130827_2….png)

I played a mystic on CH [best non-pvp server] for about 2 years. I stopped playing because many of my guildmates left and the endgame is really not fun [or even possible to clear] with randoms. At least it was back then.

Be wary of that, and the fact this game can be a big money sink if you have a soft spot for cute things.


Eh, most F2P games are like that but at least it's not very pay to win since even if you buy your 65 gear with emp for gold you still won't be any better than everyone else 65


There was an expansion of the game not long ago 65 is the max lvl now


I wish I could get back into MMOs. When I look back I feel so nostalgic, yet I get so bored whenever I play one because I absolutely dread PVE. I pretty much only play league of legends now.



You got Kalimdor too?


OP here
Everybody go to Tera NA, Celestia Hills !
If you want to add me: Bellelune (In Game)
thoushaltnotaddme (Skype)


I seriously don't understand the hype with league
I used the have the same taste in games as all my friends which were mostly MMORPG's and we'd play together all the time and now ALL of them play League and I'm just sitting here like wtf? It's not even enjoyable for me


I feel you dude… That game just ain't funny


File: 1426771884922.jpg (536.79 KB, 1067x1688, deep.jpg)

That's because it's a fashion and trendy game for normies, you're so cool if you play it, it's like the Facebook of online games.

Pic somewhat related.


I think that a lot of people play the game just because it is just SO popular: If all of someone's friends are playing it, then they would probably want to play with them, right? I have friends that seem flustered and confused while playing, and I just can't understand why they keep playing. I just enjoy getting better and climbing the leader board.




Go back to WC please.


File: 1426785146961.jpg (107.16 KB, 506x778, wizchan is ded.jpg)

Jerry, wizchan is dead.


File: 1426786862644.jpg (1.33 MB, 2044x3850, WoW Kalimdor detailed.jpg)

Not the anon you're replying to, but have the Kalimdor one.


File: 1426786917093.jpg (597.67 KB, 2038x2014, WoW Outland detailed.jpg)

I'll throw Outland here, too. That's all I've got.


I feel the same way.
Used to play a lot of tf2 with a friend, then he switched over to lol. Now every internet friend I have who would want to play something only plays dota. I grew up on RTS games and they feel like ultra-simplified versions of them to me, I don't get the appeal.


I don't get it either, but to be honest I've had that response with more games in the past I actually ended up liking after giving it an unbiased shot. Like with Cities Skylines right now. Though when it comes to LoL, there's also the fact that I simply don't like competitive gaming much.


I don't mind competitive games but I prefer ones where I feel like the hours I put into the game are worth something
Like in MMO's I'll work hard to level up and get gear for taking down bosses and even for platformers I feel like there's progress
For League I don't keep my levels and I could care less about my rank because playing the same map over and over is just incredibly boring and not worth it for me


get some exercise equipment and use it instead of eating. consider humans as perpetually at play. you could play by shoving things in your mouth or you could hang up a set of gym rings and have a playground in your room.

>collect 50 dragon scales
>8 hour grind later
>ok good, here is a health potion that is well below your rank
>now I just need you to collect 10 lizard boners and 19 chicken farts
>8 hours later
>grind grind grind
the terrible thing about MMOs is that they hook you without any benefit. at least if you were a drug addict you would feel good while you were doing it. with MMOs, like any addiction, its all about time investment and habit. your guild goes on at a certain time and its time to play sock poopenning 4 for a few hours. then if you give it up, you come back a month later to find your 1000gold now buys you a single health potion. so you need to keep playing keep playing keep playing.

but oh well. I'm no better. I smoke and play C&C generals over and over on the same map to pass time. I get enough money from autismbux to work on some projects like an e-bike I bought and now a car I bought. but parts and stuff are expensive as hell. I've finished my e-bike so I like to ride around the nature parks around here. my cylinder head is at the shop right now so I just need to time travel to a month from now to when I have money by chain smoking and procrastinating until I have money again.


Tera will die incredibly soon with the rise of BnS NA. My friends and I along with a mass amount of other Tera players are quitting because it's become a shit game with major issues that they will never fix. Rest in peace MCHM, the one good dungeon.


watch big titty anime, blog, sleep, masterbate occacionally and i tend to get drunk a lot on hardcore gin but thats just me

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