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What are some things you do (or don't do) as a NEET that others would consider gross/disgusting? Whether it's not showering or brushing your teeth or booze-fueled vomit sessions or even something like obsessing over people through social media. You share and the rest of us won't judge (hopefully).

I tend to wear the same clothes for days on end. Even if I shower I'll just slip back into the same t-shirt and jeans. Don't really know why but it sure feels comfortable.


I wear the same clothes for a few days
I shower once or twice a week
When I went to college, I used to piss in my room sink so I wouldn't have to use the common bathroom


File: 1424971317196.jpg (77.33 KB, 400x537, 31048833_p0.jpg)

jokes on you guys, I'm not even a NEET and I do all that shit.


I wear the same shirts for weeks, the same underwear for half a week to a week and the nose-pads and surrounding area of my glasses are covered with that thick, viscous green gloop that you get which is a solid solution of face-sweat, dead skin and plain filth that I can't get at properly.


Im wearing same clothes for weeks and even sleeping in them.

I also got sorta rotting teeth, but you cant see it, tough i brush them once a day.

Also my place is a filthy mess.

Otherwise im pedantic when it comes to cleanness.


how are your teeth rotting if you brush them at least once a day? that's not enough to get them to rot. what are you eating? damn.


Genetics mate.



not everyone has good teeth to begin with. sometimes the gums aren't healthy or the enamel is thin or the whole thing is kind of brittle

or maybe he drinks a lot of sugary crap and smokes meth


I got what seems to be like big holes in the back of my teeth, sometimes it hurts when i have bad luck biting or eat cold or sweet stuff.

I had some cavities, but they stopped hurting after a while.

I dont really know why that happened, but yeah seems like my teeth just arent that solid.


I eat my buggers



Everyone does this weather they know it or not. We secrete mucus and end up swallowing it anyway.

Seriously though don't do that it's gross


When i'm bored i sometimes pull some pieces of crap out of my anus and knead / sniff it for like a minute before i flush it down my toilet.
Ofc also doing the 0815 stuff like eating my buggers, not brushing teeth for a few days etc.
Oh, and i always eat my own cum after masturbating.



Not washing my pants for months at a time

Other 2d fetish porn


File: 1440628100371.png (35.97 KB, 200x216, WAHA.png)

You're so vanilla, OP. I wear the same clothes without washing them for months. I've been wearing the same shorts since May. I've only washed them once.

I'm also pretty sure that the amount of times I visit my crush's social media pages can be considered a form of stalking.


I don't like to talk about it. I tend not to brush my teeth for up to a week at a time. I wait until there's this disgusting gunk all over them and my tongue, and my gums start to hurt. It feels really good to finally brush it all off and watch the brown water leave my mouth as I rinse. I should stop doing that.

Keeping clean and having good hygiene feels like a chore when I could be spending that time doing exciting things on the internet such as posting anonymously on a secluded image board or watching people play video games.

I guess I have insufficient self-control and need to work on it.


File: 1440636160674.jpg (104.41 KB, 1080x706, 1439702138907.jpg)

I'm in the never clean clothes boat. I lather myself with anti-persistent after every shower (daily) and scrub myself with non-scented soap top to bottom three times. My pricey cologne helps off-put any outstanding smells from my clothes.
I'm wearing a pinstriped polo that hasn't been washed for about four months.


File: 1440647471140.jpg (50.59 KB, 640x582, image.jpg)

I pretend to have a 2D girlfriend called a "waifu"


File: 1440647660861.jpg (42.87 KB, 512x344, TiZiwOE.jpg)

But anon, that's masterrace taste, why would you post it on a gross thread?


Dare I say… that bastard was mocking us! What balls! He must be one powerful guy to pull a bold move like that!


I always forget to brush my teeth. I only brush them once I notice that my breath smells like shit or there's a big build-up of plaque on my teeth. I have noticed that my teeth are becoming uglier the more I do this, so I should really stop.


File: 1440701435430.jpg (93.38 KB, 463x488, image.jpg)


I shower about twice weekly and wear the same clothes for several days, I'm also a girl.


My parents never taught me hygiene as a kid. I would actually go weeks without showers from age 6-11. In middle school I started doing it regularly otherwise i'd have horrible dandruff. Same with brushing my teeth except it wasn't until high school when I start brushing everyday, specifically in 11th grade since I got a girlfriend.

Often I still forget to brush my teeth which is really bad. I hope my teeth don't fall out its a big fear of mine. I drink so much coffee too so that's probably fucked me over.

My parents put no effort into teaching me proper hygiene. My mom never forced me to do any thing and just let me get dirty. Didn't even shave until I was made fun of for it. Parents didn't even try with that stuff. Now I have no habits for it. Forget to all the time.

Also I don't wash my clothing very much. Usually I wear them until they smell bad. Haven't done laundry for weeks.


File: 1440985227084.webm (2.68 MB, 768x432, SUPREME 2D.webm)

i'm proud of this, though


>I'm also a girl.
Great job, you win!


>wearing the same clothes
It's unnecessary to clean what isn't yet dirty.


Shower once a week.
Brush teeth once every few days.
Wear same clothes for more than a week and usually sleep in them.
Pee in bottles.
Fap to young girls.
Do laundry less than once a month.
Note on my phone when and where I see a certain girl, have followed her a couple times to where she gets a bus.


eating boogers tbh


I haven't brushed my teeth in years. Luckily, they are still okay somehow.


You're dead.


Guess that means I'm in Hell.


Sometimes I'll pee into empty mugs or glasses instead of leaving my room to avoid the risk of talking to someone.

My porn habits were pretty fucked for a while although I don't really use it that much any more.


I used to piss in containers until i realized i could just piss out the window.


i shower a lot because i feel cleansed not only of body, but of mind also, ill take showers in complete darkness and with music playing to help with this

basically functions as meditation i guess

also related to the thread, i piss in my backyard late at night instead of in the bathroom, dont brush my teeth nearly enough, leave laundry for weeks


I'm clean all the time and scrub like I've been contaminated with radioactive dust, and I always change my clothes and brush my teeth and wash my hands whenever they start to feel unclean.

However, I masturbate 5+ times a day. Needless to say sometimes I'm sore between the legs.


I wash my hands and brush my teeth with water only.

Dumpster diving electronics, some people think it's gross, they don't know that there's plenty of stuff still sealed.


Why do you do this?



Pathological levels of frequent arousal. Or in the case of cleaning so much, the fear of being caught unclean I guess. I don't like filth, full-stop.


>Dumpster diving electronics
Fuck, I want to do that but I'm afraid that folks might see me


piss bottles, piss on floor, never brush teeth but use mouth wash and floss. Not that bad really. Mother always complains though.


File: 1447331265822.jpg (78.45 KB, 1280x720, IMG_1054_2.JPG)

I'm getting queasy reading this thread.

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