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greetings /n/, i am a 22 year old mtf with no hope of transition and am pretty much a NEET who despises themselves for their uselessness, failures, and body. and am wondering how many trransgendered NEETS are there? since for me the unbearable dysphoria cotributes greatly to myfear and hatred of being out in social situations and my inability to handle coursework or work in general. With the ammount of internal pain ad distress this terrible dysphoria can bring surely i am not alone in this situation?


hi hello you just perfectly described me in that post. I just recently started working though after a year or so of downtime because I was sick of letting the universe get the better of me. Sometimes you just gotta look up in the starry night sky and yell FUCK OFF UNIVERSE, YOU STUPID CUNT.


aye, i once though that too but after every attempt and/or thought of transiton and particularly getting on hrt it only made things worse including the last foolish attempt that involved fleeing an abusive household, losing funds, failing at everything, being abandoned by my "friends", and ending up back with a family that hates me and yet insisted on having me back like property they wish to "fix". now getting on hrt seems impossible and even basic tasks come off as a struggle for me these days. every act of defiance ended up destroying me more than them.


>Sometimes you just gotta look up in the starry night sky and yell FUCK OFF UNIVERSE, YOU STUPID CUNT.
Sage wisdom.
Also thank you for that mental image.

That's insanely unfortunate. I know how the family situation is a bit, I know what it's like being abandoned by everyone, I know how it is to fail, but not all at once. Sorry that happened to you anon.

Do you think they'll ever accept that you're just kind of fucked in a manner that accepting Jesus into your heart won't ever fix, that just gets worse over time?
If not I guess you could possibly try self-medding behind their backs if you have some money, but it sounds like you probably don't, so I guess the first thing is just to work on that again. (Also try not to poison yourself.)

Good luck anon, hopefully you can become as pretty as Giygas is in that weird fanart that shows him as an alien bishoujo.


I tried self medding earlier. worked for a little while but then in a contrived series of events(seriously what pisses me off the most is that it's little coincidences that fuck me over instead of faults in my own planning) my stash was found and my kife was made a living hell for several months because of it. i was driven nearly to suicide and eventually snapped an ran off at that point not caring if i died in a ditch or something because felt like i was going to die either way. so i can't self med due to 1. no money and 2. my mail getting constantly checked and scrutinized now. Late last year i foolishy beleived they may have changed and becme more open to it but so far that's turned out to be nothing more than lies. as as soon as i held them up to that i was verbally lashed out at and essentially being told that i can't possibly be trans again and that gender therapists don't exist.(they also refused my therapists recommendations for gender therapists because of my mom scrutinizing their qualifications as an excuse to deny me again) and my gender identity is only ever brought up as a joke to try and humiliate me with. i'd like to work but i just can't seem to be able to. any time i try and think of applying for something i end up getting overhwhelmed and paralyzed by anxiety which of course makes me feel more pathetic for not being able to do things most people i know can with relative ease. heck, my community college courses as is make me way more anxious than they should and i can barely even muster the will to so much as get assignments done at all.

I wouldn't count on me being pretty. heck, i often fear i won't pass with how much testosterone has damage me


File: 1425213441676.jpg (98.39 KB, 591x835, SOULEATER902990.jpg)

>how many transgendered NEETS are there?
A little late here, but quite a bit, if I had to guess. Enough that there have been a few similar threads since I first started lurking Uboachan.

>surely i am not alone in this situation?

While I can't say that I'm a NEET because I'm trans, it's a contributing factor (among many others) to my unemployment and reclusiveness.

Again, I'm a bit late responding here - I do hope you're still alive. I want to help you, but I don't know what advice I can offer; you seem to have spent all the obvious options… At this point your best bet may be to look for other places to stay until someone is kind enough to take you in.

If I could secure you the medication you need, I would, but unfortunately I don't know where the money would come from. I'm already in debt and I recently spent the last of my savings on taking a bus out to Georgia to help someone in a similar situation, giving them the hormones I had leftover from the reserves I kept during the time that I was temporarily self-medding, then went and borrowed money from someone else in order to buy them enough to last them until they graduate high school and can escape their parent's house. Same goes for a home; if I could offer you a place to stay, I would, but regrettably, as a NEET, I live in someone else's home myself, and they wouldn't take kindly to housing another NEET, especially one they don't know.

So I'm afraid I'm rather useless to you now, but if there's anything I can do for you at all, please let me know.


File: 1426133271003.gif (1.9 MB, 320x204, 1421273130128.gif)

well, that's astonishingly kind of you anyway. especially to say you'd conceptually do something like that for a complete stranger. You sound like a very admirable and kind person from your actions. I unfortunately don't think you or anyone else for that matter could do anything right now. I wouldn't equate my NEETness wholly to being trans either but it does play a significant part in it.


Honestly I'd at least give you a place to crash, but like pink-haired anon said, neetdom.
There a bunch of people I want to help really; finding a lot of stuff sympathetic paired with total financial impotence is kind of a pain that way.

But who cares really; going on about yourself to people worse off than you isn't nice, and kind of counter-intuitive if you want to hear about how they are. So, how's stuff at this point for you anon? You seem resigned to absurd suffering but at the same time you don't sound as if you're too horribly depressed right now. What's happened since you started the thread?


a whole lot of nothing, breaking down under pressure from my parents, and overall anxiety from feeling useless, frustration at my lacjk of progress and no way to get any in the foreseeable future, fear of failing courses, and being constantly picked on at home lately.(which contrary to what they seem to believe just makes things worse and demotivates me more rather than motivate me).


File: 1440168563718.jpg (63.43 KB, 1280x720, image.jpg)

18 year old mtf neet here. I dropped out and have done nothing for nearly 2 years now. Even though I have very little going for me, Im feeling optimistic about my future. I have accepted that things are shit but instead of loathing them like I have done in the past I will change them. I got my drivers license very recently and am planning to get my ged in the following months. I will not surrender to my fears, we will make it and get qt bfs :D


I have put transitioning on pause just to get the fuck out of somewhere I couldnt be before. To me any improvement whatsoever on my body to match my identity is something, because the body is less important than that I find people who treat me right, which currently I have some of. Everyone has issues with their body, but if you have confidence (which for me comes from support) nobody can take your femininity away for how you look any more than they can a 'cis' girl. I know this sounds obvious but priority one shouldn't be transition it should be get somewhere healthier at ANY cost. Trying to survive to have something better than current, to me anyways, gives something to live on for. The fact you might succeed at surviving and get closer to your goals from there. Survival first, than you can have nice things. Setting goals one at a time and making smaller goals to complete those goals gave me the strength to continue living.


File: 1440450584354.png (16.44 KB, 108x139, HIYAAA.png)

Hiyo, I'm a FtM trans NEET! Luckily I discovered I was trans at a young age, so with the help of never using anything but training and sports bras as I grew older, I was able to stop my chest from growing too much… Now that I'm older I want to look into getting a binder.

I wish there was a way that trans people could swap bodies with one another. Sometimes dysphoria is just too much.


I'm trans and NEET. I'm 20 years old and begin transition when I was 18. You better do it now or end up dead in 20 years or worse, a hon.


I experience dysphoria. Especially with the penis, I hate the sight of it, I hate the fact that it's circumcised, I get this gut-wrenching nausea when I think about it. Conforming to the social roles of a "man" fills me with dread. I don't really think I'm mtf but maybe I'm in denial. I don't have a strong preference for either masculinity or femininity. Obviously if I could inhabit the body of a teenage japanese girl I'd do that but it's not an option, is it?
I wonder how OP is doing now.


File: 1442182689755.jpg (55.88 KB, 1280x720, 1401133339208.jpg)

I want to say, with the best of intentions, that you people are ill and need help. Statistics show that most people who "transition" regret doing so and are far more likely to commit suicide.
It sickens me that LGBT groups support your condition. It's not harmless like being homosexual. You are mentally ill and are mutilating your bodies because of it. Please, seek help and stop this nonsense.


Ayy i crossdress and have no real interest in girls or boys, but i really enjoy crossdressing and thinking about being a girl, but when i fap it goes away, it used to go away for like months, now it goes away for minutes and then again.
I also enjoy behaving like a female

Tell me /n/, am i transgender?



Do you wish you were born a girl, and hate how yer a man? If so, then yes. otherwise, sounds to me like your either Genderfluid, or a girly man. I have no problem with any group.


Y'know what, gender dysphoria is a mental disorder but I agree with them having the right to express themselves however since it's mentally crushing not to, but THAT is some tumblr shit anon.


File: 1442261407511.png (87.42 KB, 351x232, I TT.png)

Ubuu pls no


File: 1442261466863.jpg (94.11 KB, 800x1015, 4f3d07baacc687778739f73880….jpg)

so this BITCH wanna make me a sandwich?


File: 1442263935651.jpg (84.07 KB, 600x600, 1441331535237.jpg)

>wish you were born a girl
but i thought everyone does.
o-o-oh well
guess it's time


File: 1442267710531.jpg (391.55 KB, 1436x1370, capture1466.jpg)

Have fun.


Probably not.

There's been a bit of a battle going on over on the tumblr side of the world as to what counts as transgender. On the one side you've got people without gender dysphoria (i.e. hatred of the gender they are), saying "hey, I wanna be a woman and that's a valid thing." On the other side you've got people with dysphoria saying "You're cheapening things for us and making people take us less seriously. This should be a serious medical thing and not just a desire", this stems from the fact that gender dysphoria is a recognised psychological condition, just wanting to be a woman is not. Of course it's a petty and stupid argument, mostly because it's focused on terminology. Who cares what types of people the word transgender applies to? Is that really what's important here? While people fighting with those who are the most like them (often over issues such as this) is incredibly common, it's never a happy sight to see. Search for truscum for more info, you can see which side's winning.

But you don't really fit either definition. You don't actually want to be a woman, you just like dressing up, hence you're probably best off going with transvestite if you need a label. Which brings me to my main point. It's just a label. It doesn't change what you are, it doesn't even help you to understand it, quite the opposite. Identity, that is the idea that such labels are an intrinsic part of who you are as if they were written on to the fabric of your soul, is poison. You are a human being and these labels, mere words, are, put simply, insufficiently powerful tools to describe even a small part of such a thing. When you tell yourself "I am this, I am that" every time it is a lie. The words that you said and the concepts you attached to them are crude pictures scribbled in crayon next to the detailed work of art that is you.

That isn't to say that the labels are useless, like all words they have value in communication. It's quick, easy and perfectly effective for someone to say "sorry, I'm a lesbian." This works great, whoever they're speaking to gets the general idea and when it comes to describing who you are, the general idea is the best you're going to be able to do.

They have other uses as well. Yes, when you say "I am whatever," it's a lie, but telling ourselves such lies can be useful. There's books could be (and have been, in many cases unknowingly) written on the subject, so I shan't go into to much detail here. Suffice to say, telling yourself "I am strong" and believing it can serve a purpose. There's an important caveat to this I should mention, names. Names, while they do so somewhat tautologically, are capable of fully describing a person. Again, this has uses beyond the scope of this little post.

To come back to the point. Don't worry to much about the labels, you know who you are and what you want regardless of what words are used and whatever you do don't get attached to them, by doing so you are tying yourself to such a small thing. You are everything and you are nothing.


File: 1442276532301.gif (1.24 MB, 320x240, brentrambooriginal.gif)

All of this is so true. People get caught up on labels when it has nothing to do with how you view yourself but more so how you explain yourself to others. No reason to get caught up on it at all. Same goes with sexuality more or less.


File: 1442277994234.jpg (31.83 KB, 421x421, cypher.jpg)

You know, that scene in Matrix, where Cypher goes around the ship unplugging the Matrix crew and killing them one by one?

It's like that


You're right, but for the sake of debate i'm going to say that labels are born because people agree with them, same reason stereotypes are born because there is a reason for it.
If we completely get rid of labels that means we're not even human anymore. Science must explain and give everything labels for it to make sense and complie properly and logical in ur mind.

And anyways,
i do kind of want to be a woman, i did since very early age like 6-7 or something, i feel more of like a woman who is forced to act like a man and it's mentally painful to not be able to express myself, to not feel feminine, like if you're a dude who is forced to have his dick in a chastity all the time.

Is 17 too late to change? is 18?


i don't get it


>If we completely get rid of labels that means we're not even human anymore. Science must explain and give everything labels for it to make sense and complie properly and logical in ur mind.
There's a lot more to your mind and being human than just the logical. Beneath and besides words there is meaning, but anyway, that's by the by, nobody is saying we should get rid of labels, they're really useful.

>i do kind of want to be a woman

Whoops, I misjudged. My bad.

>it's mentally painful to not be able to express myself, to not feel feminine

Express yourself!

Depending on your situation this could be more or less of a problem. There are parts of the world where this is well accepted and there are others where you could meet more resistance. Whatever your case fuck the haters and do what you need to do to make yourself happy. If that means you have to hide this part of yourself away from those around you then there's no shame in that. If that means you need to move to somewhere where you won't have to hide, then go and look back as you please.

But, like I say, for now, don't worry too much about what you are and what that means. You are you, nothing more, nothing less and what that means is your decision. Big decisions like "coming out" or moving locations are better not rushed. You have your whole life ahead of you to explore this and that exploration can be the most wonderfully enjoyable thing in the world. Don't forget to stop and smell the roses. They are beautiful as I'm sure are you.

>Is 17 too late to change? is 18?

There is an easy way to tell if it's too late to change when it comes to anything. Check your pulse.

17 or 18 is pretty young, on the one hand this is good, some people make it to 40 without realising these things and change can be easier when you're younger. On the other hand it could cause practical problems. Do you live with your parents? Do you think they'd understand? There are a thousand obstacles can get in the way of something like this, do what you have to to get round them and find your happiness.


I know a lot of trannies and some of them started mid 20s and turned out just fine.

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