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What does it mean to be mature or childish?


Generally, I think maturity has something to do with self-restraint, and childishness with the opposite. That doesn't always mean not doing something; someone who cowers when being attacked might be considered childish, and someone who restrains their fear and fights back could be mature.
But it depends on whose standards you are going by.
And also what you're applying the terms to.

>: based on slow careful consideration <a mature judgment>
>a (1) : having completed natural growth and development : ripe (2) : having undergone maturation
>b : having attained a final or desired state <mature wine>
>c : having achieved a low but stable growth rate <paper is a mature industry>
>d : of, relating to, or being an older adult : elderly <airline discounts for mature travelers>
>a : of or relating to a condition of full development
>b : characteristic of or suitable to a mature individual <mature outlook> <a show with mature content>
>: due for payment <a mature loan>
>: belonging to the middle portion of a cycle of erosion
>: of, relating to, or befitting a child or childhood
>a : marked by or suggestive of immaturity and lack of poise <a childish spiteful remark>
>b : lacking complexity : simple <it's a childish device, but it works>
>c : deteriorated with age especially in mind : senile


Oh, and the subtle asshole meanings, especially if someone is saying stuff like "You need to be more mature." or "He should stop being childish."

There, 'mature' basically means
>stop causing me trouble
>stop doing things that I consider weak
>do what I want you to do
>conform to my standards, traditions, and cultures
>respect/fear/obey me
and childish is the opposite,
>whatever causes me trouble
>whatever I consider weak
>whoever is not doing what I want
>anything strange, unusual, fun that doesn't benefit me
>anyone who respects/fears/obeys someone who is not me

Manipulative bullshit.

But everybody already knew that, yeah?


I think this distinction is largely based on culture. A quality may be viewed as mature, childish, or neither, depending on what it is and who you ask.

I would, however, argue that there are some objectively-verifiable distinctions between child and adult behavior. For example, the brain structures responsible for faculties such as self-control are less developed in children, giving them a more impulsive nature. Also, for children that haven't started going through puberty, they react very differently to the concepts of sex, romance, reproduction, etc.

I also agree with >>12430 on that the dichotomy is often used in unreasonable ways by people who really don't know what they're talking about.


I hate these words so much. So, so much. Truly. Because >>12430. Why, oh why, was I born into such a judgmental family?

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