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File: 1411891041095.jpg (88.51 KB, 354x249, 1410462585829.jpg)


So what are your plans for the future? A while ago I decided I wasn't going to put forth any further effort to secure a future for myself beyond what's absolutely required of me, i.e making sure I don't get kicked out by the hand that feeds. It's working out pretty well so far, but I know it's not sustainable. Regardless, I feel alright about the whole thing, which is a lot more than I could say a year ago, when I would constantly panic about my lack of direction. Whatever works I guess. How about you guys?


giving up feels great, pretty much


I wanna rock


I just hope to find something that give me money indispensable for me to live paying the bills etc. I think I will live alone in a small apartment or something like this.


I kinda want to always have some plans for the future. I want to always have something to look forward to for as long as I'm alive.

I hope to devote the next ~10 years to programming.


File: 1411909497145.jpg (357.57 KB, 1024x768, 1389001114452.jpg)

Shit I don't even know. I usually just let stuff happen as they go by.


File: 1411910744189.png (20.89 KB, 500x301, Oekaki.png)

In ten years, probably dead.
I'm aiming for five.


File: 1411915002369.gif (84.79 KB, 500x281, 1344244237359.gif)

For the next couple of months, I will be staying at home and being a housewife, for the most part. After that, I draw a blank. There are possibilities but I don't know what I want and where I'll go from there. I need to decide. Making important decisions is hard.


File: 1411916513567.png (120.79 KB, 500x630, batter12.png)

I hope to write in the future. I go to readings whenever they show up in my town and it's always so, so inspirational to hear these people talk and discuss. I hope to just write and if I succeed, I can keep going. If not, I don't mind killing myself.


The trade off is regrets at a later age or a premature death.


File: 1411930552632.jpg (12.04 KB, 252x160, PunchBaby.jpg)

Im going to experiment with drugs, it should likely kill me, but seems i have good karma and have luck sometimes so i might live.
I dont know, i used to have other ideas and dreams, but now im so burned out i dont think i can mange without drugs.


I don't have any. I'm going to a community college next semester to finish high school credits, but I don't know what I'm going to do after that. Thinking about my future got so stressful that I just stopped caring and just take it day by day now. I guess I'm subconsciously hoping something comes along that gives me a direction


There are no futher plans. When I am no longer able to be a neet I will die.


Why's that?

I don't know your reasons, maybe you have decent ones, but if you're going to kill yourself or just sit still until you die anyway it seems to me like you may as well just try some radical approach of at least attempting to experience more of the possibilities that this incredibly brief period of life has to offer before throwing it away. You may as well try whatever you like if you've already set yourself on that, it's not like you have anything to lose and you should give yourself at least that much of a chance at enjoying your existence, if only for a brief time. So go run around and try to do whatever it is you always wanted.

(… Of course, maybe's that's just being a neet or killing yourself.)

I have hopes but I don't really have specific plans right now; I want to finish school and finish learning the piano and maybe try to write a book or something and try yo make something of a life for myself.


I'm going to save the world and make it better for everyone on uboachan


My motivation lies in the afterlife.


How so?
I hope some form if it exists for both our sakes.

Good luck to you.


Throughout my life I have been and will continue to slowly exponentially gain mental, political, social, economic and spiritual power that I will use to give other people the same


That's nice. Why are you still here by the way?


File: 1411966861613.jpg (782.53 KB, 742x1320, 1348781928904.jpg)

I've thought about doing something crazy to try to survive when the end comes, however I wonder if there is a point. I have accomplished everything I want to do in life, and I have no further goals or desires. There is nothing I want in this world, nothing more to see, do, own, or experience. I have been mentally prepared for the end for years now, just a matter of waiting.


That sounds good enough but it's kind of hard to imagine you've accomplished all one would want to accomplished and seen and done all one would want to see and do. Are you sure you're not just temporarily burnt out and tired of life in a way that you might be able to recover from?


I don't know. I honestly can't think of anything I want to see or do though.


a lot
i've been a neet for a while
this week is like my first week of not being a neet and i still feel like one because all i do is work from this computer and not go outside as much as I can


File: 1411971190494.jpg (11.98 KB, 640x200, alic95756.jpg)

I want to make money from my (digital) art stuff, such that I am not tied to any one place. I would like to travel while I work, I guess for the next few decades, before settling down (hopefully rich, or thrifty with good savings) somewhere far from civilization but with all the amenities. Or somewhere where I can be an eccentric and not have to deal with people.
I just have to stop being a piece of shit and actually work first.


Post portfolio.
Also I'm pretty sure outsourcing companies will hire you if your portfolio looks beautiful. You can even work in your home.


Same here, the real world frightens and confuses me.
Atleast i can afford booze and cigs.


File: 1411998700440.png (53.65 KB, 423x280, Capture41.PNG)

I know what I want to use my life for, but if you're talking strictly about a "real career," then I still haven't figured that out. All I really know is that I'll need some way of generating income that doesn't require me to have a rigid schedule, and possibly also allows me to work from home.

While I do have some degree of difficulty with social anxiety, it isn't the main reason for that, so unfortunately I can't just get a prescription for a benzodiazepine and be on my way (of course, not to imply that people with social anxiety could really solve their problems that easily). The problem for me is that (for other reasons) I'm incapable of reliably being at a particular place at a particular time, and hence most typical/formal jobs just aren't options for me. So, although I don't see why the SSA wouldn't, if they don't like my disability claim, then I'm in trouble.

I do have talents that I'm cultivating and would like to continue devoting my life to—it just so happens that none of them are profitable. I'm somewhat of a multi-instrumentalist, I write music and fiction, and about a year ago I picked up digital painting. But I'm not good for much else, so unless some very successful band wants me to be their keyboardist or I get miraculously lucky and publish a book that makes me famous, or the SSA accepts my claim, I'll have to bank on living with one of my siblings.


any time i actually think about this i freak out. I can't find a job so idk what to do. I would fail out of college and don't have any actual skills. The only thing i could do is live with someone and cook and clean for them. It would be really nice if i could actually do that for a little bit of cash and living there.

usually i just start having an emotional break down when i think to hard about a job, because i'm pretty worthless


File: 1412053867375.gif (266.82 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mlx9lsgGI71raii87o1….gif)

>If not, I don't mind killing myself.
I would mind


>The only thing I could do is live with someone and cook and clean for them
This is ideal. I'm not very good at cooking or cleaning but if it meant I could be a househusband of sorts, I'd master it all. Sadly it's not really an option because I don't ever want to get married, and the only other way to live like that (that I can think of) is by being a live-in maid, and I don't think that's really a thing anymore, at least in America.


There are still people who'll look for you, if you're not a guy that is. Best a guy can get is a family driver and stuff. Get your relatives to hire you as their driver or something for cheap.


I don't thinks is so much of a problem, as is the problem actually finding a woman who would appreciate that.


i dont want to get married either. i wouldnt mind being a livein maid if they people didnt have young children. though i honestly wouldnt mind being a house wife at all i just dont believe in marriage so i just wouldnt want to be an actual wife.


I want to get married. I want to be a good wife to my husband. Be happily together till the end.


File: 1412114794789.png (157.07 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n9t5wfC9NW1sfd6mwo5….png)

I want to write, research, explore, discover, live.

Life says "no".


Ideally, I'd like to delve entirely into self-education. I'd learn all of the tricks of the trade for, say, actual computer hacking (drive-by downloads, making viruses, cracking passwords, and what have you), then release all of the information for free to everyone in an easily-accessible and simply written fashion. Information wants to be free!

Additionally, in a perfect world, I'd finally get around to fleshing out the story concepts that have been bouncing around inside of my head for a while. As they are now, they're just jumbles of concepts, characters, and locations that I've obtained from various different sources that have become glued together; I'd rework them into something original, something actually enjoyable.

Of course, the topic of this thread isn't "what do you wish you were doing with your life". I don't have any direction in my life at present. I simply go from one day to the next, holding things together as best as I can. I'm trying my best not to think about having to get a normal job; I feel like I'd slowly rot away on the inside if I got ensnared in wage-slavery. I suppose I can't avoid it forever, so I'm hoping to find something to do that won't drain me to the point of being unable to learn and write as I'd like to do.


I decided if I don't have a gf by the time I'm 30 I'll kill myself.


File: 1412277889071.png (11.47 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

I'm going to school as of quite recently just for the money to survive off of. I just want to live and be happy, and if I am doing what I want I will be happy. I only take classes that represent personal interests, I have no academic goals. One day I will find a different way to make money or survive and I will move on.

Pic related it's my face when.


File: 1412284806127.png (618.1 KB, 518x672, 1409191263600.png)

I'm in college, but I've already failed a semester, and I'm still doing terrible now. I'm really depressed, I'm too lazy and stupid.


File: 1412290409473.gif (535.09 KB, 400x226, 1387351089376.gif)

>failed a semester
Boo fucking hoo to you. Its quite normal to fail a sem or two during college unless you belong in a shitter school with awful staffs or you're a special snowflake.

Stop being such a fucking pussy. College isn't highschool, just focus.



underrated post


I quit my job recently, I'm 25 years old still living with my parents. I have a wide range of skill sets, but I just hate working for anybody else besides myself.

I also have a college degree, but it's useless to me. It's worth nothing just a piece of paper, something I knew all along.

Lately I've been digging into spirituality. I've been meditating everyday and trying to lucid dream every night. I'm working on getting my third eye open so I can see true reality.

All of this sounds off the wall and bat shit insane. I know but when you're limitless everything is possible.


File: 1412495556126.jpg (11.45 KB, 184x184, 139942159981.jpg)

>I decided if I don't have a gf by the time I'm 30 I'll kill myself
There's more to life than getting a gf man.

I'll probably kms before 30 too though, just for funsies. Or something like that. It just seems like the only way things can go at this point.


I have no idea. Maybe philosophize and find my passion?


I'm currently attempting to internalize NEETdom into a mobile jetplane base with a radar dish. I live with an exponentially social person who brings in every tramp, drunk, and subhuman they can find– into the house. It's forced me into finding external & temporary isolation locations. I'm hoping I can be great as my father, since he was able to wall-off nearby sounds and images. Ignoring everything with the mere power of his mind, no physical room structure required.



Why such a low number? Women are like crocodile-robots; they won't even play ball unless your life goal is to be an exploited sucker.


File: 1412567069289.png (355.89 KB, 500x402, tumblr_mhfvd2WMB51qaruxco1….png)

Currently in college, but I enrolled there unwillingly. It's like a hellhole because everyone keeps using me to do their homework and cheat in exams. When I speak out about it, no one even cares and they don't bother to remember that I hate to help people who can't use their brains to think.

I don't want to do anything with my degree in the future. Maybe I'll drop out and become a freelance artist but who knows for sure. I'm only letting myself live until I'm 27, anyway.


File: 1412568038416.png (439.74 KB, 797x614, K9nMdOg.png)

>everyone keeps using me to do their homework and cheat in exams. When I speak out about it, no one even cares and they don't bother to remember that I hate to help people who can't use their brains to think.

How about you tell them to fuck off and stop blaming them? Because you're the one helping, after all. Just say "yes" and do nothing, then nobody will ask you again to do anything at all.


File: 1412572386107.jpg (53.8 KB, 537x720, 969331_458462947601696_316….jpg)


No, charge them money, make a business doing that shit.


It takes balls to pull that off and from what he described, he's pretty much a wimp.


There should be an energy drink called BALLS and their commercial gimmick should work like red bull but instead of giving you wings it gives you balls. Someone drinks it, and then they become a bad ass, that's what should happen in every commercial. One of the variations of it should be called BALLS OF STEEL.


File: 1412579610059.jpg (31.15 KB, 460x446, childhood trauma soap.jpg)

You've heard of powerthirst, right?


File: 1412581924542.jpg (31.24 KB, 437x437, 1387203032643.jpg)

This. Life fulfillment doesn't come in the form of a house, a car, a steady job, and a nice little family of your own. You'll never know, maybe you will reach self-actualization through a hobby or through wandering around.



Only someone with a car, a steady job and a family could make this kind of statement.


i want to get rich and then buy a house far away so i can be a NEET away from reality


I was convicted of a felony when I was 14, I'm not going to say what because I hate explaining it, and I'm currently trying to get my record sealed.
I'm currently 24 and have tried to get a job multiple times to no avail. I hear there are agencies that help people like me so I'm going to try one soon.

My long term goal is to get a decent job, obtain family, and raise my children the best I can.


>Post portfolio.

I'm not good enough for that.
I want to make a webcomic and do dA/tumblr/etc. commissions while I study and actually get good, since net standards are more around my actual level. And then I'll try for that.
I'd like to also make some small games and learn to program a bit. Probably not enough to live on, but something for publicity and pocket change and fun.

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