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I don't know what it is. I am not depressed, I just hate almost everything in this world. I feel like there is something extremely wrong on how this planet works. The competition is basically everywhere like humankind can't just live in peace. This makes life terribly hard to deal with. I'm tired of people who accuse me of being a depressed one with no life like they know what is a real life. I already said I am not depressed just extremely apathetic. I'm sick of this situation, why life has to be so difficult? Probably I can be considered a misanthrope but I don't really care. I wonder if anyone feels more or less like this.


I pretty much share the same fate, except i actually am sort of depressed.

There is so much bad in this world its easy losing sight of some of the good things out there.

Life doesnt have to be bad, i dont know what else to say than to hang in there and hope for something good to happen, i know sounds unelikely but it does happen sometimes.


I always feel that this world is mostly filled with phony people who pretend to believe in something they don't really care about protecting. Uninformed idiots who will fight to the death to defend their delusional opinions. The kind of people who believe everything they hear on the news, who think the government and the police are out to protect them, who are certain that their cause is just, but don't really feel like checking the facts because that's too much effort. Holier-than-thou fuckwits who react violently to alternative viewpoints.

The truth is that there is no "truth". Truth is subjective. Everyone's right, and everyone's wrong, universal morality is a sham, and to hold any belief too firmly is to deny yourself a chance to grow. Once you reach that plateau where you believe that you understand the way it all works, that's the end of your evolution as a person. That is death.

Most people don't seem to care about understanding each other. It's so easy and comfortable to sit back and let someone else take the wheel, to let someone else hand you your mass-produced moral compass and to live by it blindly. Understanding takes effort, growing takes effort, being a good person takes effort, and as far as the eye can see this world is filled to the brim with useless, lazy fucks who don't really care about anything but keeping up appearances and idly drifting through life until they die without accomplishing anything of importance.

So yeah, I'd say it's a fair assessment that everything is completely fucked, and unless someone starts giving a shit right quick, we're going to damage this planet until it shakes us all off like a bunch of fleas. Just another failed mutation, another evolutionary beta test that didn't work out. We've been here for 0.0025% of Earth's lifetime, it wouldn't be surprising if we all vanished.


File: 1411696240830.png (39.26 KB, 258x200, 1390928281347.png)

I feel the same way. Quite often I'll daydream of creating a community away from society with people who are, for lack of a better word, awoken to the situation of life and society, and just living away from it all. It's a difficult situation living in a post-modern society because it's so isolating. I think most people feel that sense of subdued isolation and existential depression, but they're so wrapped up in routine, tradition, comfort and manufactured distractions that it's never anything more than a bad feeling in their gut when they try to fall asleep at night. Honestly, I think this world can be a beautiful place full of beautiful things, but it's increasingly harder to find.

I don't know. I sound ridiculous talking about it, but I just want people to wake up and learn to finally start living with each other, instead of against each other.


File: 1411723077702.gif (247.18 KB, 160x160, tumblr_ncc6ccJSmB1tdvfsqo5….gif)

I was extremely depressed leaning homicidal for a while. I still can't fathom how so many people can be so content with the obviously fatally flawed system that is life, a system that they themselves agree is completely logically and morally bankrupt. Yet nobody wants to or can change anything. I've discovered it's far more… fulfilling to just seek out the things that make you yourself happy, doing your best to ignore the outside static. Do what you can that within your own power to create the world that you would want to live in.



I like this post.


Depression makes you homicidal?


File: 1411731527747.png (582.23 KB, 456x684, Capture35.PNG)

>just seek out the things that make you yourself happy, doing your best to ignore the outside static. Do what you can that within your own power to create the world that you would want to live in.

As much as we all hate (and have every right to hate) being powerless, no amount of disaffected people will be able to overthrow or alter the system in place. Its military and economic might is just so disproportionately powerful that anything which even looks like an attempt at dissent or reform will either be ignored, or—in the case that it becomes a significant threat to the status quo—violently extinguished. Even if a large enough group of people could affect the current socioeconomic conditions in a peaceful way, there simply isn't (and won't be) such a group; the world is rife with ignorant people, and no matter how hard you try to educate them, you'll never reach enough of them.

Time is precious, and worrying about the state of the world when you're helpless to try and stop it from going down the drain, is wasting it. I'm not saying that ignorance is bliss and I'm not trivializing the issue; this world really is in shambles. But you can still create your own sanctuary and wait it out. Maybe things will get better in your epoch, maybe they won't—but you've only got one life, so don't spend it worrying.

I get the feeling I've ranted about this before…


In the actual state of thing it could be one of the best "solutions". I understand what you want to say.


No, but they are not mutually exclusive either.
I disagree that things cant be changed, things can be altered drastically if we want to, but most people chose to remain ignorant.
Things have changed so much in the last years and that by individuals and small groups.
People have never had more power and oppertunity before like we have now.
Yet we throw that all away just to live hollow, consumerist, self-absorbed lives.
We are being drowned in with useless stuff and information even tough we could make them useful.

Making a sanctuary of your own is a noble idea, but actually going against the current and trying to have an effect on things is even more noble.


>The competition is basically everywhere like humankind can't just live in peace.
It's everywhere in the animal kingdom, too. Organisms eat other organisms to survive. Have we become too non-competitive for our own good? Unless we find some bountiful niche where we can exist, the society will treat us as bottom-of-the-barrel bottom feeders, and will only give us the scraps.

So is it a problem with the world, or us? We are built to be adaptive to the outside conditions. Lack of adaptation means death, extinction. And instead of adapting, I use my freedom to play by my own rules as long as resources permit.

There is a phenomenon in Japanese society called "herbivore men". Noncompetitive people who are not interested in sex and mostly take care only of themselves. Are we this?
There was also this rat utopia experiment that you might be familiar with, where some of the rats withdrew from participation in society entirely and become obsessed with their looks and well-being. I wonder if there's a connection.

The world is complicated.

I'd hate to deprive someone of an opportunity for a job or something else that is useful. But I have to, we have to screw over other people. There is no other way, is there?

I feel like I'm without love, or hate, like I have given up my will to power. The desires for wealth, status, recognition, attention. But what is there left for me without all that? Am I already dead?



I can relate to that.
I really enjoyed my time as a neet.
There is no love or hate …hell not even sadness.
At the same time I feel no guilt or remorse.
You could say im forced to be sucessful -for the sake of it.

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