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File: 1410836207311.jpg (24.69 KB, 500x562, c47e514e3f085d01cffa46dc57….jpg)


If you could wish for anything, what would it be?


more wishes


File: 1410841875798.jpg (265.72 KB, 1280x774, 1405197751004.jpg)

A beautiful, long, and satisfying afterlife.


all of it


I want to be god.


Enter an eternal sleep and lucid dream forever.


to always have a choice and for those choices to become reality


File: 1410859955145.jpg (35.84 KB, 500x394, monday-motivate-19.jpg)


I thought about it before and decided that it's the only acceptable answer, being overpowered is no fun and kind of pointless, playing in sandbox mode for a while could be fun but it would get boring eventually. I would simply have to create other worlds in which my power was more limited but I can enter and exit at any time, creating boulders that I cannot lift.
I'm sure I can throttle my power appropriately to have the maximum amount of fun picture related


File: 1410861388274.jpg (377.7 KB, 1500x1500, 2874163-bw_dr_manh_4_solic….jpg)

If you you are a transcendental being with extrasensory powers and perception you should be far beyond fun and boredom. These are just chemical processes bound to an imperfect existence like a human.

You know the why and who you are and you might be the the reason why others are.


File: 1410863772818.png (609.3 KB, 532x532, whatthefuckamireading2.PNG)

>You know the why and who you are and you might be the the reason why others are.


I feel sorta like the dude in OPs pic.


Shhh. Don't think to deeply.


To free myself from wishes and desires.


File: 1410874980651.jpg (295.18 KB, 837x1162, butter.jpg)

To have the existence that I've wanted, exactly as want it. Not omnipotence and if anything it's giving up power, but I'd be satisfied with the existence I want. Where I can stay in my dreams, be a dreamthing, travel endlessly.


To be extraordinary lucky.


Win the damn lottery so that I can live my life in the comfort of my own home, without having to leave for work and do something I don't want to do for years, until I die of a natural cause.

Or sleep forever. That'll work, too.


I would wish for money, maybe a million or a billion dollars. At least then I could be financially secure and spend time lending some to people or charities.

I'd have to learn money management, which would at least give me a career path to go on.


A vending machine that dispenses any quantity of drugs I desire. I would use and sell the drugs to maintain a great lifestyle and hopefully the money would motivate me to open up a real business of sorts, perhaps also for money laundering.


Money or to be extremely attractive. Either or. If extremely attractive everyone would love me and I would be rich anyway, if I was rich I would be able to buy any cosmetic procedure or even buy friends and anything I possibly wanted. Where people would only have maybe 5-7 hours a day of freetime after their full-time work day, I'd have the entire day, allowing me to excell in any hobby I so wished due to being able to afford top-tier lessons and equipment straight from the pros and enough financial freedom to be able to spend all day practicing my hobby.


That all of the world's leaders, religious, political, corporate, and otherwise, would be forced to stay in a room, possibly for years, until they came to an agreement.


Me and the family I live with were immortal so I could continue my peaceful NEET life forever. Well, until I wanted to die but I definitely don't right now.


>Enter an eternal sleep and lucid dream forever.


Be a part of the internet and no longer have a physical body (maybe a cyber body at best).


u lain?


Weird. I thought more people would wish for not having desires. If you didn't have any, you would be free from the pain that comes with not being able to fulfill them. Plus, since it only requires you to change the way you think, it should be realistically achievable.

I think it's the only acceptable answer that is also better than Distortion's because it should be more doable. They are opposite sides of the same coin: freedom to do anything and freedom of the mind. Maybe one cannot exist without the other.

"To be god" is also pretty cool in theory, but hard to imagine. God is incomprehensible and undefined. The concept of god must have come from somewhere first, though. Somewhere real and tangible. Maybe a feat of incredible skill that seemed miraculous at the time and made those with more active imaginations fantasize about the person who performed it having supernatural powers. Something transcendent only possible by going beyond regular perception.

But that would mean that even an omnipotent person would not feel like a god, right? Well, maybe for a short while. Maybe in a way, godhood is never meant to be actually achieved. It's an idea that originated in the mind by witnessing something inconceivable by said mind. Therefore god is a paradox. By erasing the mind somehow (pretty paradoxical by itself), it might be possible to get approximately closer to him. What I'm saying is, godhood, transcendence and freedom all come from within, and the three wishes mentioned in this post mesh together.


I'll like to be able to see.


That’s a girl, Shizuku from Whisper of the Heart. Watch it if you haven’t seen it yet, like all of Studio Ghibli’s movies, it’s really enjoyable.


File: 1411013622433.png (256.68 KB, 640x480, 5e617b2c8ed69a19841d749428….png)

Maybe relive my life but transition as a child instead of in my late teens. I hate being transgender, but I feel like it'd be one of the more responsible things to wish for than say something like a perfect life.


File: 1411038931709.jpg (7.22 KB, 261x184, timeforthatfeel.jpg)


File: 1411072123221.jpg (164.04 KB, 850x637, Kyoko-0125.jpg)

I'd wish for a Ring of Sustenance. That way, I wouldn't ever have to worry about food or water again, and sleeping wouldn't be nearly as much of a concern. I could wander the Earth freely for as long as I pleased, and finances would be much simpler to manage due to not having to buy food.

Though, the picture in the OP strongly resonates with me. I have no clue what I desire, or what I want to do outside of small projects to pass the time and to keep me occupied. For years now, I've simply been putting one foot in front of the other, progressing from day to day, week to week, month to month without any real thought about my future or overarching goals.

When I think of what sort of future in which this current path will deposit me, I grow frustrated, anxious, and melancholic. I don't want to spend the next 50+ years of my life toiling away as a cog in the clockwork of the market, feebly attempting to dispell the gloom that would undoubtedly haunt me through consumerism and other such anesthetics. Indeed, that wouldn't be living, and I will never believe otherwise no matter how desperately society may claim that I'm mistaken. The obvious solution is to determine an alternative that doesn't entail wage-slavery, but what could that be?

In the end, perhaps I'd be content with merely wishing to know what I truly desire, to know what would bring me honest contentment in this existence thrust upon me. Or, better yet, I'd get an exhaustive list of such desires, in descending order of potential satisfaction. All I need is some sort of direction; I'd strike off arbitrarily, but I'm concerned that a single poor decision could destroy my chances of locating a genuinely pleasant way of living my life.

If only I could actually make such a wish….


File: 1411074593063.jpg (137.48 KB, 460x457, 3813461_460s.jpg)

Probably for a sure way to know there's an afterlife. Thoughts of the void after death haunt me every single day.


File: 1411074666674.jpg (128.02 KB, 900x600, Japanese_Festival-5_B.jpg)

The ability to grant wishes.


Any but my own, that is.
Cause I can wish for really stupid things sometimes. And I'm so lazy that I know I'd just use my power to get everything in life, which would then make everything too easy and therefor boring/not worth it.


File: 1411131673909.jpg (41.5 KB, 500x500, image.jpg)

To have more than one body. And for there to be eternal afterlife for all living creatures in their desired forms.


This. Everything else pales in comparison in my mind.


to be able to travel between fictional universes.


File: 1411368045196.jpg (15.09 KB, 267x200, ssbdeviart.jpg)

The guarantee that the balance of fate will be tipped in my favor. That my sadnesses will be repaid with equal happiness, and then much more. That my dissatisfactions will be satisfied, and that my satisfactions will be doubled, tripled, quadrupled.


What's up with all the wishes that leave you in the exact same world and existence, only slightly better off? You have the theoretical ability to go to and/or create absolutely any reality you want, no matter how intangible, and you want to stick in the same shitty world with the same shitty people? Why?


File: 1411373201587.gif (914.1 KB, 500x271, tumblr_n17vx4yt1T1rbrys3o1….gif)

Because a perfect world would be torture.

Would you like a game where you could win just by simply choosing to play?


He never said anything about a perfect world. More than anything, I think he's saying a clean slate is better than living the same life.


File: 1411374241358.jpg (593.95 KB, 460x613, 46944-38700.jpg)

Why not wish to not wish anything.


File: 1411374456059.jpg (49.18 KB, 464x346, im sorryagain.jpg)

to not get affected like this by mental pain anymore


u fookin stupid m8?


File: 1411375260454.png (591.98 KB, 878x718, Capture29.PNG)

That's not the way I understood it. After all, he did say:
>stick in the same shitty world with the same shitty people
Starting over, or a "clean slate" wouldn't get rid of any "shitty people." I thought he meant to leave this world entirely for another one, where there are no shitty people, places or things, never were, and never will be.

And honestly, if you want the real reason people didn't wish for more, its because if a human being could really, genuinely wish for "anything they wanted", most people's lists would be 10 miles long and take years to think out, rife with all the little things they wanted to include about their new world without making it too "perfect". Also, if you'll recall, strictly speaking, OP didn't put a limit on the "number" of wishes. He just said "wish for anything." So no one is going to bother to post some wall of text as if they could actually have literally anything they wanted. The unspoken heard in OP's question was really this: "What is the most personally important thing you would wish for, given that we already know everyone wants to mention 'end world hunger' and hundreds of other equivalently obvious things?"


This guy (>>12292) has the right idea. A perfect world would be a literal existential hell. I mean creating or going to a more interesting or more potential-full world. You can go absolutely anywhere your mind can conjure, and you'd want to stick in a boring depressing concrete world of desk jobs, retirement plans, and smart cars? You could wish for a world that appeals better to anything you feel like, whether that's sitting at a computer all day, exploring the world, or becoming the unified godhead of an infinite universe. I just don't know how, say, being a billionaire in this current world would be the most desirable position out of near-infinite possibilities.


File: 1411377298181.jpg (40.42 KB, 515x600, 10mokdj.jpg)

Of course. But once again, the reason why I didn't detail such a "potential-full world" for myself is because it would be a wall of text I wouldn't want to bother writing out, and that no one would even want to read. All I'm saying is, wishing for a more interesting and colorful existence or world to get away from the "boring depressing concrete world of desk jobs, retirement plans, and smart cars" would be nice, but communicating what you'd really want that world to be like would take forever.


It's easy:
>a more interesting and colorful existence or world to get away from the "boring depressing concrete world of desk jobs, retirement plans, and smart cars"


They're not shitty. You guys are not shitty. I think.

The problem is, I simply do not feel capable of creating anything better than the world we live in. It must be very simple at its core, but have the capacity to grow endlessly complicated. Anything I'd create would have to be either a subset of the traits I've found and liked in this world, therefore limiting it to something less interesting, or a simple modification of the current one.

Which is what we all want in the end, I suppose. The same world, only slightly modified, usually in our favour because we are all selfish tits.
>You could wish for a world that appeals better to anything you feel like,
Yeah, but that's too selfish and limits the possibilities for others. I'd rather not change what I don't fully comprehend.

That's what I'm getting at in my "wish for not having wishes" post. It's pointless to wish for anything if your wish is not going to be granted. Just go out there and change something yourself.


Now this guy right, this guy projects too hard.

Just because you're a shitter, doesn't mean everyone else in here is. So please stop trying to generalize and pass it off as excusable.

Also you forgot, the OP asked an "if" situation. If your wish was to not wish at all because it isn't even gonna come true, that begs the question "Why fucking post at all?"


That was a joke. I called you "selfish tits" as a joke and didn't really mean it. It was a way to make the observation that most wishes in here relate only to the person making it.

>If your wish was to not wish at all because it isn't even gonna come true, that begs the question "Why fucking post at all?"

I feel this applies to this entire thread. But I usually ask myself the opposite question, "why not?" It might ultimately be a waste of time, because fantasizing is usually not productive, but at least we get to talk to one another and exchange our points of view, and that's nice.


I wish specific knowledge about how the brain works.


I wish to be the little girl.


Words which echoes the profound and complex wisdom of humankind.


To be able to exit and return to the matrix at will.


I'd with for a girlfriend.

I don't want to die alone. ;_;


I wish this board wouldn't turn into WC's /v9k/


so do something about it


Wait, we're not as bad as them, are we yet? Sure, we are pretty edgy sometimes with our drugs, suicidal fantasies, sad feelings, etc., but we still don't have anything against gainfully employed people, right?


File: 1412703183982.jpg (263.52 KB, 1084x690, yukkuri_farm.jpg)


Too late, uboachans general posting quality went full shit around january-february. There are no interesting discussions here anymore, and the only active board is /n/ whining and ranting without actual debate, and tripfags being cool-kids-club. Hell, it isnt even funny to come here anymore as well, i think its time to leave this shithole once for all.


no, we are not as bad as them, this site is even worse now.
im fucking out. im sick of this.


I was hoping for something. It still just /n/ being angsty and shit. Few of the other boards get some update but its made irrelevant by how awful the posts are in /n/.


File: 1412715192949.jpg (60.78 KB, 238x240, I never said you could tal….jpg)



File: 1412731868675.gif (2.15 MB, 292x376, Uboachan has ebolaids.gif)

Ubuchons is dedchonz
Sei, we need more snow to compensate the shitpost with more shitpost.




File: 1412765531268.jpg (54.73 KB, 547x339, AtrusSeated.jpg)

The old users here were really conservative. They left in droves every time I changed something. Change the board software? whoosh. Edit the stylesheet? whoosh. Disallow guro and shock porn on most boards? More people gone. I guess I'm not very good with board politics.

I understand the upset over archiving the old site, but I still think that was necessary given the sorry state of the site backend. But people also left all the time and continue to leave over such silly things, it makes me sad. I guess the only way for this site to live on forever would be for it to never have changed at all.

On the note of moaning about /n/, if you don't like the posts on /n/, make posts of your own. It's because you don't post and discuss likable content that there's no content you like. Lurkers are a part of every site but they also don't contribute anything. If your only posts on the site are complaints then maybe you're doing it wrong.

Say something nice, or interesting, or cool, or exciting, or start or contribute to a great discussion, or just watch and don't say anything.

Or you can give up and leave like everyone else. Everything dies eventually.


File: 1412770863756.png (397.31 KB, 638x480, seagalsage2.png)

I will never come back


File: 1412790267728.png (204.01 KB, 878x331, 1408569758905.png)

I don't think the problem here is actually the staff's decisions but the userbase itself. I already stated in a previous post that the main problem is that we're seeing the same content and how I think it could be solved, however just a few people tried to do anything to solve it (and by this I mean the userbase, not the staff, since the activity is on their hands). I've been here for a long time and I have to admit that I don't feel like posting because those threads die pretty quickly and are easily overshadowed by anything regarding drugs, suicide or your typical /n/ hot topic.

That, and most of the active users seem to have left the site; though, again, I don't think that's because any board politics or anything, since there wasn't really any change with negative feedback (In fact, the change from tinychan to vichan seemed well received and no complains were made, same with R/Z sheetstyle, and it's not like you can't change the CSS style anyway).
However, aside from the "Ubuuchongz is dead" jokes, I don't complain and I stay as a lurker and I mostly post just in /sugg/ now, or helping in /yn/, /fg/, /flow/ or /2kki/, or occasionally shitposting. I think I've given up on the situation and let it flow the way it wants to flow. I understand why anons would left now, though.

My point is, the problem is not your actions nor other mods' actions, but rather how the userbase evolved over this last year, and what the main content present on the webpage has become.
It's kind of sad, specially since this page has been a comfy place for most of us, but it can't be helped. As you've said, everything dies eventually, and all things change and reach their end, sooner or later.


File: 1412791957515.gif (8.82 KB, 498x331, magicalgirl.gif)


File: 1412792837983.jpg (10.6 KB, 560x88, capture98.jpg)

When I said this was going to look more and more like facebook I was being ironic


Ubuu~ is all of our homes, and I would legitimately be heartbroken if it were to die before I moved on past it.
I almost always post in anonymous because of many various reasons, but I've been able to see the user base change quite a bit over the past 5 years or so. "Summerfags" come and go, but a true ubuu poster will always lurk around even if they aren't actively taking a role in the community. :/
Ubuu is just a great place for people to feel like they belong I guess.


I hope ubuu dies soon just cause.


File: 1412823282500.jpg (276.35 KB, 637x877, ubuu.jpg)

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