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What are your guy's sleep schedules like? Mine has gotten entirely out of control; I try to set my alarm for like 2-3pm and I still usually end up turning it off and sleeping until 4 (which is still uncomfortable, I could easily sleep until 5-6pm if I wanted). I'm in in endless cycle of not wanting to wake up and not wanting to sleep. The worst part is the sun comes up wayyy too early this time of year so I'm pretty much forced to call it a night around 6am. Winter can't come soon enough.


I don't really know because I stopped telling time. It's usually nighttime when I go to sleep though.

>I'm in in endless cycle of not wanting to wake up and not wanting to sleep

Man, I know this feel too well.


I recently got a job as an overnight stocker, so I get off at 7am and fall asleep around 11. Then I wake up and get ready for work. It's all I do now. Even a night off is really just recuperation, so it doesn't really feel like a break.
To any NEETs looking into overnight work because it seems like it'd fit your sleep schedule anyway, I recommend you stay away. Working through the night is very different from staying up, and the schedule does NOT balance out with the rest of your life, even if the hours look alright.
I desperately needed the money, but now I am trapped in a shitty low-paying job that leaves me no time to really look or interview for another one.


That's just like me, word for word. Funny thing. Even if I make an effort to reset my schedule, it is often unsuccessful and it ends with no progress, plus I beat myself up for failing, it sucks. The only time that things are different, it seems, is when there is something I have to wake up for, like meeting with someone or going somewhere. But those days are usually difficult because I have to endure them on little or no sleep. Sigh.


I've never really had a stable sleep-schedule. As a kid I would always stay up a few hours longer each day and over time this would lead to me staying up all night. At one point I tried to correct it by staying up both all night and all of the following day, and for a short time it worked, but of course that just made it so my body had even less of a programmed schedule and was used to staying up longer, and now I'll shift day by day or week by week between staying up ridiculously late or getting up extremely early.
Usually I prefer one of those two to simply having a normal schedule, because then I'll get a couple of nice, peaceful hours where nobody's awake but me.


I'm never able to reset my sleeping schedule by staying up until the next day. If I do manage to suffer through it (guess I can't take sleep deprivation very well), I'll just sleep like 4 hours and wake up feeling like shit.

That said, my sleeping schedule is OK right now.


My sleep patern is mostly ok, i sleep from about midnight to 9 in the morning.

One thing that really bothers me is i get very tired in the evenings, so tired i just have to lie down and sleep, even tough i just want to take a nap.
I often forgot to brush my teeth and they arent in such good condition.


In the past few weeks my sleep schedule has gotten messed up really bad. I used to go to bed between 2 and 4 AM, and I'd wake up between 10 and 11. Now I've been going to sleep at 5 or 6 AM and waking up between 12 and 1.


I haven't had one since I was born lmao


Lately I've been going to sleep at 3:30 and waking up around 11:00. Usually I eat my pills and drink some coffee to wake up. But if I were to lay down in bed again I would still fall asleep. Maybe it's because I drink a lot of coffee but caffeine doesn't seem to prevent me from going to sleep.

I don't think I've regularly going to bed before midnight in the past 15 years. I also need a lot of sleep (maybe it's my ADD or something?), if I don't set an alarm I will easily sleep 11 hours a day. Also if I'm not careful my sleeping time will be later and later until I don't sleep until the sun rises again. I don't think it's just my NEET life and lack of activity and need to wake up, because even when I did have all those things I would still stay up late (I just don't get sleepy)… I would just force myself to wake up early and be tired in the morning.

There was a time when I had to get up at 6:00 every night and instead of getting sleepy earlier I would just sleep for maybe 5 hours a night. It sucked but I still managed to be active somehow… until I dropped out again I suppose…


I got to bed from 10pm to 3am, and wake up at around 11am the next day.
I'm not really a night person, I just stay awake until it's uncomfortable because I dread starting the next day.

You guys could try softly resetting your schedules - wake up an hour or a half hour earlier each day. That's how I stopped myself sleeping from 4am to 4pm. I set the alarm for 3pm for a week, then 2pm, 1pm,etc. Also try going to sleep earlier, around the time you want to start getting sleepy or go to bed. Even if you just lay there in the dark for thirty minutes before giving up, it's a nicer way of talking to your body than sleep deprivation. Listen to some ambient music on low volume if it's boring.


Mine fluctuates. Sometimes I am going to sleep at a reasonable time like 12 AM and I wake at 10 AM, whilst other times I am going to sleep at like 8 AM and I don't wake until 4 PM.

I do enjoy the night time. It is peaceful and I can do whatever I want without having to worry about anyone walking in on me. I just wish I didn't need to sleep for like 12 hours every time I fall asleep.


10pm to 7am. Staying up late makes me feel even more shit and I don't want to wake my dad once he goes to bed.

I set my clock at 7 or else I'll just lie in bed half the day.


I float around based on what's going on. I usually go to sleep anywhere between 12am and 8am, and this sort of fluctuates back and forth over periods of time. I normally sleep between 6 and 10 hours.


usually i stay up until i pass out which is usually 2-5am and wake up anywhere between 10am-12pm. My father used to wake me up whenever he left for work which is usually 9ish. I kinda wish he'd continue to do it.


I go to sleep at 5AM, wake up at 2PM


File: 1410955253968.jpg (251.02 KB, 800x840, 1389134056978.jpg)

I used to not be able to sleep unless I took melatonin but it hardly ever works anymore. Last night I took 25 or 50mg of quetiapine which is my "last resort" (can't remember what dosage the pills I have are but it was one or the other, and I only took one pill) because it makes me so tired I wake up the next day still feeling like I haven't slept enough.

I think my uncle made some internet friends because he's been yelling shit like "ITS EYE IS ITS WEAKNESS" ever since I woke up and its almost 5am now. The late night/early morning used to be my sanctuary, but nothing is sacred anymore, apparently.

It's gotten to be a struggle to wake up by 4:30 fucking pm, which is when my grandma gets home from work. I always get up before then during the weekdays because she says she hates it when she gets home and I'm still asleep. I don't know why she hates it but I try to give her what I can because she puts up with my NEET ways.


File: 1411076823428.jpg (366.27 KB, 700x700, Kyoko-0015.jpg)

When I don't have artificial time constraints placed upon me, my sleep schedule stabilizes at 1-2 AM to 9-10 AM. This is mainly because essentially all of my friends stay up late, but are busy (or asleep) during the day, so late evening is prime time with regards to chatting with everyone.

Regrettably, I have to wake up at 7:10 AM each morning during the week. I tend to go to sleep at any time between 11 PM and 1 AM, depending upon how involved I am with whatever I'm doing prior to turning in. I have a mounting sleep debt consequently, but with free time being such a scarcity, it's difficult to motivate myself to burn it up with sleep.

>I'm in in endless cycle of not wanting to wake up and not wanting to sleep.

You and me both.


Mine varies way too heavily. I've tried sleeping pills and melatonin, all of them basically just turn me into a zombie but I still can't sleep after taking them.
Usually the longest I stay up at a time is 48 hours, but sometimes I get tired and go back to sleep just 3 hours after getting up. It doesn't help that I wake up constantly when I do sleep. Weird dreams too.

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