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Can any Australians here tell me how to get autismbux?


Didn't Tony cut Ausfailia's autismbux program?


is this ment to be slang for disability lol?


File: 1401554098610.jpg (63.7 KB, 1280x720, 1398879665765.jpg)


As an Australian from Victoria I can answer some questions.

>Didn't Tony cut Ausfailia's autismbux program?

No, he only made the following changes.

From July of this year, everyone on centrelink who is in stream 1 and 2 must participate in the work for the dole program. This however only effects certain areas with high unemployment.

If you're wondering if it helps you get a job, no it doesn't. Previous experiences with work for the dole has proven ineffective at increasing the employment rate, mostly due to it making participates rake leaves and pick up trash for 6 hours.

Next year however they're cutting the dole for a full six months before you can receive any money. So if you apply to centrelink then you have to wait a full six months before getting any money and if you don't have a job while receiving money for six months then they will cut it off for another six months.

This doesn't effect pensioners or stream 4 participates.

>is this ment to be slang for disability lol?

Yes, Autismbux is slang for the DSP (Disability support pension).

Anyway this is going to result in a huge surge in crime as people who can't find jobs will be left with no money.

>Can any Australians here tell me how to get autismbux?

You have to see a psychiatrist and receive a refferal to give to centrelink. Your impairments have to meet the impairment tables or else they will refuse you the DSP. They're making it harder to get on and are still forcing DSP participates to do work for the dole eventually.

In short there is no real point.


what impairments meet the requirements for DSP? is it easy to get falsely diagnosed?


File: 1401558516556.jpg (539.14 KB, 1280x1192, NEET 2.jpg)



Here's more information. I suppose it depends on who is diagnosing you. You of course have to act the part.

I hear it's quite difficult to meet the impairment tables with just one mental illness. You have to have a bunch apparently to be considered.

Being a NEET shut in isn't enough I'm afraid.


fuck this shit is too hard

why the fuck is it so hard to get welfare in this shithole of a country?

i've been unemployed for 5 years and i've sent literally thousands of online applications and resumes and never got a response

i don't know what the fuck to do, i need money by the end of this year or i'll probably just kill myself



I'm in the same boat. How old are you? What state are you in?


i'm in WA, i dont know if the laws are different in the eastern states though



Nah laws are the same everywhere. If you really want the DSP, being abbo might help.



lmao, doubt it. the only disability most abbos would have is geographical isolation.


Centrelink is federal(if we had a US system, you'd likely get very little money if you lived out west lol). What kinds of jobs are you going for? fairly sure the largest industry out there is mining, and that's quickly dissolving.

These days it's much harder to apply for DSP. A year or 2 ago you could still remain on disability if you worked 25 hours a week(you would've already been on DSP, then started the work. Not the other way around). These days you're only allowed to work 15 hours before you start losing your pension.

There are things like 'sickness allowance', which is essentially you being a non-jobseeking jobseeker. If the system turns out like the UKs, we'll still have lots of people that have genuine disabilities being forced to do shit.


File: 1401663191379.jpg (57.94 KB, 526x533, 1saba475.wizardchan.m8.jpg)


I'm pretty sure they're already making DSP participates do work for the dole so it's pretty much the UK system.

You can't win in this country unless you become a criminal.



I doubt they'd be able to get many disability recipients doing WFD, considering most of it is just cleaning up waterways/shit the council doesn't want to pay anyone to do. Or working in a lifeline shop.


Does anyone here have jobs? How did you get them?


Am US, not Aus. Have job, night stock at a store. Got it because they had a sign about available openings and I applied. It's shit, tho.



what don't you like about it? shelf packing would probly be the only retail thing I'd be able to cope with lol. Even tho they want you to still go through like 3 interviews for it….puttin stuff on shelves is srs bizniss bro.


Generally, shit pay, no benefits, awkward constantly-changing schedule, no room for advancement, very repetitive tasks, etc. I wanna make stuff, not repeat the same boring chores constantly.


Try to get a construction job, they're easy and pay decent.


File: 1402486993066.jpg (39.01 KB, 347x464, 1401082959944.jpg)


oh ok if you say so



If you have some sort of mental health services nearby, you may want to consider going in for counseling on a "sliding scale" (something like $5 per visit, there's welfare for this sort of thing if you can find it).

If I ever had to apply for disability I'd be digging up my past mental records and establishing new ones in order to build up a "resume." A psychologist is really your best buddy for this sort of operation since they provide the proof that you can't handle the real world.


File: 1402524628484.jpg (129.37 KB, 900x900, sadaads.jpg)


For the other Aussies in this thread there is such a place. It's called headspace and they offer free services such as counseling and visits with psychologists.

It's government funded and I suppose they could diagnose you and refer you to a psychiatrist. The only down side is actually getting the courage up to visit on of these places.

Headspace is a nationide organization and I even think they expanded to America.

Here's the website.



>Pinkie Delarge

Fucking bronies.


File: 1403062202155.png (133.84 KB, 1578x271, Typical Australian.png)

Why are Ausfailians such nanny-state faggots?

You guys really wouldn't last a second without that government teat.


I'd also like to know why they're such annoying shitposters as a whole.

>dat pic

I know it's bait and everything but I still got a little twinge of anger



he's a bit confuzzled.

All these aussies againt hate speech, must be on the government teat! >:|


plot twist:

>>10765 is tony abbott.


File: 1403229776875.jpg (114.2 KB, 603x339, 1396021230475.jpg)


I'm pretty sure that is a bait thread and I'm pretty sure I posted on that thread.

Many Australians hate liberal SJW types but it's not enough. This country is pretty degenerate.



where's that frog painting from? is it related to that meme of the crying one?


File: 1403238674061.jpg (75.21 KB, 784x680, 1399774235234.jpg)

pls go somewhere else


File: 1403239045727.jpg (66.84 KB, 518x553, saved11.jpg)


Don't tell me what to do.


File: 1403239558274.png (118.76 KB, 303x323, 1396951547007.png)

Is that really the best you could come up with…?


Considering all you're doing is posting characters from annoying schoolgirl anime making the expression that any such character would upon looking at someone from this site, I'd say he's still doing better than you.


File: 1403242155176.jpg (96.73 KB, 1280x720, 1340194374018.jpg)

>pretending to be someone else so you can agree with yourself


/a/ sure saves a lot of those don't they?
And I'm actually not the same anon. I'm a US anon that's had my perception of Australia formed by only meeting annoying autists, slutty gays and other types of trash from there with perhaps a single notable exception.



Actually that wasn't me. But you're really making a big deal out of nothing. I used a trigger word that made your autistic brain go bananas, I get it.

But nobody gives a shit.


Thank you kind sir.


File: 1403245873720.jpg (25.97 KB, 285x281, 1394842198389.jpg)

Ok, you win this round…

Honestly I just got upset because I've seen two boards now (on a different chan) turn into /pol/2.0 over time and I used to really love them both; I'm just really scared ubuu will meet the same fate



There is nothing wrong with /pol/.


File: 1403250646894.jpg (66.38 KB, 517x573, 1337038269883.jpg)



I find it extremely funny a lot of times and occasionally I agree with some of them but I don't know about that.


Are you capable of responding in any other way?


File: 1403251533183.png (144.71 KB, 388x437, 1391871665665.png)

>Are you capable of responding in any other way?



Well for one /pol/ is pretty much filled with NEETs anyway. It's a nice place when something worthy in the news happens.

Happening threads are the only thing that really keep me posting there, that and the occasional NEET thread.


Okay I smiled.


I'd probably post there but I've been on the receiving end of an arbitrary IP-range ban on 4chan for two years. That's probably part of why I'm on ubuu. Don't they consider you a degenerative leech for being NEET? I mean if you're receiving welfare, able-bodied and somewhat capable of work then you kind of are, but there are certainly worse things you could be.



No since half of them are on welfare. They see being on welfare as contributing to the downfall of society and thus encourage it.

Why did you get banned?


Like I said, it was arbitrary. One day I tried to post and upon submitting it got a message saying that my IP range or ISP had been banned due to "repeated offenses". I don't think I'd even violated rules many times prior to that, and it also told me I could bypass it by buying a 4chan pass, so I assumed Moot was probably instituting those sorts of bans in IP ranges of high traffic for no reason other than extracting shekels from anons.


Personally I've been unable to browse 4chan since moot implemented IPv6

Now I always get a 522 cloudflare error, and I have to use a proxy to browse, but I can't post since it's banned.

Is anyone having the same issues?


File: 1403348348926.jpg (119.6 KB, 1264x291, Auscunt.jpg)


I doubt it's just trolling/bait. It's what most Australians actually believe.

I've actually seen those exact same arguments used numerous times by Ausfags.


File: 1403352097219.jpg (215.4 KB, 1163x844, Ynxrqt5.jpg)

We /pol/ now?


What was it before? A bunch of people terrified of life sharing their thoughts and feelings, mostly fears? That's still what it is. Calm down me bruddah, all they're doing is hating on Aussies in a thread started by Aussies trying to get autismbux, that seems like a reasonable enough development to me.




Australians generally cannot fathom the idea that one can disapprove of something without seeking to make it illegal. Their solution to absolutely everything is government bans.

People are racist? Ban racism. If you disagree, you're racist.

People are getting stabbed? Ban knives. If you disagree, you're a knife criminal.

Children are drowning in pools? Ban pools. If you disagree, you want children to drown.

People are being mean? Ban people from being mean. If you disagree, you're a bully who wants people to commit suicide.

They're very, *very* politically immature.



We aren't all like this. Mainly boomers are the ones promoting this stupid crap.


File: 1403845669306.jpg (140.94 KB, 631x479, 1385790652712.jpg)


>Ben Garrison

How can one man have so much hate?

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