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File: 1399755653706.jpg (28.52 KB, 621x595, 1225615424396.jpg)


Do you guys cry sometimes? And if so do you have specific reasons or is it just the generic loneliness feeling of worthlessness and etc? Also how often do you do?

I dont sob or rarely, a the last few days ago i felt like it, but didnt really cry.
I kind of wish i did but the apathy dragged me down so much i cant even anymore, its usually so relieving.

As for the why, its being the sterotype loser neet and i feel like i wasted my life and generally am a worthless excuse for a human.


I cry pretty often, although there doesn't seem to really be a reason for it. I don't think crying is bad though, I usually feel better afterwards.


I cry about 2 times a week on average. It helps reduce stress. I cry for lots of reasons…


File: 1399785011046.gif (380.24 KB, 500x280, cry37843784.gif)

I cry at night a few times a month for various pathetic reasons. It's not relieving at all. I try to cut it short by channeling all my emoshun to anger instead of sadness, because it dissipates a lot faster.


File: 1399790830454.jpg (52.74 KB, 603x1325, elsen31.jpg)

I cry every few weeks when I have my regular existential crisises. It's not relieving at all. If I'm bad enough even my own tears will disgust me and make me cry harder. I'm just so overwhelmed with existential despair that there's nothing for me but to weep disgustingly for about 5 minutes, then I snap my emotions shut and try to carry on with life.


Listen to this if you die inside every morning that you wake up and realize your dreams are just that.



I get bursts of crying sometimes, but it's usually just that - crying. I spent most of the time it's happening trying to figure out why.

The inability to understand why it's happening brings a huge amount of anxiety, which in turn makes me cry more, and to feel like a huge, worthless mess as I'm unable to do something so basic.

It's gotten a bit better lately though. Doesn't happen as often as it used to.


File: 1399809196220.png (4.08 MB, 3022x1656, 1387035584355.png)

I cried while driving to work the other day.
I can't take having to wake up so early, waste 10 hours a day, the social interactions, how I am tired all the time and can't enjoy my hobbies as much as I used to, and how every single person (outside of my family) wants to take my money.
I want to go back to being a neet, but I want to make my parents proud. I wish I could become insane enough to be on disability.

I wish every expectations would vanish.


File: 1399810076333.jpg (134.56 KB, 695x715, 1395712746930.jpg)

I haven't cried in a few months but when I do it's often when I am dwelling on past failures and how much of a loser I am.


A very recent tale about questionable weekend shift nurses in the mental hospital I'm at.

I was half asleep, my boyfriend was visiting at the time and looking over me. Suddenly, he is told to leave, and there is another person being put in the room I'm in. Now, when I was getting in, the head doctor told them specifically to keep me alone, because being around someone I don't know makes me very stressed.

I bolt out of bed, run to one nurse, ask why the person is there. "Oh, she asked to be with someone." "Why here? Is there no more space?" "Well, there is, but wouldn't you like having someone around?" "I can't do that." I am pretty stressed at this point, because I start to realize how much of a cripple and a bother I am and that I probably look like a spoiled princess to them. I call my boyfriend, ask him to come back. I start crying. Another nurse manages to say something alomg the lines "don't cry in front of him, men like happy girls not whiners" and when I told her he knows I am a mess and loves me anyway she says "for the time being".

Full fledged panic attack that lasted an hour full of self-loathing and uncertainty followed.

Great mental health care, 10/10

The nurse tried to defend herself anyway when, in a calm state, I told her she should be careful with her words when someone is having a pannic attack and dropped a couple more pearls like "men are hunters" and "he will get bored of taking care of you."


File: 1399830571164.jpg (672.67 KB, 926x1288, 1387756996231.jpg)

Wow that's terrible what they said to you. Some men appreciate their women a little off-kilter. I know I do. I wouldn't want some full-norm person to have a relationship because if they were full-norm, they probably wouldn't understand me very well. It's easier to make a connection with a girl that is sometimes sad, because I get sometimes sad too and we both have something in common.


File: 1399830915531.gif (544.03 KB, 300x180, 1394690257183.gif)

Moreso because the norms appreciate when someone is positive all the time and some people, like me, appreciate the darker turns that life can take because the truth is that life isn't all happiness and rainbows. The truth is that life is just like the weather, theres a time for sunshine and then there are times when there are storms. It's our responsibility as a living thing to be able to weather the storms. It is good it makes you stronger as a person just like it did for our ancestors who lived in the frigid tundras of the arctic hunting fucking giant Wooly Mammoths and sabre-tooth cats with nothing but rocks and a stick.


Dont take it too hard, she probably just terribly hated men.


I am fully aware of how bullshit that is. Me and him connect so well because we share our pain, worries and stress as well as happiness when it's around. We try to comfort each other and learn coping mechanisms from each other as he's better at understanding feelings and empathy and I'm better at making him see different angles of the problem and seeking out causes and possible solutions.

But no. Put on a mask with a happy smile or he will dump you when he's sick of your whiny ass. Stop whining!

It's almost like she never memtally grew past high school.


sorry for all the typos, I prefer keyboards to screens….


I don't mind what he said in particular, I'm just appalled as to how someone trained to work with people who have issues would say that to a patient that's having a panic attack.


Oh yes, its terrible.
Take care there and dont let yourself get dragged down.


File: 1399846825780.png (88.86 KB, 330x328, funstopshere.png)

>for the time being
>he will get bored of taking care of you


What the actual fuck? Did the nurse blowjob their way through nursing school?


Nursing is currently the "winning ticket" job for those looking for secure, ample income. Many are diving in without actually caring about what they're doing. They just want the profits.


File: 1399854395908.gif (704.13 KB, 250x230, 1289947024305.gif)

I cant help but laugh at how awful that nurse is. McDonald's has higher employ standards than that. Its not uncommon for medical profanations to always think they are right and to think of there opinions as facts, but come on, she's only a nurse! She is clearly destine for greater things in her career.


Yeah. that's pretty fucking bad. As in almost impressively bad. I assumed when I read that that the nurse in question was only there because they were low on people and needed to use some trainee from a regular hospital, because if that's actually someone trained specifically for that role then goddamn must your medical education be stone-age.
Sorry you had to deal with that kind of shit.

In answer to the OP's post, I cry sometimes, yeah. I can't remember many times when there wasn't a definite reason. If I had to guess at how often I'd say maybe every 6 or 7 months on average. It usually makes me feel a bit better but lately when I've cried it was over stuff that couldn't be helped so simply, so I'm still depressed afterward.


Soo…..is crying considered a cool thing to do or a bad thing to do, according to the uboachan hivemind. I need to know ever since I came across the concept of "Feels."


Mmmmmm your tears are delicous…Lol.


It's not "cool" persay…
It's just healthy and normal >_<


File: 1399873855701.jpg (6.58 KB, 132x128, mfw.jpg)

>It's just healthy and normal

Depends on what they're crying about. I take no quarter with people crying over stupid shit. Let them cry, let them burn.


They were low on people since it was the weekend, the usual nurses that are around are nice and everything. This one was pretty old too.

Mental health care is pretty shitty around here. Good professionals are there but they're scarce. No wonder we are leading the world in suicide rates.


File: 1399876545201.png (59.6 KB, 813x562, 1384395829995.png)

>trusting some profit-driven normascrub with your mental health

You went wrong somewhere.


I don't think she really had much of a choice in this instance.


File: 1399878049694.jpg (676.27 KB, 846x1512, 48f5c0dca1b9091b7dcc35d498….jpg)

I cry when others are sad and talk to lots of lonely people, so pretty much everyday.


I cry a lot. It never makes me feel better though, I just feel awful afterwards. Usually it's because I'm ruminating on the various things I dislike about life, which doesn't really stop after I'm done crying. It just makes me feel exhausted on top of miserable.

Another reason why I cry a lot is because I'm positive that my life is someone else's dream, and that if I try hard enough I can wake up. I'm not sure how to do this, but I know I can. And when I do, with any luck, whoever's having this dream is a normal, functioning person who can participate in society like people are supposed to. And maybe, if I'm really lucky, my husbando will be there next to me when I wake up and he'll tell me that it was all just a nightmare and that everything is okay.

I want to end this and go away from here so badly. I'd do anything to wake up.


I wish I could cry more. It feels real. I've cried 3-5 times over the past 6 months or so. Every time I've managed to do it I felt thankful that I was still capable of experiencing emotion like that, but my habit of shutting myself down would kick in and I'd would just get really tired. I would like to try it again sometime, and try to deal with the shit that comes up rather than just shutting down. I don't know. Most of the time it just feels like I'm half dead.


File: 1399919905678.png (193.37 KB, 776x442, 896698.PNG)

This. Whenever I get angry or sad, that twinge of happiness is always there. Not because I feel empty, but because I always, most of the time without noticing, suppress my emotions. So finally letting them out feels so liberating. That feeling can get sorta dangerous when I'm angry, though. 'Cause I don't feel the as much of a need or want to stop saying the terrible things I'm saying as should.


File: 1399925836958.jpg (907.13 KB, 850x1025, SK-0000.jpg)

I typically don't cry, no, but that's primarily because I've become more or less numb to loneliness. If I explicitly think about how lonely and unhappy I am under the surface, however, I begin tearing up quickly; while I'm able to control and to suppress it, I get the inkling that letting it out will improve how I feel overall. Then again, what use is it to bemoan my loneliness without anyone to provide comfort? That would only serve to fuel the turmoil. Moreover, on the occasions where such feelings have overwhelmed me, the resulting breakdowns left me feeling emotionally exhausted without any real advancement from where I had been beforehand.

Of course, when I'm reading or watching something and I see a character with whom I've connected suffering, I'll almost always cry a little, but that's hardly the same, is it?

That's funny. I thought we were in the 2010s, not the 1960s. Either way, I'm tremendously sorry that you had to endure that. Frankly, I'm astonished that someone could be dense enough to say something like that to a visibly distressed and anxious patient; they couldn't possibly have thought that that would help, could they?

But no, I assure you that your significant other would never behave as that nurse suggested he might, although you're undoubtedly already aware of that.

To be fair, circumstances like these are often outside of the patient's control. It shouldn't matter how "normal" a nurse is; their top priority is ensuring the well-being of those under their care, such as by calming them down when they're undergoing a panic attack versus exacerbating the source of anxiety.

>Usually it's because I'm ruminating on the various things I dislike about life, which doesn't really stop after I'm done crying. It just makes me feel exhausted on top of miserable.
I know this feeling painfully well. This is essentially why I don't let myself cry over feeling bad, since I don't derive any comfort or improvement of mood from it and the troubles causing the pain in question wait for me unabated, even after the tears pass. Moreover, crying tires me, so not only do I not feel any better and still have to deal with what's bothering me, but I also have no energy for the next few days. While some part of me wants to indulge in my emotions, doing so fails to help me and instead actively drains me. Thus, I don't.

Regarding your feelings that your life is a dream of sorts, don't grow discouraged. You're completely capable of realizing your goal and leading a fulfilling life (I won't say normal; not because you're abnormal, but because "normal" boils down to what everyone else thinks and expects, and no one should lead a life directed by something so shallow and ephemeral). No matter how unpleasant the present circumstances, keep advancing forward, even if you have to do it inch by inch. If you don't stop, you'll eventually exit the stressful hurricane of the present and arrive not in the eye of the storm, but outside of its turbulence entirely.

And that goes for everyone reading this. A pleasant, non-lonely future exists for us all, and if we persevere through our hardships, determining what fascinates us and pursuing whatever that may be, then this dream of a future will become the present. Please, don't give up.


I think if I cried more easily it would be therapeutic. I am glad to cry when I can manage to find the tears.


File: 1399975681987.jpg (59.77 KB, 438x712, at-first-i-was-like441224.jpg)

The promise I made to Dormilia, the promise to do everything within my power to make her as real as possible, that gets me every time. It's less happiness or sadness and more just a feeling of reverence.

Occasionally also tear up over things such as my failures in life, or more often my jealousy over other people's success in life. That just leaves me feeling exhausted and bitter afterwards.
jelly, jelly, jelly


I physically can't cry. I haven't actually cried since I was maybe 10. I once sat down and found the saddest possible things I could find while thinking about the saddest things I could for hours, and literally only got a single half-tear, which was probably just from being tired. If I force myself I can get a very vague feeling of wanting to cry, but it goes away instantly. I'm sure it'd be a lot better if I could.


Wait so crying is actually cool and chill? Noted.

Yeah, if you can't cry and shed all your feels through tears then you're probably a very emotionally repressed person. Get this: Crying is cool now and admitting that you like to cry on the internet is also cool. Throw away your misconceptions from the 50s that crying is for the weak and actually be an adult.


Yeah I like to cry, gives me a strong reassuring feeling that I'm still human. I give absolutely zero fucks because I actually don't care if you think otherwise, just throwing that out there.


not really, but sometimes when I get really drunk I laugh hysterically. On some level I think its the same thing.

Lifes a tragedy for those who feel, and a comedy for those who think ~


>Lifes a tragedy for those who feel, and a comedy for those who think ~

It's a comedy for people that can think until they get red-pilled. After that, it's a real horror show.



Nah, not really. If you think otherwise, you aren't taking the right pills.

Things didnt become horrible all of a sudden anon, along with post-modernity and all that jazz. Horror is innate quality of matter.


You're making an awful lot of implications that don't apply to me at all.

So despite admitting I've tried to force myself to cry multiple times, I somehow believe its "not cool" and that's the reason I just don't cry? And apparently I can't actually cry because I'm "emotionally repressed", but I also do cry and just don't want to admit it? That's completely contradictory and false.

You shouldn't project your insecurities onto others. Especially when all you know about them is a few sentences.


Beep Boop I Have Autism Bee Boop Feels Not Found In Database Boop Beep Incapable Of Crying Function


Theres times I'll just be listening to music, and then I'll just start crying for no reason. Like, I'll be listening to some miscellaneous music like remixes and stuff and I'll just start crying for no reason at all.
Personally I think it's because I'm a lonely person. I feel really isolated and alone but I can't get out of the rut… So I'll just tolerate the random crying for now.


>have autism myself
>still lol'd


Beep Boop I have Autisn I'm a Robot boop bop ahgahah.

But yeah haha, have crippling autism and tghat had me in tears ANd sometimes you just gotta laugh at yourself.


File: 1400616354195.jpeg (58.11 KB, 1280x720, 1394138196948.jpeg)

Doesn't matter how hard I try, I can't cry anymore. I think I ran out of tears.


baw, I saved your pic ;_;


Sometimes a tear or two will appear but I don't think I cry


File: 1401238440831.jpg (28.39 KB, 400x300, Arcueid_if.jpg)

I cry occasionally. It feels liberating. When I feel like crying, I seek things that help me cry. I tend to place great personal importance to things that manage to make me cry.


I stopped crying long time ago…I guess I literally just don´t care anymore. I guess I have embraced what I am.


File: 1401465310063.jpg (52.22 KB, 471x498, image.jpg)

I cry every day.
Really, everyday.
On the week days I cry with my struggle on how I can't manage to understand basic instruction so I get flustered and cry.
Every time I'm faced with a math problem and my Dyscalculia makes me so flustered I cry
Every night without medication I lie in bed and start thinking of how stupid I am and cry.

The next morning I wake up perfectly happy and giggly.


Went drinking to a bar on a friday night for the heck of it, only had one since i didnt feel very comfortable there.
Had to see everyone having friends to do stuff with and me only aimlessly wandering around looking for a place to drink outside of home just for the heck of it, to get some sort of stimuli and remind me that there is still a real world, really just reminded me how pointless my life is.
On my way back i started crying on a dark park bench, not just sobbing but just burst out in tears.
I tried crying back home too but i was too tired or just cried out all of it already.
Well atleast i had on ok buzz while it lasted.


File: 1401922408987.png (313.99 KB, 889x968, 1361219071178.png)

I cry occasionally. Maybe every few months. When I do, the feeling sticks around for a bit. The reason is often because I'm torn between wanting everyone to just leave me alone and die, and thinking that maybe I'm the one at fault and that I should die since I'm not doing anything meaningful with my life and I probably never will. No noise, few tears. Mostly just pain in my throat and me seemingly trying to force myself to smile. I just don't want to exist.


Alien Child: I hate women. All they do is cry all the time.
Theodore Twombly: That's not true. You know, me, cry too. I actually like crying sometimes. It feels good.

- Her (2013)


That movie was too amazing.


I teared up a few times and almost started crying while I was watching 灰羽連盟。 It made me aware of emotions I hadn't felt in a long time… There were a number of scenes where it was as if Rakka and Reki were speaking for me, dealing with those painful thoughts and emotions in my stead. I think it would be worthwhile to try watching it again.

On a related note, I never would have found out about if it wasn't for that old suicide thread on this board. I want to thank whoever started that thread and mention the Haibane. I'll try not to kill myself.


I only during movies, if anything. I haven't cried over a legitimate issue for years.


Look out! We have a badass over here


I cry whenever I finish Final Fantasy X. Even when I /KNOW/ Its coming, I cry.


File: 1403125269323.jpg (639.07 KB, 845x1200, 1385916489890.jpg)

Haibanes don't get enough love.

Such an emotional anime with so many themes running through it. The pacing of it was just, perfect. If you want a somewhat similar anime in structure and plot then there's Sora no Woto, but I don't think it will hit you on as much of an emotional level as Haibane Renmei. And despite the art style, it is not K-On in the army as some say.

And the guy behind Haibane Renmei is ABe who also made other amazing anime, namely Serial Experiments Lain and Texhnolyze which are just as great when it comes to writing. Highly recommend them.

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