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File: 1399174057119.png (630.4 KB, 832x687, 1388370409034.png)


Do any of you have a problem coping with your physical appearance? I have a big problem with it and I don't know what to do about it. Very heavy and painful burden. It hurts to go outside and know that everyone else is staring at me with disgust.


File: 1399179612638.jpg (8.86 KB, 250x250, 1394678581765.jpg)

I used to be pretty ugly growing up. I wouldn't use make up/shower every 3 days and wouldn't bother to follow fashion, and my school was very bully prone in general. Add that up to me being extremely pale and quiet and you get severe bullying every day, being called a "monster" and people making disgusted faces when they get near you.

Right now, I think I look alright. I've had people I don't know tell me I am pretty. I grew out of my awkward body and I no longer have acne/take care of my hygiene in general. The only negative attention I still get is my pale skin. I can't help but feel self-conscious anyway, and minor changes or mishaps [like static hair, a pimple, a bit of gained weight, trivial shit like that] make me feel a burst of disgust. I wish I could just not care. It's stupid, as there's people much worse off than me in the looks department but I can't shake it off.


File: 1399204266104.png (230.67 KB, 471x354, 1360954409381.png)

I feel like I have maybe a D in the looks department but I don't know. No one's really told me whether I'm attractive or not but I know I look weird to myself. My facial structure looks almost alien compared to everyone else's. But I've also gotten sort of used to the look of it so I don't feel immediate disgust when I look in a mirror… Maybe my D grade is actually monstrous to other people, maybe it's passable. I do have some definite flaws though like crooked yellow teeth and a receding hairline so I can't be too attractive

It's certainly on my mind a lot when I'm around people


File: 1399221900180.jpg (60.78 KB, 500x483, shishkabilibob.jpg)

i used to be fat as hell and i'm still ugly, the only thing we can do about it is not giving one majestic flying fuck about other people and the current concept of beauty and errthing's gon be fahn n' dandy


File: 1399224323959.jpg (82.08 KB, 512x512, SHIO.(Pixiv.2866938).full.….jpg)

The only problem I have with my looks that bothers me is my teeth.

>wearing surgical masks all day erry day for no reason

>I'm coming, Japan.


Not caring about what others think is pretty easy to accomplish - the hard part is YOU being unhappy with how you are, disgusted, wanting to change every day because looking at yourself makes you feel bad. Not living up to your own standards is hell. I could never forgive myself if I got fat.



well anon mentioned it hurts going out and feel that people judge you by your appearance, but i can't really say anything if the person
itself doesn't like his own physical appearance…


Unfortunately, you have to do something about the way you look every so often. Granted, you don't have to care about what the general public thinks, but life consists of rare opportunities that warrant you to be well groomed and clothed at that one specific time and place, sometimes when you least expect it. Trust me, you don't want to go around looking like some clueless, self-righteous dork, it opens you up to bullying and missed opportunities.


At least nobody who's posted in this thread yet has gender problems =D, you at least all get the luck of being recognized as the correct gender. Most of my social interaction is pointless when nobody can tell what gender I am, making new friends becomes about this or that a lot of the time and not really about me or them.

Why bother?


File: 1399243253875.jpg (55.65 KB, 500x343, haruka10.jpg)

I get mistaken for a guy a lot, but it's not "critical" to my "identity", so I don't care.


i've already abandoned the idea of my gender really mattering to me, but I have an aesthetic I prefer and talking to people under the assumption I'm a guy is incredibly awkward because I look so androgynous. Mean people assume the worst, you know? At least if they think I'm female I'm in the clear to not anger anyone.


File: 1399318655957.jpg (149.4 KB, 584x800, SK-0041.jpg)

I don't particularly care about my physical appearance outside of basic hygiene and maintenance (shaving, washing my face, etc). I've been cursed with an endless case of acne ever since I hit puberty, and while washing my face with a hot washcloth followed by a cold rinse has helped considerably, the pimples always come back.

Outside of that, I've been told that I'm decent-looking, but I don't particularly care to look at myself either way.

While my sex is fairly obvious IRL, it's apparently rather ambiguous based purely on my personality and writing style. As I don't identify with any gender, I don't mind when people misidentify me one way or another.

Either way, I'm sorry that you have to deal with that. You shouldn't give up, however, on finding an understanding and supportive friend. They're out there, I assure you. At the very least, if you have trouble finding someone IRL, you can certainly find somebody online.


Sometimes after shaving I look in the mirror and think "wow, I look good, I should post a picture myself on the Internet" then I remember how stupid of an idea that is and I feel bad for thinking it.


File: 1399327928338.jpg (177.87 KB, 1600x1200, 1397807067532.jpg)

I'm not ugly but I went from 145 lbs to 205 lbs rapidly two years ago, mostly because of the anti-psychotic medication that I started taking always made me hungry. Now I'm fat and I had to buy all new clothes, but I kindof cringe every time I see my fat self in the mirror. I contemplated going bulemic, but the only reason I don't do that is because the stomach acid will rot my teeth. Sometimes I wish I had anorexia or I could do meth and lose weight that way without any bad consequences. I draw the line at eating tapeworm eggs like some women in Russia do iirc.

I've been getting better at cutting my hair and I have basically a boy's version of a lesbian emo asymmetrical bob for a hairstyle. I like the way my hair looks, but it is kindof ridiculous like my Dad said. I don't care, I'll cut my hair to be short and professional when I snag an interview.


File: 1399328853585.jpg (320.01 KB, 1280x1004, wait what.jpg)

>Sometimes I wish I had anorexia or I could do meth and lose weight that way without any bad consequences
>I wish I had anorexia
>do meth
>without any bad consequences

Oh, anon, if only that was possible in this universe. Both lead to more suffering and possibly dying. I'd rather be fat. You can change being fat but you can't change being dead.

Tapeworms can kill you as well. It's pretty ridiculous and heart-crushing to know that there are people who eat them in order to feel happy about themselves.


Concerning fat people i always held a bias against them because i precived it mostly as them letting themselfs go too much and just generally being too hedonistic.
Well i guess some people are victims of conditions tough.

The only visual insecurity i have is my teeth. I didnt and still dont brush them as well as i should, they are a bit yellow.
They also seem to start rotting in the back and i dont want to go to a dentist.
Then again they probably arent half as bad as i think and given i dont smile or talk often it shouldnt even really matter.

Also looks in guys are overrated, im looking really great and still am a total loser.
I hope you guys dont get given shit for not looking so good.


File: 1399349075308.jpeg (36.76 KB, 505x266, is that what he calls it.jpeg)


It no longer bothers me. I honestly couldn't give less of a shit anymore. People have told me I'm ugly my whole life so I've just come to accept the fact. I don't desire to be accepted as "handsome" because it's a trivial title that does nothing for you.


I'm 21 and have pretty bad acne, makes me feel like shit.


You're young and the scars will likely heal in time. Don't wait til you start looking like the moon to visit a dermatologist. If you do, avoid the antibiotics and ask about isotretinoin. That stuff worked like magic for me.


I don't mean to sound like a cocky asshole, but I think I'm pretty cute, and have always been told so. But never handsome. I don't go out of my way to sleep with men/women but it's always either 8+/10 or "ew". Pretty frustrating. I love everything about my body except for my face, if I open my mouth a bit or suck in my jaw-line/face is pretty attractive, but to me it seems kind of blocky/gross if I don't. That along with my acne really irks me, although acne is starting to fade with accutane.

Anorexia isn't that great, I wouldn't say it's extremely bad either, but that's just from my experience. For me it gets worse at times, but I've gotten used to being hungry, and generally only eat a meal or two a day. Struggled with bulimia a while because I wanted to lose weight and shave the annoying baby chub on my cheeks. Recently dropped from 127-114 in the past month and a half or so. A guy though, by the way.


>"handsome" because it's a trivial title that does nothing for you.

It's good that you don't care about your looks, but being physically attractive is probably one of the most useful boons a person can be born with. It makes EVERYTHING, including finding work and making friends, much, much easier, whether you like it or not. It's not about being shallow, it's about being more immediately approachable.


yea i've had some self esteem problems with looks etc(acne since 11, been on roaccutane for a year or 2 i think). that kinda broke nay confidence I had at the time. Now its more of a social problem.


Having good looks isnt the magic ticket to "lol social life" either.
You will still need quite some social skill and confidence to get results of that kind of conversation.


Oh mother of doge, you guys fucking disgust me. Stop BAAAWWing about your looks and realize personality is all that matters. YOUR HEIGHT DOESNT MATTER, YOUR DICK SIZE DOESNT MATTER OK THANKS BYE


>>10436 In what world is that true lol?


To be fair, that one recent guy who shot up his school because he was a virgin was better looking than most people, yet I've had more sex than he has.


Looks shouldn't matter and looks don't matter are two very different statements. Even outside of romance, its been shown in many studies that in everyday life better looking people are treated better by people, are more likely to pass job interviews, ect.

Its a real deficit, but there is no purpose to dwelling on it since its not that changeable. I'm below average but its not really a factor in my life anymore, I'm sure it has the above impacts to a degree but not so much that I'd notice. You've got to really be on the edge of the bell curve one way or the other, I think, for the impacts to be super noticeable on your daily life.


Looks matter mostly only for females, for men you could look like shit and still win at life and same for the other way round.


I disagree. Looks matter for guys too. Not to the same extent as to females perhaps, but if you are ugly - actually ugly - self esteem is going to suffer because people treat you more harshly, and the earlier the ugliness begins [you were born like that vs you got fat when you turned 20] the more harsh the damage is. Not to mention being rejected and bitter by the other sex.


Looks matter for everyone, it's simple: The better you look, the better you are treated, in general. Unless you have a terribly twisted personality, you are much more approachable, and people see you as more human.


File: 1401478139056.png (32.6 KB, 958x380, Hope's better than you.png)

I personally think I'm beautiful. How? I think of other people who are uglier than me. Thats basically the only thing keeping me alive right now.


File: 1401481657567.jpg (21.79 KB, 616x350, 23614-chi10-7.jpg)

>Do any of you have a problem coping with your physical appearance?
Yeah and no.
I've been told I could model a bit throughout my life, so I don't think I'm ugly, but I also think I'm ugly, and that people only say that to make me shut up.




Im handsome and i hate myself for it, i should be ugly so that i look like my personality.
I thought about burning my face with acid or something.
Ofcourse i wouldnt do it simply because its pointless anyway.
It would also make people not try to motivate me, it should be obvious to them that im not good.

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