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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

File: 1416462472720.png (29.8 KB, 458x287, YM2406_OPNA.png)


FM synthesis thread. Any chip is welcomed.
Discuss about different chips, favorite pieces/musicians, and, of course share your work.

No soundfont shit pls. Keep that crap away, and stick to files actually playable in their original hardware.


File: 1416463517114.ogg (4.33 MB, Th08_06.ogg)

「懐かしき東方の血 ~ Old World」, from 「東方永や抄 ~ Imperishable Night」 (Nostalgic Blood of the East, Touhou 08).

YM2608/OPNA chip arrange (PCM rhythm included), using original instruments from retro era. This is actually my first arrange, and I feel like doing other pieces from th08, since it's one of my favorites games regarding music. It will probably 「竹取飛翔 ~ Lunatic Princess」 (Kaguya's Theme), though I may change my eyes into another song after evaluating the difficulty.

All in all, I really enjoyed making this arrange, though I feel it ended kind of bugged. I may fix it in the future after I gain some more experience.

.M2 file:


File: 1417407215493.ogg (4.76 MB, ZUN - 東方永夜抄 ~ Imperishable….ogg)

I seriously can't believe how shitty my previous arrange is. Listening to the differences between this one and my previous work makes me wonder what the fuck had I been listening to as to believe it was acceptable.

Anyway, here's 「プレインエイジア」 (Plain Asia). Keine is one of my favorite 2hos and I think this song made me decide to do the full OST now. I really like the themes that come after stg3 so this is going to be fun.

.M2 file:


File: 1418014305859.ogg (4.26 MB, ZUN - 東方永夜抄 ~ Imperishable….ogg)

OPNA arrange of 「永夜の報い ~ Imperishable Night」 (Stage 4 Theme). I feel the drums are kinda off, but when I look again at the internal clock, everything is ok. That aside, I wish I could do more powerful and stronger trumpets, since the LFO isn't enough for songs like this one.

.M2 file:

Next is Maiden's Crapiccio. Now, that's going to be really cool, specially considering it's actually an arrange made of Reimu's theme in th04.


SiON is a multi-chip emulator with MML syntax not too dissimilar to the syntax used by Dante98's MML interpreter. I'm using it to make YM2203 music.

Simple demonstration arrangement of my "Dark Racing" cover:

Transcription of my song "The Accountant" for playback on YM2203/emulator:

If you couldn't tell, the YM2203 is probably my favourite chip. I know the 2608 has stereo, ADPCM, rhythm sound source, and three additional FM channels, but the tinny mono sound of the 2203 has a lot of charm for me.


File: 1430244297791-0.ogg (3.4 MB, th08_14o.ogg)

File: 1430244297791-1.png (52.11 KB, 320x195, 36613440.png)

I've been thinking on working something on OPN for a while. It's a really nice chip when you manage to organize all your resources and put up a nice and well balanced mix (needless to say, the lack of so many voices working at the same time makes it a bit easier to compose/write simple tones without many instruments in your way). I'm personally quite a fan of SSG1 and SSG2 abuse for main instruments, but I leave them generally for secondary instruments like strings and or back up of any lead voice, contrary to YM2203 where you are a bit more free to use them as lead. It's a shame, I actually would like to do a bit more with them, so I think I just need to play around more with their envelope and figure out if I can find a nice sound.
By the way, nice themes you have there. SiON was in the list of the first stuff I checked and it's really nice. I may give it a try one of these days since I actually started working with Dante98's MML before moving into other music drivers.
That said, thanks for bumping, I was thinking about deleting this thread for the lack of activity. I figured ubuu would have a lot of people into this, but well, it seems not.

Back to my stuff, I haven't upload anything in a while because I decided to work better on the volume mix even after all the MML was written.
I'm actually working right now in Eirin's theme, which means I've got right now like 4 or 5 themes I haven't upload (Reimu's; Marisa's; Stage 5, though that one is incomplete; Reisen's; Stage 6) because I want to experiment more with volume settings/LFO and any means to make them sound more natural.
It's kinda frustrating, having so many stuff affecting it sometimes feels more like real debugging rather than arranging (which, in a way, make sense).
Some stuff that sounded good yesterday suddenly start bugging you now, you're not sure if stuff is ok, etc. That kind of thing. For example, in the file attached, the second part sounds pretty off even when the idea is ok, so I have to check here and there what can be done to make it sound good on every single voice, with every single parameter. Well, I guess I only have to do just some more tweaking around and figure a way to fix stuff.


File: 1430347887601.ogg (3.67 MB, Everlasting Night.ogg)

There's a VN called Fatal Crescendo I'm composing the music for. Just for fun, I transcribed it for YM2203:

The original is attached.


I got ahold of a neat little compiler/driver kit and decided to make some music for Sharp X1 (OPM+PSG board)

Here is it:



I did something a bit funkier for my third go with NRTDRV:



File: 1436118700429.mp3 (1.12 MB, th08_15.mp3)

Ok, after some inactivity, I started working again.
Here's a demo for Kaguya's theme. Ignore the verse trumpet, it's a placeholder.


File: 1436304137300.mp3 (3.27 MB, The Professor (real OPN).mp3)

I've been going on and on about how Hell Diary can now accept and play .M2s like actual PC-x801 games. The PMD version of "The Professor" is somewhat different, but mostly because the PSG envelopes work a bit different than they do in SiON.

Downside: I now have to convert the OST to PMD98, which will take a few hours (luckily I already wrote the music once)


Good work, I can't be bothered to use the RSS or ADPCM at all (mostly because the RSS ROM instruments sound very weak compared to ones you can make with FM and I don't feel like bothering with the ADPCM when I can generate tones)

The .M2 that generated this mp3 is here:


File: 1436305475833.png (24.8 KB, 1016x495, MML.png)

>I've been going on and on about how Hell Diary can now accept and play .M2s like actual PC-x801 games.
Wow, that's great. Did you use the fmgen .dll and tweaked it around to be used with RPGMaker engines? You can check if you can make it play .s98 files too. They're what neko project uses as a method of output (instead of .wav) and it can be played by winamp and G.I.M.I.C.
But basically, there are converters that tweak Kaja's PMD files and make them .s98. It could the process smoother rather than rewriting files in PMD syntax.
Is there particular reason for using B2 extension for OPN?

By the way, do you use tox? it would be interesting to talk with fellow MMLers and stuff, and I can't stand skype.
Here's my code if you're interested.



>using .S98

I have a utility that can convert .M and .M2 to .S98 thru the command line. I actually don't have a problem with PMD syntax as it's not too different from NRTDRV and generally a joy to work with. Plus, .S98 files are significantly larger than .Ms

I did actually try .S98s for it originally though, but the S98 plugin does not have an infinite loop option like the PMD player drivers do. But yeah, you can access .dll functions through the "Win32API" command in Ruby, allowing the use of outside libraries in order to run various things.

>Why .M2 for OPN?

Just future-proofing for when I write the OPNA versions of the songs (I'm adding a sound board select dialogue at some point)


File: 1436358202525.mp3 (2.57 MB, Kumiha Tandai.mp3)



Btw, might consider using that if it means connecting with some other enthusiasts.

But anyway, back on topic, I created a little something last night (it was my sister's 3rd birthday and she loves the OPN)


File: 1438357571533.mp3 (3.44 MB, Downtown.mp3)

"Downtown" from Amihailu in Dreamland for YM2203 playback with PMD.



Just did some chill OPNA transcription of a track I wrote on commission:


That's right, I'm doing OPNA for once!


File: 1439488516687.jpg (268.25 KB, 784x1200, d56_01.jpg)

That's pretty cool, welcome to the OPNA wagon.
I'm still suffering like a motherfucker with the fucking trumpets and I can't advance for shit. Also other stuff and I can't MML too much.
I wish I could be faster doing this.


File: 1442679618557.mp3 (3.72 MB, Mikuho's Theme (OPNA).mp3)


"The Accountant" done again for PMD, this time using the YMF288/YM2608 FM+PSG spec rather than straight OPN.


I used a trick of panning chords across the stereo field like I've seen Yonemura-san do a few times. It's a good way to make them feel "fatter" with normal processing, why not do it with a stereo-enabled chip as well?


My client died, and no matter what It tried I couldn't get my old ID back.
I gave up, the new one is
I hope it doesn't die without any reason again.


File: 1446155653392.mp3 (958.56 KB, REMOVE.mp3)


File: 1446171088585.mp3 (3.58 MB, Last Journey.mp3)


Don't beat yourself up anon. It's fine, some of the chords are just a tiny bit off key but it's still catchy.

This is one of the songs I made as a reward for one of my Patreon backers. It's just YM2203.


File: 1446174408531.mp3 (801.44 KB, KEBAB.mp3)

>It's fine, some of the chords are just a tiny bit off key but it's still catchy.
Yeah, if you're talking about the stereo piano, then I think I figured out what you mean. It's not that they were off but that I went retard with the detune + the nonexistent release rate. Cutting the duration and detune by half fixed the problem.

>It's just YM2203.

But that's more than enough to be welcomed in my collection.
I really liked the SSG play. That's actually what I like the most of your OPN arranges.


File: 1446176323175.mp3 (4.92 MB, Yalmun Twins.mp3)

>Fixed ver.
It honestly doesn't sound like it'd be out of place in a classic Compile game now.

>SSG play

I love the SSG, a lot of the times I think it's criminally underused when it's actually a great and quick source of brightness.


File: 1448277819385.mp3 (3.75 MB, AMIHA.mp3)

The new FM puzzle theme for Hell Diary. It's YM2203 and basically a twisted loop of one of my favourite parts from one of my favourite pieces.

It's supposed to be just a tad creepy and like a logical progression of Nightmare Castle's "Puzzled" theme (AKMUS1).


File: 1448896004125.mp3 (2.58 MB, E1.mp3)

This is just some leftover from trying to make tracks for Amihailu's World of Magic. Hope you enjoy it, here's the .M2: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/33934572/Patreon%20Rewards/E1.M2


File: 1448904066590.gif (32.15 KB, 640x400, 好き! - 画面.gif)

It sounds great.

I just started making a new arrange with DAC Output voices just to try it out, but the FMx3 output ain't working and I can't figure out why. I may try with another driver if KAJA-chan won't do.


File: 1448905773297.mp3 (4.08 MB, In the Line of Duty.mp3)

Ah, here we are, finally scored the track I meant to make.

Samples behave oddly when compiling PMD through a VM for some reason. This is one of the reasons I don't use them.


File: 1448906958048.png (9.21 KB, 200x160, pilot.png)

I tried DOS through DOSbox, DOS/V through various forks of Neko Project, Annex and T-98, and even the windows terminal (Since x86 processors still handle 16-bit without problems), but none worked with THIS specific file. There are a few MML samples that came with PMD, made by Kaja, and they do compile without problems while my files don't. I read the manual in the specific sections three or four times but I simply can't get what I did wrong. I'm trying a different approach, but if it doesn't work I will just use FMP and hope the same problem isn't going to happen again.


I could get the sample MMLs to compile, but not with the PCM available. You might have to try FMP.


I've done my first song with the ADPCM feature!


It's "Introduction" from Hell Diary, done using the full capabilities of the 86 Sound Board with the exception of the RSS ROM.


Err, I was so giddy I forgot to use my name


File: 1451234796884.jpg (303.73 KB, 1200x1707, USE THE FORCE.jpg)

That's a hella nice touch, well done.


After a bit of fiddling (actually, hours of throwing my head against the problem in frustration) I've also solved the problem of creating my own ADPCM kits for use with PMD. I've still got to figure out a way to get hotter levels like the sample kit, but currently I've got a TR808, CR78, and Oberheim DMX sample kit ready for PMD.


I made a new version of "Everlasting Night" for 86 Soundboard!




It's Locked Souls' "General Theme" (BGM01) done for YM2608 and featuring my NKX.PPS kit. It actually converted to ADPCM really well!

I am the composer for that game, so most of the songs are quite easy to re-arrange for FM anyway.


File: 1452195717096.mp3 (1.81 MB, Rainy Day.mp3)

New YM2203 track I did as a patreon reward. I cheated a bit and used stereo capability for FM2 and FM3, so it's closer to OPNB or OPN3 than normal OPN.


I did some Phoenix Wright music for PC-98 OPNA:


No ADPCM this time but this one's already pretty poplear!



I made a PC-98 OPNA version of Gundam F91's awesome TV opening theme:




I feel like some stalwart defender of the holy OPN grail at this point.

Oh btw I'm updating Nightmare Castle:


>I feel like some stalwart defender of the holy OPN grail at this point.
A new knight hath been born, my lord. 'Tis a good day.
I like that remix. I really started to like FM drums more than ADPCM or ROM.

As for my, holy shit I haven't done anything in ages, it's sad to see you're the only one posting. But last night I started to work on something again, hopefully I will finalize it soon, if I don't give up half-way.


Glad to see I'm not alone yet!

Here's some more stuff from the new Nightmare Castle update



There's now a Hoot archive of Hell Diary's music available:



File: 1461289084913.png (10.13 KB, 800x555, Hell_diary_HOOT.png)

Those are some fine numbers, man.

Okay, up and running. It's nice to see my hoot set up getting more and more music. Good work, now I can see the drive working and hax your music, too. I can't get enough just from listening! lol
HD3, HD9, HDA are by far my favorites. Also HDX2. The feel from the catchy bass riff and mute piano + SSG is very nice.
The whole thing makes me wish I could compose something for myself in OPN, too bad I just suck at this.


I see you use the only correct hoot system skin!

Here's one of two pieces I made for OPN to demonstrate the FM3 Extended control mode:

It's actually a transcription of a track I made for a Visual Novel through my professional audio service!

This is the other FM3 Extended control mode demo. I think it's even more obvious here that there's more than 6 voices in use, but that's because this was made with that purpose in mind.


File: 1461349190186.png (1019 B, 640x400, tfwnoDAC.png)

>FM3 Extended
For some reason, when I tried this, it was as if the driver wasn't registering any of the DAC voices, and while they did show what notes were being played and the length, no sound came out. At first I thought the volume was the problem, but then I realized it was set in the correct value. Then I imagined that by some reason maybe there was some problem in the parsing of the selected operators, but when I checked in hoot they were all right.
I should experiment some more to test what actually happened. Lately I've been suspecting that maybe it's got to do with the ADSR envelope and algorithm, but I'm not sure (and I double-checked I used the correct one so I it's even more odd).

That second track is really nice.


File: 1461378947100.txt (2.35 KB, A_1F.TXT)


I made a hoot archive of Nightmare Castle's music, which includes the FM3 Extended Mode demos if you're interested. Here's the MML for one of them!


File: 1461381916841.png (35.53 KB, 640x400, 1361980880185.png)

>I made a hoot archive of Nightmare Castle's music, which includes the FM3 Extended Mode demos if you're interested.
Oh my, if you have it around already then I'd be really pleased to add it to my hoot archive.

>Here's the MML for one of them!

That's really nice from you. Thank you very much.
I'll start making experiments for my quest to use FMx3 as soon as I finish (or give up) the arrange I'm working on.


It now includes the updated XML and the Nightmare Castle archive. The tracks that use FM3's Extended control mode are "Omake 1" and "Omake 2" Just use the link at >>1236 again


I've done a demonstration of SpeakBoard ADPCM:


The creation of a speakboard ADPCM package is similar to creating an SSGPCM package (.PPS), but I needed to actually use a PC-9801 emulator to create and write the PCM table to a file.


I've begun working with and documenting a little-known FM board driver called KOLIN2, used by Takeshi Abo:



File: 1461765684615.jpg (141.98 KB, 640x480, 54330-Nonomura_Byoin_no_Hi….jpg)

Oh, hey, that's pretty nice.
I've been thinking for a while in translating the FMP guide that is currently available in japanese only. I saw that you were also working on an english manual of PMD in your site, so if you're planning to start a doc repository about general FM-synthesis drivers just tell me, I'd be glad to contribute in that.


I did a transcription of "Trial" for PC-98 Speak Board/PC-88 SoundBoard II:



I did a SNES Sim City cover for Speak Board:

I could do an 86 version too, but I'd need to make a better version of the NKX drums for 86.


I've switched to PC-9801-86, so I'll be doing a lot of that.

Here's an Amihailu's World of Magic track:


File: 1463533783909.png (20.39 KB, 480x288, Gao_Gao_2nd_Pandora_Wood_1….png)

The ADPCM rhythm sounds fantastic. Specially on the 2 last ones.

I want to MML but I don't have the time. Hopefully I will get some room by the end of the week.


I can do these so quick it's like taking a quick hit of cocaine or something:

More 86!


An OPNA song for Patreon, I hope he loves it proportionally to the amount of work it took to make:





File: 1472040573886.jpg (78.25 KB, 770x578, korg-volca-fm.jpg)

Volca FM relevant to this thread? I kinda want one of these. Can load Yamaha DX7 sysex files



Although this thread is more oriented to computer chips, it does. It's Frequency Modulated, you have control over the envelopes, and it comes with operators and algorithms. Plus the sound is nice.



I think I'll have to buy this

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