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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

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Hi I've been getting requests to teach people how to make music, or how to use FL Studio or whatever over the years and I've kept putting it off, but I figured I might as well do something instead of ignoring it. I'm not going to assume I'm the best producer on ubuu, but I may be able to help with people just starting out or people looking for tips regarding composition or engineering. I've been making music for ~6 years so I'd say I'm fairly qualified at this point.

Right now I'm working on two separate projects, a soundtrack for a visual novel and a nu-jazz/instrumental hip hop album. I come from IDM and bass music but I've touched on a lot more genres than that. I consider composition my strongest point although people tell me my mixes more often than not come out clear which is probably the most important thing in mixing/mastering.

For examples of my stuff if you haven't clicked any of my album links, this is one I did just recently which showcases some interesting stuff with realistic programmed sounds, most notably the bass

And for something more electronic, https://soundcloud.com/pradius/famicom

tl;dr i make music ask me stuff


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tits or ass?


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why aren't you devving


File: 1389822995580.png (340.4 KB, 500x500, BSdTl_KCIAA12B1.png large.png)


Can i see your boobs?

Also what made you choose fl studio over something like logic or ableton?


Mainly the lack of having a mac. I've used both ableton and logic, and honestly I really like logic and I'd be using it if I had a mac. I like FL's workflow though which is why I use it now.

>Can i see your boobs?

can i see your dick first


<mudnut> ask me about dicks or something

What is your opinion on the current state of dicks? Is the market growing at a healthy rate? Just any thoughts on it?


it depends on where you shop yo


what sort of a controller do you sport


what kind of controller are we talking about here like an xbox controller or a steam controller

steam controller looks neat but i use keyboard + mouse master race cus im not a pleb or a faggot

next question


Do you play osu! ?

Also do you know how to play any instruments? :o


for your playing and stuff, or do you not use a midi and just pipe in directly from a fancy keyboard


I've played osu once or twice. tbh I'd much rather play DDR though. And yeah I know how to play keys, bass and guitar. It's been a while since I've picked up a guitar though so I'd be hard pressed to remember any chord shapes.

Sometimes (rarely) I record midi data, but most of the time it's all programmed. I use reaper for recording most of the time because its more focused for that. The keyboard I have is pretty low end though, which is why I tend not to use it.


File: 1389833814726.jpg (120.86 KB, 704x862, Objection-you_are_owl.jpg)

Where do you get your inspiration from? You just sit there in front of your computer and say "lol let's do shit until it becomes something cool", or you plan how you want the music to sound like, parting from there and modifying it until you like it?

Also, have you done something with FM Synthesis? Do you know how can I start making it?

You're owl btw



>Also, have you done something with FM Synthesis?

Ignore this shit, I posted too hasty and I didn't check what was the name of the second song you've posted.
But my other questions are still up.


no ur owl

Really it depends on the mood I'm in that day. Sometimes I go in head first not having any idea for what a song should be, and other times I have a vague idea. Most of my jazz album so far has had a strong theme running through it that I've consciously been trying to stick with and build on.

Also lol the FM synthesis is just waves with effects and then I put an FM filter on it. I don't even really know the difference between additive and subtractive synthesis, I just keep fiddling with nobs until it sounds good.


what headphones should i get for <200$


ipod headphones



who is your favorite ubawchan fag? Would you ask him/her to show the brownies?


7:48 PM - ❆〜メイドノート·サンタです〜❆: mehk show me the brownies
7:49 PM - Mehkanik: huh
7:49 PM - Mehkanik: What brownies



I would love to learn how to FL Studio.
Because I love music.
But have no talent with these types of things >_>


Like, samples and loops and I'm just like O.O


What's your opinion on Cubase?


What music do you enjoy listening to? Any favorite bands? Know any other good free bandcamp musicians?


File: 1393789253940.gif (1.63 MB, 238x178, 8iNmW.gif)

oh there are new questions

I think Cubase is pretty great. Definitely up there with Logic and Ableton. I don't really think it matters what you use though, because every daw is basically the same thing with a different front end. It all comes down to what works best for you, and fl studio's workflow works best for me but otherwise I'd be using either cubase or logic.

Jamiroquai is probably my favorite band right now, but Periphery, Flying Lotus and deadmau5 (new/old not 2005-2010 mau5) are also some of my favorites. As for free bandcamp artists I don't really know of many because I don't browse bandcamp as often as I should. If you like indie/prog and shoegaze Cloudkicker is 10/10 and all of his stuff is free. http://cloudkickermusic.com/album/let-yourself-be-huge

The eXo guys have their stuff up for free too. Check out datacat's new album if you haven't already!

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