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File: 1386860421292.jpg (42.81 KB, 500x500, asobi.jpg)


So i was wondering if anyone on this wonderful place listened to weird or unique music?
Stuff like Animal Collective, Flying Lotus or anykind of shoegaze really.


File: 1386861171721.png (327.55 KB, 300x300, 50099715.png)

mass of the fermenting dregs is a cool shoegazey kinda band
>female vocalist/japanese rock/shoegaze
i think they're hella


I've only listen to that band a few times, but i have it on my ipod, maybe i should give it more listens
Japan definately has some of the best music out there.


Everyone probably thinks their music taste is weird and unique


"anykind of shoegaze really" is not weird and unique


File: 1386872340947.jpg (128.04 KB, 922x915, tumblr_m956mpJ1Yq1rc22qso1….jpg)

I was just asking about non-normal music and I consider anything that isn't top 40, gets radio play, is on MTV, or that regular people like to be normal music.

And shoegaze can get pretty out there sometimes and be very uniquely structured. Not all of it is weird, but there is alot of it that is. It is far different from mainstream stuff like mumford and sons.


>anything that isn't top 40, gets radio play, is on MTV, or that regular people like to be normal music.

The Stooges, The Vaselines, Butthole Surfers, Shonen Knife, Leadbelly, Daniel Johnston, The Wipers, Flipper, ZUN, Cold, Paddy and the Rats, The Descendents, the Rumjacks, Ayeron, Pachelbel, Melvins, Corvus Corax, Eluveitie, Nurse with wound…

If you feel edgy and deep, these are shit you couldn't ever heard of. For example, this one has only 979 visits. Feel free to show how hardcore you are in your hipster circles.

This one too is so hardcore that you will shit blood.

And with this one, the deepness reaches a Neon Genesis Evangelion tier depth. Macfags cover in shame before you!


So we're going into avant-teen or something less edgy? because if avant-teen then throbbing gristle.
TG it's like entry level. So feel free to use it.


File: 1386876978989.jpg (150.72 KB, 500x500, technorch.jpg)


kids, please, no need to make this into a cock-measuring thread.

I doubt anyone here listens to top-40, and past that what you think is unique is entirely subjective, so it's just a bit redundant, don't you think? Just post bands/producers that you like.

I listen to [mainly] electronic music - drum and bass, ambient, and a lot of j-core. I try my best to avoid touhou music and anything with wubs in it.

Notable examples: Aphex Twin, múm, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Phil Tangent, Blu Mar Ten, Kors K, DJ Technorch, Betwixt & Between, teranoid.


File: 1386879584873.gif (16.6 KB, 780x895, tigger-unhappy-06.gif)

This is what i meant for this thread to be like, to share music that is different and obscure. Not start a fights.


>calling some music "different and obscure"
>expecting fights to not happen


if they do, this thread will go. Further discussion can be on the last.fm thread. So be nice. <3


not obscure and not unique, but fucking sick. I think everybody should know that, especially you OP


OP I love Animal Collective, Flying Lotus, and Coco Rosie. Along those lines, I think you should listen to Xiu Xiu. He's fucking fabulously gay. The song Fabulous Muscles really drives that in but also, hes super fucking emotive and even really creepy– A huge inspiration to me. "I Broke UP" and "Support our troops" are pure gold.

I like folk punk the most. I would suggest to anyone that they listen to Andrew Jackson Jihad or Devil Makes Three.


>AnCo and FlyLo
if anyone posts ITAOTS I swear to god.


i listen to the top40


Despite the /mu/tants it's a lovely album

(I also love Death Grips unironically)


Have you browsed the shoegaze and similar tags on Bandcamp?
Lots of fantastic stuff there, plenty of it free.


File: 1393705147596.jpg (62.11 KB, 350x350, seirom.jpg)

>Japan definately has some of the best music out there

If you're into weird and noisy stuffs then totally.

Anyway, I know almost nothing about shoegaze, probably because I don't like when this kind of bands have a male-singer. This one has neither, and it's free :



File: 1394126917418.jpg (76.85 KB, 500x500, Lawyers.jpg)


Hasami Group and Shinsei Kamattechan fit right at home here, both are so chaotic they're not bands I can recommend to others usually but there's so much melodic talent I keep on coming back to them again and again.



File: 1538566487575-0.jpg (194.18 KB, 700x700, tbla just got back from th….jpg)

File: 1538566487575-1.png (551.45 KB, 1000x1000, Brave Little Abacus Masked….PNG)

pretty much an essential band for this kind of stuff. one of my favorite bands, they have great diy ethics and a very unique sound.


If you're into obscure, how about Sháman? Finest Sámi yoikmetal I've heard.


File: 1543495282847-0.mp3 (3.02 MB, 06 - kitaireng bell.mp3)

File: 1543495282847-1.mp3 (5.21 MB, 05.Clear.mp3)

Don't know if this would classify as obscure but Susumu Hirasawa's discography certainly fills the psychedelic quota. Look into his P-MODEL days, there are some gems in there.


His not P-MODEL releases are obscure and good as well, just saying


File: 1544211598120.jpg (41.09 KB, 540x661, 1542023387115.jpg)

weird music for weird people

I posted Arcturus before. Reception was "worst shit I ever heard", so I guess the music left a strong impression. I probably deleted the post anyway, because I'm a pussy and even get stressed out by random people on the internet despising the quirky things I love. Anyways, the band stems from the second wave of Norwegian black metal and developed in an avant-garde style with spacey keyboards, yet retaining their roots especially with drumming and occasionally on the vocals.

Sideshow Symphonies is my favorite album. Enjoy or go fuck yourself :^)


>hipster babble about inspiration and roots
Listen to good Norwegian music.


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