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Happy Holidays!
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My Bloody Valentine is one of my favorite bands. Shame if you've never heard them, they're one of the most highly regarded alt. rock bands of all time.

When You Sleep:

Beautiful song. The organ-sounding guitar and vocal harmonies that play over the chorus riff make it outstanding.

[had to remove youtube link]

Another beautiful song. The combination of drifting distortion, acoustic guitar, and lack of percussion make it so… dreamy

The album is "Loveless". You can download it here:


No reply to a MBV post.
Seriously Uboachan?


Considering the only possible reply would be one on how incredibly hipster/gay beyond words it is, I'd say this thread did pretty well


It's called shoegaze. Stop labelling everything "alt rock".


Oh you.


You should have followed my mediafire link.

Hipster's didn't exist in 1991, but I'll still give you a 3/10 because I decided to reply.


>labels everything he doesn't like/understand as hipster



I really like Gas's Pop album. It's an ambient album on an entirely different level, imo:


Taking a drastic change of pace, Arvo Part has some really amazing choral works:



And now, to go back to ambient, here's some Tim Hecker, another great ambient artist.



?????? ????????
₋Kevin Shields


File: 1338055167198.gif (58.16 KB, 250x200, fishytale.gif)

>being a faggot




You seem to be under the false impression that MBV takes any effort at all to understand. Let me share a little secret: the rest of us don't really need to strain themselves in order to "understand" it


File: 1340116022127.jpg (198.41 KB, 500x500, TheWeeknd_HouseOfBalloons.jpg)

Here's some strange, minimalistic R&B with an unusual sound and atmosphere. Somewhat reminiscent of Frank Ocean.

The Weeknd - What You Need


File: 1441269458199.jpg (596.24 KB, 990x990, divtech_rise-with-the-tide.jpg)

Divtech's album Rise With The Tide is some stuff which I've been lately compulsively digging. Rad blend ov abrasive electronic sounds with hardcore punk influence.


>Bandcamp download link:





no need to bump a thread on a chan that isn't active.



No need to bump an active topic, even if the board itself isn't active.


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