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File: 1513917297216.jpg (353.55 KB, 850x1193, __arisaka_hinata_ayanokouj….jpg)


Benito Mussolini's granddaughter made a j-pop album. You've got to check this shit out.


Hmm groovy. The 80's was really one of the best times for music in japan.
She's got a nice voice (nothing too impressive, but not bad along with the rhythm nonetheless) and the band is pretty good. Her accent is slightly strong and annoying though.


File: 1513966342710.jpeg (87.23 KB, 650x650, clio+1985+2.jpeg)

I think in general, Italian disco/pop is very simmilar to Japanese music of the same type and time. Italian seems to have been more flashy and bright while Japanese disco was more down-to-earth and romantic and it used more traditional instruments. Clio and MariaTakeuchi are good examples of this. While singing is definitely important, I personally feel that instrumentation is what makes these types of songs. Mussolin's album is as close to a direct blend as I know of. On an unrelated note, I found this really interesting Japanese album that's kind of repetitive, but has an interesting vibe to it.



File: 1513966973284.jpg (65.13 KB, 496x500, 61LlH0osK8L.jpg)

I personally prefer Takeuchi Mariya. Although Variety isn't my favorite album, Mearsy Beat, Amphitheater no yoru and Plastic Love are by far my favorite songs of her (not to mention she has one of the best english pronunciation I've ever heard on a japanese artist). Sweetest Music and Love Songs are definitely my favorite albums though, September being my favorite song there. There are other goods examples outside of disco though, Matsubara Miki is a good one.
Clio reminds me a bit of those weird electronic experiments so characteristic of Yellow Magic Orchesta while still maintaining that groovy base and sound.
This Yasuaki Shimizu has a slower tempo, I like it.

You definitively should check the first albums of Yamasaki Hako (Specially Tobimasu and Ningen Magai) and also some of Sai Yoshiko (ALL of her 70's albums, Mangekyou, Mikko and Taiji no Yume) if you want to feel the not-so-trendy side of japanese music. Sai Yoshiko in special is EXTREMELY underrated. I've been meaning to make a thread of this and provide translations for their songs but college has been eating my time. Hopefully I'll be able to build my computer this/next week and post it.


I can listen to this, thanks.

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