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I found another great composer. WATCH THE WHOLE THING. How does it make you feel? How do you like that shit, huh? You like that? Fucking polish people.


File: 1504242212509-0.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.01 MB, 480x480, pleasestop.gif)

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Why did Christian music become so terrible? Bach made such great pieces based on the scripture, so I can't help but think, "what happened"? All Christian music made now is so bad. All of it. Feel free to prove me wrong.


I like these posts and all, but could we keep them to only 1 thread? I know /media/ isn't all that active but even so I feel that pushing things to the next page with threads with similar (for not saying "the same") content does more harm than good (it's also in the rules).
Now, as for the videos:

I couldn't, it's absolute shit.

As for what went wrong, well, pop. The song is basically something with a catchy rhythm but with poorly-executed lyrics, plus shitty vocals. The singers feel too generic. I couldn't feel anything from their singing; and don't get my wrong, I like some artists who only have good intonation even though their voice isn't all that… "special", but these guys get killed with the extremely shitty and dead lyrics and their "oh look another of those voices that sound all the same".
The difference between them and Bach is basically that Bach DID know that a song has a theme behind it, something to bring it to life, something with emotion. In Johannes-Passion he overlapped the theme of Jesus' suffering with an exquisite composition of strings and a chorus ranging from tenors to sopranos, which we commonly associate with sophisticated, "holy", choruses thanks to opera and sermon music, and which does actually feel "from the heavens". But OP? Nah, some catchy pop thing with generic lyrics.


Oh, sorry. I'm just trying to add fuel to the fire. I'll keep additional stuff to the three threads I already created. Anyway, I feel like the transition in Christian(you know what I mean by this) music reflects a change in Christian's mentality. The only theme that I could find in this and most Christian music made now is, "god is good". In an attempt to appeal to the largest demographic possible, they've moved in the direction of being as agreeable, bland and inoffensive as possible, but in the process they forget what made their religion appealing. You can see this very same thing in the films that they produce. This song is based on a hymn, which are all very simple and repetitive. While someone like Bach and a lot of other composers of his time would take something like that and make a fugue using it as a subject or something like that, this composer instead opted to make it sound popy, which is a much worse use. Composers during Bach's time had access to Gregorian chants and other such things, but they had no access to Egyptian hymns or other stuff made by pagans for obvious reasons. We do now though. I wish modern composers focused on developing that stuff instead of making that weird, inhuman, post modern, atonal garbage that every person who wants music degree has to study.


>wants a music degree


Small correction. The hymn this was based on was actually written last year for some Polish holiday thing.
The singers might be better, but it might just seem that way because it's in a language I can't understand. It's still the same awful song though.


This guy is lesser know, but his compositions sound nice.
What are your thoughts on the Harpsichord? Is it something that is better left in the past, or do you feel that is has any advantages or appeal over the piano?


I love the sound of the harpsichord. It's definitively not something to be left on the past, and its sound is completely different from piano and stands on its own.


File: 1509587312655.jpg (112.07 KB, 850x604, __chiaki_shin_ichi_kuroki_….jpg)

While its unique attributes certainty make it worth preserving to some capacity, I personally find its sound to be too pointed and jarring to listen to all the time. The piano is easier on the ears and more capable of imitating the voice for me personally. Every time I hear a piece played on the harpsichord, I immediately want to find a piano arrangement of it.


>I personally find its sound to be too pointed and jarring to listen to all the time
I'll admit it doesn't generally fit well in modern music, but many classical pieces wouldn't really be any good without the atmosphere it provided, in my opinion. For example, I find it difficult for piano to actually manage this kind of ambiance on its own, while it's perfect for the harpsichord https://my.mixtape.moe/rhihmj.mp3
(Sorry, I know what I'm posting isn't technically a harpsichord but it very well was intended through FM synthesis and I don't have another piece on my head at the moment to make my point).

Also, it seems the upload of mp3 files broke. Again.


What piece is that? It sounds like pc98 music to me. Anyway, you're right about the piano not being able to create the exact same type of atmosphere that a harpsichord can, but the atmosphere that a piano can create, while being different, is no worse to me. Piano music can sound scary too, if in a maybe more, "elegant", kind of way. When casually listening to music, enjoyment is obviously the most important part. I just like the piano more.


Yup https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSYZXTmwqUs&index=7&list=PLCCOoHvw8epqL1yFqkhCR225-NExTv4NE

I don't know, I suppose I just love it. I always spend some time at the end of my keyboard session playing any piece on harpsichord. I love that dark, baroque-like sound and how those small loops create such a rich harmony.


File: 1509590151429.jpg (292.39 KB, 782x1024, __bobby_barrows_and_edward….jpg)

This might be a bit of a stretch, by a lot of the tracks in the Clock Tower ost have a kind of harpsichord feel to them too.


What do you think about piano reductions?


In my opinion, they sometimes work awfully well, but others it just takes a turn for the worst.
That depends really on the arranger, since some of them try to make their reduction work exactly like the original, which usually doesn't go that well, while others try to actually arrange and prioritize the melody the piano can play while dropping that which sounds terrible.


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brzmi jak kompletne gówno

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