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Happy Holidays!
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File: 1316779995216.gif (2.25 KB, 170x170, 10yu_madotsuki.gif)


Just to start with the /media/ board. I'll be linking here to some important files.

'Yume Nikki 0.10 English (Repack by Saya, release 6)'

'Yume Nikki OST (Also packed by me)'
Short track version: http://www.mediafire.com/?yaeav7uhkk4vipb
Long version: [in progress]

'.flow 0.15 English (Packed and translated by Saya, release 1)'
http://www.mediafire.com/?7ceitc4mdpnqmag [translation is not complete]

'.flow OST (Ye, by me too :P)'
Short track version: http://www.mediafire.com/?25adu85eyww322c
Long version: [in progress]


I'll just edit this post whenever there are any updates. If you have any questions, or problems, I can be contacted on the IRC channel most of the time. If I'm not available, just contact me by e-mail. Have a nice day~~!


I get an error when trying to dwnload the .flow OST. Seems to be only with that file, since the YN one worked fine.


I'll just reupload the file with the same link, since editing posts isn't added yet.


For some reason mediafire doesn't let me update the file with the same link.

Here's the new one


Yay it works now :D

Also, what do you mean by "short track" and "long track" versions?


In short version, tracks are looped some few times so they end up being only one to two minutes long.

In long version, they're looped A LOT, usually resulting in tracks about ten minutes long.

(I'm just doing this because it has been requested by someone who found the normal soundtracks too short)


What about a 3.5 minute track with the lush sounds from lcd dem? I would send you orchids for that.



Two things I noticed that were missing from your fantastic compilation are the NASU game over and the Flute effect. I can send you my mixes, but you'll have to find the filenames in the sounds folder. All I can see is bakemoji.


Those don't count, sorry. ^^;


I've always wanted to see a few tracks from the teleport mazes (mazes being from all of the games with them). not as a remix, just with the sound effects. they just sound nice that way.





I hope this time the translation is complete:

'.flow 0.15 English (Packed and translated by Saya, release 2)'


please tell me that you translated it as tetsu paipu and not agare paipu.
(It's not steel pipe)



>Not Steel Pipe

Oh Bob Saget…


dun worry, retranslate




The text on the effect messages looks really weird. It's not centered properly and it's pretty much everywhere.


It's practically impossible to center that text, everything has to be done by trial and error and it would take weeks for me to do it anyways since I have to rewrite all the lines everytime I have to edit them.


Er… Saya-chan, what about the long tracks for .flow? Are they ready yet?


I need a new hdd


Would there be any chance of seeing an up-to-date OST for Yume 2kki anytime in the near future??


Only when 2kki stops updating so friggin' fast


Hey Saya, just wanted to tell you something, in .flow BGM38 isn't unused… if you go to the rainbow maze, then to the psychedelic streets, between the rainbow rocks, you'll find flowers, and if you use the watering can on the wilted flower, then interact with it, BGM38 plays… so it's not unused.


Also btw it's BMG0 not BGM0. =)



File: 1324513608880.bmp (1.7 MB, 914x650, proofplz.bmp)




Now if you could please scroll up, you'll realize bmg0.wav is just a lower quality duplicate of BGM0.wav


bmg0 has been there in the older versions for the longest time. BGM0 was only added in V15.


I prefer to choose the higher quality one


I made an 'easy' installer for Yume Nikki on Linux (and maybe any other *nix that can use Wine, like OS X)

Here's the package: http://www.mediafire.com/?yz3fv5dt1u8b6y6

I haven't checked if it will work for everyone, so please tell me on IRC if you have any problems with it.


Hey Saya-chan, when are the YN OST long tracks going to be done? Merely wondering.


I'm going to work on it.
It'll have tracks looped from 32 to 128 times.


Alright! It's nice to know you're going to work on it, sir/ma'am.


File: 1332365082497.png (119.84 KB, 1500x1108, i_lied.png)


And now you need to translate .flow ver0.016.



I don't feel like doing this anymore.
It's very hard to do all of it and I never get effect GET messages right (centering the text requires hours and hours of trial and error, plus I have to always rewrite the entire line from scratch since the text appears glitched every time I edit it).
I am unable to run RPG Maker 2000 properly without being assaulted by all those text glitches (I really tried switching locales, but still won't work).
Note that I've never wanted to get into translation work since I really don't know Japanese at all and just do machine translation. I only do small fixes and repacks, nothing else.



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