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File: 1441251099489.jpg (62.62 KB, 500x600, mai03.jpg)


I'll dump some old and new japanese/otaku related music here which may be of your liking.
Been thinking a lot lately and i've realized my life is hanging by thin threads these days, it would be sad if all this music just went to forgotten waste.
So i decided to upload some things and post on chans i go to. Hope you enjoy it and have fun.

Angel Note 0-10

SSH until 2014

UNDER17 BEST3 Albums

ONE OK ROCK until 2015

GWAVE from 2003 until 2014


Thanks,it's too bad Angel Note did those kind of soundtrack musics without voice only in the first album, I really liked those. Hope you are still hanging on


Wow, anon. Those files are quite big. Do you think you could post some checksums I can use to make sure my internet connection didn't fuck up?


File: 1449726262106.jpg (92.84 KB, 581x565, 0.jpg)

They used to include the BGMs.
But they dropped it.
AN is mainly for OP/EDs and image songs now.
Like the GWAVE collection.
I live still.

My apologies.
The songs are mainly in 320kbps.
The highest possible quality for a lossy format.
Such as mp3.

Made it until here.
Might as well proceed further.
And see how the world ends.

the Gazette until 2015/10

Fire Bomber.
Some albums and singles (except the english version atrocity)


File: 1450956649781.jpg (191.86 KB, 1024x768, 0.jpg)

Merry Christmas.
Some rarities here.
Super Robot Damashii (flac).



File: 1451014441662.jpg (578.54 KB, 944x1257, 1293324206898.jpg)

this is good stuff thanks OP



File: 1459661088052.jpg (241.23 KB, 1154x764, 1421712273388.jpg)

You're welcome.

Hang in there, and thanks for the dump, I'm going to download some stuff tomorrow before college kills me.
My playlist has been the same old boring <=350 game/anime songs compilation for the past 6 years, with addition of one or two discs I like. May as well try something new at this point.


File: 1459669026479.jpg (64.83 KB, 733x550, 0.jpg)

I'm so tired… i have nothing.
"Hang in there" huh. Things haven't been easy as of late over here.
I'll play eroge and go to sleep.




File: 1459833704993.jpg (24.19 KB, 600x338, cute.jpg)

My pen has ran out long ago of ink, and yet I still feel the urge to scratch the paper once again.
Two years ago I could have written some cheerful words and somehow try to give some support or advice, but lately I've grown more and more cold; the light inside me is slowly fading and I feel I'm losing the ability to even convey anything anymore. I can still sympathize, but I lost the confidence that my words will actually have any real effect on anybody. That, and also I realize that some words written on the internet trying to encourage anons up are likely to have the opposite effect when written from ignorance.

I am no one, I am nothing, but even so I always felt some link to the people in this site, ever since I came here for the first time years ago. I have no tongue, I have no warmness, and I have no arms to comfort you, but the least I can do is to be here. No matter what awaits us in the future, what choices we take, and how things develop in the big stage, I am in the first row, my eyes wide open to every maneuver performed. Even if the light won't shine over me, and even though none of my actions will ever have any effect over the act, that doesn't mean that I'm not there. Even if you forget me, and even if I forget you, our meeting has been already registered in the annals of the wired and fate, and also winded to be at hold inside our subconscious.
Whatever path you may take, either forced by destiny or determined by your own will, I will secretly root you from this side. Because I have nothing else to offer is precisely why I must do so.
But my words are empty, and my actions can't affect reality.

It's said that after a cold winter a warm spring comes. But, what are we, frosted and hard corpses, supposed to do? We can't feel anymore, we can't think anymore. Winter and spring, summer and autumn, they make no real difference. And that's why we hope that those who are still alive strive for that warmness. But our frigid spirits can barely whisper their messages through the rustle of the red fallen leaves, and they can't show you more than dreams bond to be forgotten in the morning.

I've written too much, yet I haven't said anything. This is just how far I can go.

I've been spacing out in my dark room for a while now, listening to your music. It's really pleasant, for moments I feel like I'm being sucked into the space, dissolving into the darkness. Maybe I will be able to smile for real tomorrow, under my mask.


File: 1460079674013.jpg (2.53 KB, 118x118, 0.jpg)

Such a fateful encounter, then.
Allow me to take off my mask.
The Geass only works once anyway.
I see much of me in you…

People like you are so rare.
Slowly shaping reality from time itself.
You live for others, for the unknown.
Come like a bang and go like a flash.
Some take ages to notice what happened.
As some read and just nod at certain posts.
Because there is nothing else to be said.
Like a hug without arms, or a kiss without lips.
Countless times i went to sleep thinking about anonymous posters.
People i have never met, yet lent me strength.
The masks we wear here are not so different from the ones some wear in real life.

You have said just enough.
I understand a bit of how you must feel.
I feel the absolute same when referring to posters such as you.
You may look like nothing. Zero.
But we are what other people think we are.
Sometimes we must see ourselves through a mirror.
Like another person staring at us in judgement.
Playing chess against ourselves, if you will.

I also pray for you.
Thank you.

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