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File: 1533323750605.jpg (93.49 KB, 600x422, 1518540150075.jpg)


ITT we write a story one sentence at a time. When you add a sentence, make sure you wait for at least one other contribution before adding another.

>Stepping out of her house, K. noticed a strange shape in the fog.


File: 1533324594920.jpg (101.61 KB, 900x675, a438eb97321833bfa166a256a6….jpg)

>She scratches her crotch and yells at the thing "Hey, whaddya want, fellow? I reckon this not be the time for wandering thru this damn fog, innit?"


File: 1533326391283.jpg (507.56 KB, 1280x1280, 1505096696875.jpg)

>As the shape warps and twists in the distance, a faint whisper that sounds almost human echos through the mist…
>"Bugger off"


>K., obviously angered, starts walking towards the shape with her index finger right in front of her body as if prepared to lecture a little kid.


>Suddenly a 15-story tall purple-haired loli comes right out of nowhere and smashes K. beneath her bare foot.


>Unphased by the illusory child, K. continues towards the shape - and right through it; her enviroment is engulfed in black.


>"crivens!", she curses, "steped into them dream worlds again".


>K looks stares up to the heaves, and screams, "this thread is shit", with all her might


File: 1533360155561.jpg (10.52 KB, 250x250, th.jpg)

>K hears a thunderstorm, and suddenly a flood of melons start raining out of thin air


File: 1533376134368.jpg (28.23 KB, 267x272, sue-chan.jpg)

>"Wow, half a melon! I could fit two of those in one of these pockets!"


File: 1533404057022.jpg (45.72 KB, 640x606, you know what happens next.jpg)

>Suddenly, D-joe appears.


File: 1533405660358.jpg (6.49 KB, 115x83, 1379531687473.jpg)

>D-Joe gazes with contempt to K (potassium) as he stares down the melon hailstorm


File: 1533409229482.jpg (113.36 KB, 1066x1033, guns haha.jpg)



File: 1533671413589.jpeg (133.85 KB, 900x556, cACE.jpeg)

>K. runs for shelter in a cave and leaves D-Joe to be crushed by a giant melon, killing him forever


File: 1534086947269.jpg (Spoiler Image, 177.36 KB, 600x448, 20140224-catster-jalan-jap….jpg)



I love you guys


>The strange cat honketh.


File: 1534418127324-0.png (147.32 KB, 800x524, motorist b.png)

File: 1534418127324-1.png (169.95 KB, 877x900, motorist c.png)

File: 1534418127324-2.png (65.43 KB, 474x588, motorist f.png)

>The honk summons the rest of the cat motor club from every opening of the cave


>K unplugs the melon from his ass and looks around him as he realizes he is entrapped by a cat squad


>She throws the melon into one of the openings, hoping the cats will chase it and she can escape


>The now ambiguously gendered K., after throwing the melon, does a 360° degree spinning flipkick backflip kick and slices the melon open with hir bare feet during the 360° degree spinning flipkick backflip kick as it's thrown into the opening, then becomes gay for inclusivity reasons.


File: 1535392035229.jpg (53.16 KB, 672x480, sei.jpg)

>seisatsu appears and screams at all the melons


>A piece of melon shrapnel ricochets off the wall behind sei and hits the back of his head knocking him forwards on to an especially small cat car which rolls forward until K. the androgynous homosexual finishes xir 360° degree spinning flipkick backflip kick and lands standing up on seis back, giving the sei-car-dead cat amalgimation enough momentum to speed past the cat gang and through the cave exit to freedom


>and right into a rushing river


File: 1535700515526.png (96.98 KB, 256x448, IN_marisa.png)

>Jesus Christ Seisatsu! You even code rivers into snow?, shouts a passing Marisa, who picks the Sei-car-dead-cat-snow-xir amalgamation on her broomstick, albeit with a slight struggle due to the weight


There's a physical version of this book somewhere in the dreamworld. You can find it in the skeletons house if you're interested.


I cannot guarantee your mental state once you turn the pages, however.


File: 1538905973842.png (277.87 KB, 557x463, 1472471986527.png)

That wasn't part of the story, it was actual information


>K wakes up coughing on a rocky shore.


File: 1539132648080.jpg (82.24 KB, 852x480, shore.jpg)


>As she rolls onto her side, she sees the cat from the car (who is not dead) sleeping soundly next to her, wearing a satisfied smile and a torn maids dress.


it was urotsuki?


>K is happy to see the cat but they suddenly feel as though they might have lost something very important…


>As if reading her mind, the cat looks at K. and meows "Well what were you going to do with two gallons of blood anyway?"


>Something is welling up K's throat, climbing; warm, fluid, a copper pretaste—sputtering over the roof of per mouth, but it's going up, further and around the nasal cavities
it's flowing forth and recycling into her mouth, down her esophagus, flooding each alveola; thought…

no thought.


>"The two gallons are a gift," the cat purred "I've put them into your biological subspace. Imagine the powers you have now!"


K dies of haemochromatosis and 30 STD's, and the cat runs off with her body.


Meanwhile, the goblin archmage cackles softly in his tall obsidian tower, watching through his crystal ball as his cat familiar retrieves the body.

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