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Seeing as this is a YN site, I figured it would be a good idea to ask if anyone here might know of any dream related books. Not necessarily centred around them, but at least having them play a semi-significant role in the book. I'm interested in seeing how it might play out in novel format.


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One of my favorite books, Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World by Haruki Murakami. Every other chapter switches between a dream world and the real world as the two stories become parallel.


Wow this sounds pretty good honestly. It would at least be a departure from what I usually read (that being classics).


Not the guy you're responding to, but another fan of Murakami. His more recognized works deal heavily with dreams and have some surreal elements, its what attracts me to his writing. would recommend the wind up bird chronicle and Kafka on the shore to start


>>714 These also sound very good. How would you rate these books in terms of fantasy or sci-fi elements? I am all for the surreal and unreal, but generally do not like books that have anything to do with sci-fi or fantasy.


there are no such elements. if you really want to move away from any hint of the fantastical then Norwegian Wood might be worth a look.


I figured I'd just stop by and thank whoever gave Kafka on the Shore the reccomendation. I truly did enjoy it quite a bit. It was a massive departure from what I normally read, but I loved it. I am definitely planning on reading more by Murakami. As always, any other authors or books are appreciated :)


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Another classic of dream-like literature is Michale Ende's 'Mirror in the Mirror'.


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I know this can be considered a necrobump but I'm interested in this discussion and have a little to contribute. Recently I was looking for books like OP mentions and here is a few I read and recommend (most of them are german but there are surely translations available)

>Life is a Dream by Pedro Calderón de la Barca

>Rhapsody: A Dream Novel by Arthur Schnitzler
>A Dream Play by August Strindberg (was a huge influence to the german literature scene in the early 20th century, together with Freud's work)
>Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse (not solely centered about dreams but the paranormal/psychedelic plays a huge part)
>Kafka's short stories (espescially Der Landarzt)
>The Dream Cycle by H.P. Lovecraft
>The Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa

I'll add to this post if I remember/read more.


Wonderful suggestions, The Book of Disquiet and Rhapsody: A Dream Novel seem very interesting. It's unfortunate then that Rhapsody seems so expensive…


Rhapsody is freely available on the net (legally too)
The copyright expired.


Finnegans Wake reads like you're in a fever dream, and it was meant to feel like a dream. But its not everyone's taste.


The Rings Of Saturn by W. G. Sebald

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