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Ahem, don't mind me, just the founder of the /lit/ board.

I finished reading Isaac Asimov's Foundation and it was pretty awesome. Also, I'll format a sticky or something later because I like being a modfag.


That's a real cool story bro.
Tell it again?


0/10 for dropping your trip to contribute absolutely nothing

Also, books you're reading general.

I've been reading Tolstoy's War and Peace as part of my regiment of classics I've heard of but never got around to reading.

You guys? Anything interesting? Don't have to talk about the classics, feel free to post anything about books you're enjoying right now. New, old, whatever.

Once I finish War and Peace, I think I'm gonna go back to Under the Dome by Stephen King. I started reading that and put it down for some reason.


I'm a bit more into Educational novels, in all honesty. I'm currently reading Michio Kaku's Hyperspace.

However, I'm going to re-read Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov hopefully soon in the future.


Educational, yeah? All the years of schooling I went through ground a real hate for educational texts into me. Except history. I always liked reading my history books.

And ffff, I totally forgot about Lolita. My roommate suggested it to me and I remember hearing about how interesting it was. Hyperspace sounds interesting just 'cuz I really like sci-fi or anything futuristic.


If all educational books read like text books, or books you would obtain in school or college, I wouldn't like them either. Michio Kaku, is one of my favourite authors because his books are educational, but they go by well, and puts his teachings in very good examples, which you can apply to daily.

Hyperspace isn't 'Science fiction', nor is it really Futuristic, it's discussing the phyics behind wormholes, and higher dimensions. I'm a science nerd, so that's probably the only reason I'm enjoying it so much.

Unfortunately, when I started Lolita I was quite busy, and it kept drawing me away from the book. I didn't even get to finish it despite it being quite an amazing book.


>discussing the phyics behind wormholes, and higher dimensions

Yeah, not. But the name "Hyperspace" is bound to give people that impression on the tin without any other indications. I never understood how people even go about coming up with theories like that anyways. Not like anyone has gone and come back or we have any exceptional proof. That I know of. Is there?

I would go out on a limb to say that's 'futuristic' though. Unless somewhere along the line, I fell out of society and we're completely aware of things I was pretty sure were fairly undocumented and just spoken of in theories, heh.

I'll have to look up this Michio Kaku, though. Honestly, I tend to stray away from educational texts due to being an auto-didact. I put a lot more value on learning through experience and researching based on what you're doing, rather than bloating myself with things I probably won't need to know or can't put towards something in actuality.

Robert Fulghum is a man I enjoyed reading for that purpose. He's written a lot of little anecdotes about his past that put some interesting thoughts about life into my head. Small ones, but ones that have been there for a long time and I've put towards my own. I lent the copy to a friend, never got it back… need to replace that sometime.


I read Catcher in the Rye recently. It was a good read.

Now I'm reading Franny and Zooey. I can't push through fuckin' Zooey's asshole attitude with his mom, though. god. what a prick. no fucking respect. drives me up the walls, i just, can't do it. haha.
and i tried starting Bonfire of the Vanities… man fuck that too.


I've only been reading some mediocre teen-fiction, recently, but for English class we read Fahrenheit 451, which was decent. I also have The Greatest Show On Earth by Richard Dawkins sitting on my desk, might get to that soon



What did you think of it?


Lately I've been reading this collaborative project called Uboachan. I'm so glad they added that new chapter /psy/. it's way more hilarious now that things are less stale! holy shit, this project is a riot, you guys should check it out


Fuck you all for not taking the hint and discussing Asimov's brilliant stories.

Writer - as a hardened sci-fi enthusiast and fanatical devotee of the man, I very much appreciate your tastes and your most recent literary endeavor.

Also, fuck you all for not having read War and Peace. Smile, fuck you for reading pop-sci. boja, fuck you for not enjoying The Bonfire of The Vanities. It's a marvelous tale of the underprivileged versus the all-too-privileged classes, not to mention an exuberant and almost disturbing depiction of life amid the financial elite. You fucking sicken me.



The next book I'm reading is Darkness at Noon. Has anyone else ever read it?


I'm reading The Martial Arts reader, and it is delightfully delightful.


read the Tao of Jeet Kune Do. It's a very good book about Bruce Lee's martial arts philosophy.



Oh! Will do, I'll read that after this, for sure.

If you haven't, you should check out Karate-do, My Way of Life, by Ginchin Funikoshi. I just finished it, and it was great. It's about and by the guy who made "Karate" a household term.

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