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Does the e/lit/e speak another language?

How and why did you learn it? How do you keep the level?


File: 1404247319748.jpg (32.47 KB, 360x270, NGE_Rei_You're_in_my_light.jpg)

Yes, I'm a native spanish speaker, and I learned english through hadoukens.
I keep up using it as my second language in everything, and dear internet helps a lot. A lot. While I consider myself a person which is able to keep a conversation on-line, I do tend to fuck up a lot sometimes. This mostly happens because I write without reading twice and because I don't sleep too much.
As for my speak, well, it sucks. It really sucks. But mostly because I don't exercise myself to improve it, and also I don't have anybody to correct myself. However, the few times I have talked to native english speakers, I was able both to understand them and to express myself without the "YO HOW SAY I LIKE ENGLISH THAT DURR DICKS".
I learned it because of vidya and because it's like an universal language which for me wasn't that hard to grasp.

I also understand some japanese and I'm trying to study my moonrunes at least 4 times per week. This also helps with chinese but honestly I wouldn't be able to understand more than some kanji and I have no idea about pronunciations.
Why? Because animu, gemu, and because I like retro japanese shit which is not even translated and probably won't ever be translated.

I knew some basic German but I completely forgot about it. I don't remember how I learned but I'd love to try it again.

I was learning Finnish too, but the page I was studying from died and it completely stalled. I really like the flow of Suomea so I wanted to give it a try. Really hard but absolutely worth the effort.

I also understand portuguese, some swedish and norse. Portuguese because where I live it's an obligatory language along with english since this is a touristic city, and I learned basic swedish and norse because I like old Escandinavian cultures.


File: 1406938425187.jpg (309.51 KB, 1600x1131, 201122_zionerd_satou-tatsu….jpg)

Spanish is my first language too, I also speak a bit of Italian, Portuguese and English.

I learnt English by playing games with people from UK/USA/Canada for 8 years, I keep my level by shitposting on imageboards and talking in Teamspeak 3 with them.

I met an Italian girl trough a friend, we used to talk in Skype in English, but we tried sometimes to learn each other's language.

In the case of Portuguese, most part of the people in my neighborhood are from Portugal, I used to go to Portugal during summer, not anymore because I became almost a Hikkikomori.


File: 1408227684473.jpg (26.4 KB, 500x500, df7fd63d-10bf-4ce8-8dc7-cb….jpg)

My native language is Dutch(Nederlands) and I learned as child also German(Deutsch) because my mother is german and while growing up I learned english from videogames and movies mostly I suppose like the most of us I want to learn Japanese I can say few things in spanish/france/turkish/ and few russian things learned from my mother.

Turkish part because of my waifu
and spanish and france dont really speak it but I sometimes watched shows in diffrent languages on the web as a kid so like I already know the episode and watched it in another language so I could learn in a certain way


File: 1410018301424.jpg (85.04 KB, 640x526, tfw_14.jpg)

I've been slowly teaching myself German.
I can't really carry much of a conversation, but I can read it alright. It's fairly easy to figure out what words mean when you already know English pretty well.
I can name off a number of nouns, tell you how I'm doing, and a few very basic things.
Ich werde fur eine radtour.


File: 1410817167533.jpg (261.37 KB, 966x958, Takane Shijou (3).jpg)

germanfag here

"I will be for a bike trip"(lit.) doesn't really make sense. Do you mean to say "I suggest.." or "I'm going to.."?

+Ich wär für eine Radtour

+Ich werde eine Radtour machen


I think I was going for "I'm going for a bike ride."
Thanks for the help, there.
A lot of times I get confused on which words to use, and which situations I should use them in.


Don't bother with Spanish. It is the worst of the western languages. Go with German or some Escandinavian ones. Not kidding.



I'm >>455 and I agree with you. Worst language, worst translations, and the only cool point is that since it has latin roots is easier to learn French, Italian, etc.


No probs
Got steam or something? I know that german can be tough for some people so I could impart my wisdom if need be

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