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M-my hands are w-writing on their own~!
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Alright…So, I'm not really sure if this fits here, but it's a story I wrote. It's kinda short, but I hope you enjoy it.
I had to break it up into parts because the it was too long.


"Happy Halloween"

“Tic-toc” said the clock. “Tic-toc” repeated the clock. It was an increasingly annoying sound that annoyed the hell out of her. She never realized a clock could make her want to stand up and stab something repeatedly. “Tic-toc” the clock gave it's last tic toc, and instead replaced the redundant sound with a familiar tune. The tune she called the Midnight Tune. This nostalgic tune was the reason for her sudden decision to buy the thing.

She waited….
Nothing happened-
A single sound, not often heard, shot through the midnight air. Shattering the suspense, causing an uncontrollable terror for the girl.
She dove into her thin sheets, her teeth clattering against each other, as she quivered uncontrollably. Her heart thumped dramatically in her chest, fear causing it jump and scream and throw a fit.
It was then that she felt the presence of something else in her room. It made her skin shiver, sending goosebumps traveling up her whole entire body, each one screamed “Get out! Get out! Quickly!”
But she couldn't move. She didn't have the strength nor courage. She didn't cry, though. If she shed tears this early, she knew she wouldn't be able to see tomorrow.
The sheets were pulled away from her in an instant.
This is it, she thought to herself.
She turned.
Blood rushed to her head.
It breathed heavily.
It had many sharp teeth, and long enough nails that could tear away the life she worked so hard to perfect.
On it's back was a large bag dripping with blood, it held body parts, including what appeared to be a child's hand.
It grinned a smile that caused her to leap out of her bed. A smile only a monster could make. It was a smile that said “Today is your end.”
She needed light.
Her feet struggled to carry her to the lamp and she fell. Gasping for air, for consolation that she's still alive, for composure, her shaking legs slowly stood. She had to remain strong, she had to remain strong, she had too…
She pulled the light switch, and turned to face her fear.
But her breathing stopped, for it was right behind her. It's smile as perturbing as the dead look in it's multiple eyes.
It's nauseatingly slimy tongue ran down her arm, smearing blood. It's breath reeked of death.
She knew at that exact moment, that she wasn't facing the monster she at first recognized it to be. She was facing death. She was facing what took away her family, her friends, everything she ever loved and treasured away from her. She had nothing now, so it came to take that as well. It came to away the life she had built from scratch. It wanted to stuff her in that bloody bag, with everything else that the world will never know is gone. It wanted to wipe her off the face of the earth.
But she wouldn't let it. Like h*ll she'd make it that easy.
She clenched her teeth, and reached towards her empty drawer for the scissors that slept inside of it.
She was close to it, she could feel it in her grasp. Only a little bit more, and she could fight…


It's eyes left hers for only a minute, and instead directed it's blank gaze to her hand.
It wrapped it's hand gently around her waist, and stabbed her with one long dirty fingernail.
Her head swirled as the blood seeped through her night clothes. She lost her breath, and the fire in her eyes. She was going to die. She was going to die. This was her end. After this, there would be nothing. There would only be darkness. In the face of death, her pride and ego meant nothing. Everything she thought was important fell, and crashed on the floor, sending shards of truth as sharp as glass hitting her face, scarring her happiness. She feared they would cut deeper than the teeth of this goddamned thing ever could. All she felt was regret now, an excruciatingly painful regret. More painful that the fingernail going through her stomach. She let out a scream, like an animal. A scream she never knew she was capable of making. But she didn't close her eyes. For she wasn't dead.
She hadn't lost yet, she still had her will to live. For she still had her good memories. Memories of her loved ones, of her dreams, of things she found hilarious. Yes, that's right. In the future, she was going to laugh at this memory. Laugh at the stupidity of the monster for underestimating her. Laugh at how she deemed it death. Her shaking hands that gained a new found strength gripped the scissors so tightly in her hand that blood ran down her fingernails. She mustered her courage, her strength, everything she had left, and swung. They cut the monsters cheek, so she swung again. Now knowing that the monster did in fact bleed, she dove the scissors deep into it's main eye. The monster let out a satisfying shriek, she smiled, and struck it again, and again. She eventually, seeing how weak it had become, leaped on top of it. Her scissors drenched in blood stabbed it everywhere. She didn't know whether or not it was dead, but she didn't care. She was getting her revenge! She giggled and giggled until her little laugh bellowed.
Until she finally stabbed it in the heart.
Until she noticed she was covered in it's blood.
Until she noticed it wasn't a monster.
But a human.

Her fear of the monster had turned her into the monster.


Aaaand that's it.
That's the end.
I hope you enjoyed reading it. Please inform me on what I should work on, and what you liked about it.
Thank you for reading.


File: 1393792353008.jpg (436.65 KB, 1200x800, 7570746886_52d80d6a14_o.jpg)

You find me in the deepest depths of the ocean. My lovely being floating brilliantly across shades of blue, I give a sense of calm to others. Like a single cloud in a wide blue sky, I stand out in a way where I almost seem like a dream. From afar, I'm beautiful, majestic…admired. My mysterious nature beckons some to come closer. If you happen to be one who comes closer, you will experience a sense of overwhelmation, a state of surreal intensity. A state where it's only you and I in this big blue, and the only thing that brings you even deeper into that intensity, so deep that it's painful, is the sharp stinging of my tentacles, as I swallow you up into my being, and devour on your every morsel, every secret. But by then, it's too late. Your being starts to go numb, as my deepest depths swallow you. As my world swallows you. As the bare bones of your being merely become a source of an energy to me. An energy I feel a never ending crave for. And once I'm finished with you, I swim deeper into the endless ocean, moving on. Never to be seen again by your eyes.

"What sea creature do you relate to most?"


Nice work, Dust. Keep it up.


File: 1455389865423.gif (983.49 KB, 500x440, tumblr_inline_nmz0rjzN8G1t….gif)

>Super old work being brought back up
T-thanks, Wilfre.

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