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M-my hands are w-writing on their own~!
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What do you all like to write on most?

I like writing in blank hardcovered books with ink marker-pens. I just love the way the pen feels on the paper, and just, turning the page, and, just, hard, covered, book. I … love books so god damned much. so much.
Typing has a nice feel too but I definitely definitely prefer writing.
Leaflets of paper used to be a favorite of mine. I have stacks inches high of leaflets. I would write on small scrap leaflets of paper. like hall passes, late slips, etc. (hahah highschool.)
It gave it such character. such an in-the-moment feel. and the moments oftentimes were linked with the scrap it was written on. haha.
it just, felt right.

I want to write with a calligraphy pen but I'll have to learn how to write top-to-bottom or something, since I'm a lefty…
clay sounds cool to write on.


For the sake of convenience and writing fast, my laptop is wonderful. I used to have an old keyboard that my mum had gotten from a yard sale, but I left it at their house when I moved. Loved it, but finding ink ribbons was nearly impossible too.

I usually keep a small notepad and pen on my person too. I'm not partial to anything in particular, but I love storycrafting on pen and paper. Or napkins. Or toilet paper. Or anything that pen can leave a mark on, lol.

I sorta miss that old typewriter, though. Maybe I'll get another one once I find a job. I enjoyed it and there was a sort of novelty to it. The restrictions are nice too, it made you think more carefully before you wrote because if you messed up, you'd end up going back and typing Xs all over the word and end up with a messy looking draft.

…That was sort of what I liked about it, though. I'm definitely going to buy one sometime in the future, I miss that rusty old thing.


I can never focus when I type so I have a drawer full of moleskins and hardback notebooks


ohhhhhhhhhhh i am so jelly. so so jelly.

so good.

i have two hardcover "sketchbooks" but the pages are too intimidatingly large…
im gonna stick to 6"x8" and smaller ):


OP may have hypergraphia, but yeah. Scraps give me an unfinished feel, I like composition books…being able to write sideways and upside down between the already crafted lines. Fill it UP! Fill it UP! Fill it UP!


hm *googles*

i don't feel a compulsion to write but i do have a strong affinity to writing materials.

i definitely understand the completeness feel. i get that with scraps. filling the entire paper to its edges "completes" the scrap, and challenges me to make something concise enough to "complete" the scrap paper.
I miss my writing journal, though. I have a ~6x8in that i'm filling up, i'm almost halfway, on top of that 5x8in that i filled up two years ago. I have a larger book and a much larger sketchbook… but >>142
i'm trying to tackle it, though. i've made a bit of progress.


File: 1349672619935.gif (426.14 KB, 500x371, tumblr_lzexbxsWz91qzqnxxo1….gif)

>felt tip pen
>thick pile of loose-leaf college-ruled paper

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