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Hello /lit/!
What is your opinion on literate roleplaying?

Picture unrelated.


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It… really depends. There are a lot of variables there, still: the genre, who its with, how well you know eachother, their standpoint on canon and noncanon, how serious the attempt is…

Sometimes it can be pretty great, and then other times…. egh.

In terms of adding to writing experience, going by having been in one for about five years and really almost growing up with it and the participants (we were all about 10-12 when it started), it's definitely helped me come a long way from using text smilies and proper punctuation and all that snazzy stuff. Not to mention characterization, improvisation, cooperative plot-writing…

But, again, a lot of it boils down to who it's with.

Sometimes you get a Gabe.


Bad spelling/grammar/chatspeak/ect. is one of my top annoyances, so, anything that's spelled with people atleast trying their best(I must admit I am not a genius at spelling, I just use as much proper spelling as I know), I'm okay with. Also, I love roleplay, so… :D


When I read this post, I realized I agreed with it a lot- mainly the "It's who you are with" part. When I was younger(Somewhere around 7 or 8), back when I used to play with dolls, there would be certain friends I'd like to play dolls with, and certain friends who would throw my dolls around and yell what their dolls were saying and act annoying as fuck. The same goes for now that I don't play with dolls but I role play- Some people make joke roleplays funny and dramatic roleplays dramatic, but some just get annoying.


i havent roleplayed in about 4 years.

I've kind of wanted to go back to it but the problem i see with it is that you have so much going on at once. you have the past, the present, and the future happening at once in posts and it creates the most… absurd retcons within the timespan of just a post and a reply. it's very difficult to organize and unless the two people writing are completely synergized and have a single goal, and have become a writer split into two halves, the roleplay wouldnt read or play out well.
or, well, that's how i feel.
I've yet to find a solution to the synchronous passages of time, for lack of a way to shortly describe it.

As a dedicated writer, as i am the person i am, I don't think i can ever go back to roleplaying. what I would be doing would be co-authoring a book, not roleplaying.
but it's nice to dream about.


Understandable, it's certainly a different writing style required, and reading it out as though it was one big segment would really flow weirdly, especially if it isn't wrote in the same tense from both authors.
I view Roleplaying as 'Co-authoring' in a certain sense, just written from two different perspectives.


Well, I love literate RP, and…

I agree with >>186 for the most part, but I've had RP partners I grew up writing with whose styles never evolved or improved. There was one who I enjoyed roleplaying with when I was 10, but when I picked up writing with him at 19 his style hadn't changed at all. He was still writing the same stuff in the same fashion he did when he was 11.

For me the most important thing is knowing the people you write with well enough to be able to come to agreements and have brainstorms together even when there's criticism. Of course, on the other hand that can create problems. My current RP partner (of six years) and I know each other so well and have such a huge established canon that it's really, really hard to introduce anyone into it even when we want to. Just introducing newcomers to our canon requires an massive encyclopedic overview of the story so far, the lexicon, the universe plus an overview of how it might relate to their established character… which often means that they say "fuck this" and it ends up being the two of us as usual.

I've noticed that this can happen to a lot of literate RPers who pair or group together. They end up with such a long story or canon that it's incredibly difficult for them to bring anyone else into it. This is even prevalent on message boards where cliques form. Sometimes it gets to a point where these groups don't even WANT newcomers to their story, which can lead to larger groups being inaccessible and sometimes downright unfriendly.

It's also really hard for me to find RP partners because I fear I might be an elitist fuck and I have VERY specific interests as genre and fandom goes, but that's my own fault. Also, I can be kind of a flake and tend to disappear on RPs if they don't engage me enough. It's a shitty habit I'm trying to break. But I really do love an engaging RP.

I would love a new RP partner or two to group with sometime. Just sayin'.


I'll role-play anything if my partner has a strong grasp of English and a good imagination. Unfortunately, however, I tend to become bored rather quickly when waiting for them to mull over details. I'm sure they find the duration it takes me to continue an in-depth scenario rather tedious as well.


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you sound exactly like my RP partner

anyone new would just throw off the feel of the setting and the party, so fuck it.


Only do it via e-mail and don't expect instant gratification.

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