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The Uboachan Dream World MUD is back online, sorry for the downtime.

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What worlds some worlds where you love the music and why?
I'm a big fan of the cafe's music because it really sets the "cafe" mood. Also, the Children's Hospital, because that music is just creepy and really goes with the creepy imagery!

Last but certainly not least, Smiles's theme. This person did a really cool music box version and I wanted to share it with you guys:


Neon flower event(bgm38) I used to hate, but, it's kind of sounding better to me now. The school, cafe, and Smile's house are also some of my favorites. I kinda also like the Kaibutsu attack theme. I also like the ending theme(.Flowbeet) and the multiple versions of the rave maze music. I dunno, I like a lot of the bgms, it's hard to choose one. By the way, does anyone know where the bgm file "koto" plays?



It sounds like this area http://dotflow.wikidot.com/underwater-temple (even if you never heard it being called by the name "underwater temple")

I didn't check, but listening to the BGM that's the area that came to mind. If I'm wrong and no one else knows, let me know and I can check the game's maps to see if it's used somewhere


Ahhh, thanks, that sounds about right.


flowbeet, cloudy world, snow/industrial world


The cafe, the machine world, the school, and of course, .flowbeet.


Pyramid Maze.
I find that catchy, oddly enough.


The "Alleyway Hospital", and it's variants; and the School (plus Smile's theme, +ω+).
The regular Alleyway Hospital theme (where The Doctor is) and the School themes haunt my mind forever; they just creep me out, but that's what makes them so interesting. Smile's theme always makes me think of a "Battle at the Center of the Mind" taking place in Smile's head; I think a short fan comic put ideas in my head. The school, while only slowed-down version of Smile's theme, gives me a sort of "epic" feel; like this place hides the biggest secret, or like something big is going to happen (or happened). It also gives Smile the "final boss/main antagonist" feeling (which I also get from Uboa). The Alleyway Hospital theme gives me feelings that some disturbing secret is being hidden, while the "parade" area of the Alleyway Hospital makes me feel like I've discovered the hospital's dark secret and that it's worse than I could've imagined. The Alleyway Hospital themes as a whole, all give me a depressed feeling; like I'm slowly walking in an endless loop (like how the "patients" are walking in the looping area of the Alleyway Hospital, I suppose).
Of course, I only get these feelings based on my own conclusions that I've drawn from the game (which may be slightly altered by other's theories).

Also, I like the upbeat feel of the ending theme; it's pretty nice to hear, after going through all of the scary/disturbing stuff.


i absolutely love smile's music.
it's just so calming and lulling and smile is so freaking creepy, i love the contrast and all.
and everybody loves flowbeet of course.



and i think the isometric pathway music sounds pretty neato
same goes for http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZyjO6W9EtM&feature=related
but i only really like that one because that top comment made it sound so much more creepy than it actually is

and yes everyone likes flowbeet


File: 1331665491956.jpg (177.85 KB, 1388x475, bgm.jpg)

I like that one on the pic but unfortunately i couldn't find it in music and sound folder



The music of that area is "pon1.wav", slowed down by 50%.


Thank you for pointing this out.I didn't noticed it at all.



Neither did I at first. And in my opinion, it sounds way more creepy at its original speed.


I prefer the slowed one since it, you know … kind of gloomy.


oh, i love the Telephone Poles World theme, Industrial world theme and of course Pyramids DO DO DOO - PFFFSHHH

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