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File: 1328607869911.png (337.66 KB, 650x650, sabitsuki_by_nekokamii-d48….png)


I personally see her as a violent, impulsive, short tempered girl who doesn't afraid of anything.
(Pic from Nekokamii's dA)


File: 1328650500521.jpg (128.91 KB, 500x676, 2.jpg)

for one, i feel like she's much less of an exploration vessel (like madotsuki) and more of her own character. that has some impact.

honestly sabi doesn't really give off a very short-tempered vibe thing to me. violent, that's a bit of a given in some events. impulsive, yes — but more in the rather juvenile kind of "this isn't real i'll do whatever the hell i want lol" kind of way rather than in a "KILL FUCKING EVERYTHING DIE" way. wears that façade of rather brash confidence and self-security that a lot of kids tend to put up.

rust's a different story. i almost think of rust as borderline subhuman, in a way; unable to think rationally on a more survival-driven level rather than just being kind of a dumb youth. she carries an immunity to the more horrifying and psychologically-invasive areas of the flow that her previous, more human/id self does not (not fading out immediately when confronted with the box areas; not needing effects, maybe, for their prospect as an emotional buffer from some things.)

(rather unrelated to personality, i like to think she's russian. maybe ukranian. just because, hee.)


File: 1328661858979.jpg (204.42 KB, 650x1230, sabitsuki_3_by_samara03-d3….jpg)

In my honest opinion i believe that sabi has a rather cold personality. She doesn't talk much and tends to keep to herself. She doesn't really mind the company of others, she would just ignore them or give them a cold shoulder. She enjoys secluded areas. I also believe that she's really flat-chested, and is really unhappy with her appearence.


File: 1328747385181.png (227.75 KB, 500x313, tumblr_lott9e6XVq1qgomego1….png)

Personally, I've always thought of Sabi as a little 'all over the map'. Whatever your theory is, its pretty widely accepted that she's in a state of mental breakdown, stress, and/or trauma, which often causes personality changes. If you think about the flow world, assuming all or part of it is in or influenced by her mind, some of the worlds are very quirky and pretty, like the rainbow maze or the neon world where you get the headphone effect. On the other hand, there are gruesome and unsettling worlds like the corrupted school or the hospital. Judging by the worlds she's created, she ranges everywhere from a quirky and lighthearted music loving teenager to a deranged traumatized psychopath. (Not saying this is right per say, that's just how I've always seen her.)


Common personality pre-judge mistake #1: assuming introverted = cold and distant.
Just because someone doesn't like being around others doesn't mean they're cold. Some people are shy, others simply don't feel comfortable around other people, it doesn't automatically mean they hate other people. Most introverts have very few 'real' friends that they hang around with, but those select few friends have a special place in their hearts.

I don't like it when people characterize Sabitsuki as a cruel person because I really don't think she's like that at all, maybe she ACTS like it sometimes considering where she lives, but she isn't.

I used to think Sabitsuki was cold, until I realized that you could develop a relationship with Oreko and actually get an event to aknowledge it.

I believe Sabitsuki is Sakaki-ish. She seems cold, distant, and scary on the outside, but she loves the few friends she has and would do anything for them.

Rust, on the other hand, is a complete monster in every sense of the word.


I never said she was introverted. I didn't even use that word once in that entire post.


FFFFFUUUUU- sorry, I was half-asleep when I typed that up. >.< I had the idea in my head that you were describing her as a cold, introverted person.


I view her as someone with a fascination with strange dark things. She doesn't care about the rules and does what she wants.


I think of her as not worrying about what others think of her because she's too busy struggling to give it all to what she thinks she should. Either keeping a mental stability or looking further into whatever .flow is.

Not selfish, but not someone who normally approaches others. She does get really lonely, and this loneliness at the game's point is something she had accepted already as hopeless.
Oreko is probably the closest to a good friend she ever had, because she acted friendly to her. (Taking 0.16 as actual events, anyways)

She generally has a strong self, but she's been thorougly broken. I'd say she's solitary.

While she doesn't care about the grotesque or the weird stuff, and is pretty cold, she does genuinely fear and is tormented and sad. It's because of how much pain she's in she focuses the most she can on doing what she thinks she must.

As for Rust… I think at that point of the game Sabitsuki loses herself and leaves a mostly empty husk. It doesn't feel anymore, no torment, no anything.
It is a thing that only follows its "programming" of clearing up the traumatic events of Sabitsuki, that when she was a person was too vulnerable to whistand.

Just an empty husk, that of course, gets filled with the corruption which ultimately takes over, and kills the last that remained of Sabitsuki in the end.


File: 1356734455355.png (123.45 KB, 382x750, tumblr_m963jr8hJQ1r9mjdyo1….png)

Appears perfectly normal to most people. Actually, has a very intense, obsessive personality. Generally morbid/macabre and violent. Prone to intense moodswings, and very temperamental, likely a sociopath. Quiet and solitary, but incredibly observant. Doesn't make friends easily, and makes hardly any effort to. Despite this, if other people pique her interest enough, she will obsess over them until they like her back, and will be willing to fight to the death for them. In such relationships, she is surprisingly caring. Fiercely loyal, to both her morals, and the people she likes. Zodiac-wise, most likely a Scorpio (no offence, Scorpios!!).


I always imagined Sabitsuki as observant and intense, but shy. Through her self-isolation she has developed an obsession for those things on the edges of what is considered "human", from the colorful and whimsical (like imitating hallucinations, almost) to the dark and macabre (idealizing blood and gore). Sabitsuki tends to avoid rather than deal with her problems (gun effect makes people go away, whistle affect makes people go where she wants, the only thing that really interacts is the pipe, but that's just making them "fade away")

Rust, on the other hand, is just like Sabitsuki, except Rust refuses to face away from any obstacle. Rust's intensity is a grim acceptance of reality for the horrors it is. This isn't so much psychopathy as much as it is a single-minded determination, regardless of injury to herself or others. I believe that Rust is an aspect of Sabitsuki's need to be sheltered and protected. Rust is the one that heads into danger, not Sabitsuki. Rust is the one that faces the monsters and gets hurt, not Sabitsuki. Rust is Sabitsuki's excuse for the potentially psychopathic things she does as a reaction to trauma or perceived dangers. Rust does what Sabitsuki is afraid to do, and so Rust is what Sabitsuki is afraid of being, but needs to be when she feels pushes to her limit of her avoidance.


File: 1357240767343.jpg (329.3 KB, 1280x800, 17628844.jpg)

Was replaying .Flow recently and was realizing certain things I hadn't much noticed

She's very confident or at least that's the image she wants to portray to everything around her. She has the option of carrying her pipe on your shoulder the and as I play this, I always get that feeling from her. Also violent but a bit regretful (internally but externally may not even show it) judging from the amount of things you can hit that that don't need to be (certain dead bodies you can hit after they're down and the eye on the wall of the apartments) and objects that don't change or restore even after you wake up (the doctor, nurse, mechanical girl), haunting her. They're dead and they'll always be dead now and that's how it is.

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