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So, what's your least favorite effect? While I basically like all the effects, collecting wise, even though the cat is probably hardest to find, it's Viscera because the Mouth/Teeth world always lags for me. I always end up leaving it for last grijgoeriherhyer


plant effect i suppose.
i always forget how to get to it and it keeps taunting me when i go to the labyrinth normally.






The body area already scares me enough, and the implications of the effect are quite scary


Mine is also plant effect

dat damn maze


Yeah, while the effect doesn't scare me, it's probably also the least interestingly designed.


I always jumped at the girl standing right in your face when you leave that room



The prison area is the most unsettling place ever. No place in any fangame (neither in YN) can match that.


Viscera is actually my favourite.
I don't have a least favourite, though.


File: 1330662548822.png (4.63 KB, 268x170, RegularShowRigbyHOWHORRIFY….png)

AGREEMENT. That place is fucking creepy.
Oh hey, have you ever gotten Kaibutsu'd and thrown in ONE OF THE JAIL CELLS?! Pic related, it was my reaction.


I'd have to agree; wasn't fun getting the Corpse effect.


I was always just wondering if there was something out there besides the corpse.


Me, too. I spent quite a while in that horrible place because I realized the areas didn't just look the same, they WERE the same - the screen was looping around and I had wasted my time in that horrible place! AUUGH.


i see we're all in agreement about corpse effect

because jesus riverdancing christ that area is needlessly terrifying



oh man which one does this. must try.


LOL I have no idea, it's been so long! Just try around, I'm sure you'll get it. it might be random, too. Hmm…come to think of it, it may have happened after stabbing a calm one - a male, I think. It may have been the guy in the Bone Maze:
Or that one where you go into that one area that's really small and has a male Kaibutsu that walks around? It's been a while since I've been there so I don't know if he chases you to begin with or if you have to attack him. Oh, but I do remember there being a red blob devil thing there. I think…
AUGH IT'S BEEN SO LONG. I can't wait for this quarter of school to be over so I can flippin' play again!


Did I seriously type stabbing? There was a picture of Matdotsuki at the top of the screen that I was looking at while typing. Hahaha



we callin' that the bone maze now? i never did see no bones up in that shit. those are supposed to be bones?

damn forget that. i never touch kaibutsu anyway, sure as hell ain't gonna start now.


Wait, is the Red Maze = Bone Maze? I'm confused… the closest thing I saw to bones was the shark teeth…



Don't pay too much attention to it. I've mentioned it in another thread, but the wiki's names really can't be taken seriously right now, especially since some person changed a lot of them for no real reason

Most of the directions are still good though, and I can vouch for the accuracy of what's said on the technical info pages


Tumbling Doll.

A) While it looks neat, it serves no purpose other than to slow down movement.

B) Sugar chainsaw place = nope nope nope nope.


Because kawaii desu nyaa~



I only recently caught on to that being the Bone Maze, but since you get there from the Hospital and there's blood everywhere, I don't know what else the jagged white chunks would be. Nicer than calling it the Jagged White Chunks maze.
Corpse effect. The way lol depicted a corpse as being that vivid purple color is really disturbing. And corpses generally freak me out, that mid-way point between being a zombie and being a skeleton, where your skin is all saggy and your bones are exposed. Totally ruins my image of Sabi. D:


This. The whole prison area just creeps me out. And the fact that it's sandwiched deep in between two narrow walls just makes it even more unsettling.

It also took me the longest to find on my first playthrough, surprisingly.

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