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"Therefore I was wondering the same one wondering. What is the sex monster? If any of those people, this idea that it?

Sprite, I like to wear a skirt like that, I think they are all women. In addition piccy instead of hair, as can be seen similar to those of women.

What do u think?"

Or more accurately,

"What are their genders? I think they're girls."

Something like that


>sex monster


He might specifically be talking about this one, not sure. Google Translate butchers anything that isn't written in a sickeningly formal way.


>What is the sex monster?

As far as my knowledge goes, this means 'What gender are the Kaibutsu?'.



Sorry, it looks like he/she talks about that specific one, so it's more like 'What gender is this Kaibutsu?'.


I thought all Kaibutsu were female? Most people depict at least 1 as male but they all wear skirts.


can we have a link to where this was posted









Excuse my errors, I am using a translator. I do not speak Japanese so I hope this message isn't too messed up.

Since they do not have a formal name, we refer to all of them as "Monsters." We do not translate it to english, the japanese pronounciation sounds better.

We call them "Kaibutsu " instead of "Monsters"





あなたがhttp://translate.google.comを使用して試してみてください、それ は常に良い翻訳するものではありませんが、正式に入力すると、翻訳はオ リジナルに近くなります
You should try using http://translate,google.com, it doesn't always give a good translation, but if you type formally, the translation will be close to the original




http://translate.google.com <ー時々いい、時々わるい

if any of you have been to the theory thread you know i agree with vanilla here for basically the same reasons suggested above

i also like to think all the kaibutsu had a crush on smile because he is so KAKKOII but he liked (or pretended to like) sabitsuki so they all hated her and started an appropriately girlish campaign of teasing and gossiping
you know how high school romance is

and i have to disagree with saniblues, google translate is pretty inconsistent when it comes to japanese
ESPECIALLY with names like smile and rust


私はむしろ面白いと思う、私はあなたのアイデアが好き! =)


**I think it rather interesting, I like your idea! =)

Also, thanks translator.


の名前忘れた )=

**Forgot name )=


Well, you have to be like sickeningly formal for it to work with google translate, but that's not to say the message won't be messed up either way. Thats's besides the point, though.

I think that there might be one or two male kaibutsu in the game, but I think they're primarily female. The kaibutsu in the bar seems like a dude to me, anyway.



That one, and the one in the bone maze. And probably the one in the plant area (OP picture).


twintails = female
ツインテール = 女性

short hair = ?????
短い髪 = ?????




Because hair is a little like a female, I think female post picture the first one.

One with hole-like face, the one with the shortest hair, both male and and a girl.*

That is I think.

(*それは女の子と男の子の両方される可能性があるということを意味した-It meant that it could be both girl and boy. =))










File: 1360932419012.jpg (156.5 KB, 1080x600, _flow_full_978362.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I'm convinced that there are 2 boys and 1 girl, the one in the picture is one of the boys, I draw my conclusion from this picture


You drew that conclusion due to another person's fan-art? Wow


I honestly think they're all girls, not just because of the uniform thing, but all their hairstyles look very believable for a girl. Sabitsuki's and Smile's haircuts were the only ones in the game that I thought could pass as a boy. (And frankly, I thought Sabi herself was a boy until saw her enlarged self in the Rust World. xD)

Though I still like drawing some of the Kaibutsu as male. In some cases, that can help you do some freakier stuff with the monster-like appearance.


There aren't really specific "boys" and "girls" hairstyles, y'know.



But that still largely influences how we view the characters genders. Kaibutsu B, the one with pigtails, has quite rarely been seen as male purely because of her hairstyle. The other two Kaibutsu's hairstyles are certainly shorter and more androgynous, but when looking at them from the sides, they still seem far too long for most boys to wear. (Though I'll admit that in anime, they're a bit more lenient about boys having long hairstyles. :B)

I'm gonna make a quick drawing to show what I mean.


File: 1361402839944.png (1.39 MB, 1666x1944, Flow Hair.png) ImgOps Google

That took a while, but as you can see here, there's a lot that goes into this. I tried drawing each of them to the exact shape of their sprite's hair, and it can make a huge difference just seeing how far the hair extends below the head. The doctor's hair extends only to the base of his head, and Smile's, though it's so messy, does the same, height wise. While Sabi's hair doesn't go past her head, all three of the Kaibutsu have hair extending past their head, down to their shoulders. This seems like a bit of a stretch of a hair cut for a boy to wear!

Of course, I understand what you mean in that there's no hair style that a gender is physically unable to have, but in terms of characterization, lol designed these sprites with the intent of depicting them as one particular gender. As others have mentioned, they're all most definitely wearing skirts, including the one at the bar, which I honestly think is just Kaibutsu A on her break. The Smile and the Doctor are both specifically wearing pants, and if they're both following these "rules", I think it's safe to say that all of the Kaibutsu do as well.

In addition to the skirts they wear you notice that their laugh is very high pitched, whereas Smile's is distinctly much lower.

But as one other thing to support the theory of them all being female, just think about how they compare to Yume Nikki. In Yumme Nikki, the Toriningen are all obviously girls, so it wouldn't surprise me to find that lol planned on having all of the chasers in this game be female as well! I just don't see anything swaying in the direction of them being male.


I'm not sure where you live, but hair to shoulders or even mid-back is relatively common for guys around here, especially if they're into metal music. Or hippies / surfer wannabes; they tend to have it in a ponytail.


I'm just saying that in terms of lol's character designs, her female characters tend to all share those traits, whereas the male characters do not. This isn't a question so much about how it is that people wear their hair, so much as about the way lol him/herself views it. And by looking through lol's artwork, sprite sheets, and what may have possibly been a photo of lol himself, this seems to be the way he thinks. No offense to him, but he's not exactly the most adventurous in terms of character design. :P

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