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Hey guys, I lurk a lot but it's my first time really posting here, and I've just played .flow and can't find the information I want as it's still pretty underground.

Reading walkthroughs and having spoken to a couple of friends who've completed the game, I wanted to confirm I came across a random event.
In the hospital halls where you find the black hood effect, there is normally a bloody arrow in there pointing to the door. I don't know if that toggles on and off randomly but I didn't get that like everyone else did.
Secondly, the doctor in one of the first rooms past reception did something different for me. Normally I heard, and as it's been for me since, when you kill him with the steel pipe his glasses fall on the floor and he disappears as all other characters do. You go out and come back in and his glasses are on the desk.

Well, for me, when I hit him with the pipe, he turned into a ghost, which is to say there was an indication of something translucent with glasses hunched over on itself where I'd killed him that I couldn't hit again, couldn't interact with and couldn't walk through. I went out and came back in and it was still there.

I didn't take a screenshot as I didn't realize it might be a random event. I play v 0.10. Anyone else had this?
(Image is a gameplay YouTube still so we're on the same page)


I've never had this happen to me before.

Maybe it was a glitch or something? Or perhaps someone could hack the game with RPG Maker and see if it's part of the event or not.


Never happened to me. Neither that nor the bloody arrow not being there. And I don't remember seeing anything of the sort when I was going through the game events


File: 1323914357111.png (9.47 KB, 452x485, flowshit.png)

I call bullshit. Just looked through the game files for 0.10 and there's nothing.
Pic related, it's the arrow. It's not an event. It just doesn't change.
I also looked at the doctor event, nothing like what you said is mentioned.

gtfo attention whore.


> I didn't take a screenshot as I didn't realize it might be a random event.

bullshit everyone here caps the fuck out of ANYTHING suspicious


Has anyone investigated the doctor thing? Just in case.

(Though I still think it's just a glitch)


I'm the one who posted the screenshot proving that the arrow thing is bullshit.
I looked through the doctor event, and that's bullshit too.


The thing with the doctor sounds like it could be a glitch, and the arrow can be attributed to faulty memory, among other thinsg. There's no reason to be a dick about it.


I don't think it could be a glitch. Making an event transparent is a specific action, and changing its sprite is another one. It's extremely unlikely for it to be a glitch. It would have happened before, either in .flow or in some other fangame.


Um… the only reason I posted this was because my friend said she hadn't gotten that or heard of anyone else getting it when I mentioned the hospital.

This was my first time in the hospital and we all know how random it is so >of course< I didn't screen it… think about yourself in my position, would you have screened everything you'd walked into?

But back to my original point, whether you've looked through the game files or not I remember what I saw and there was no arrow and no doctor's glasses, just the translucent figure I couldn't walk through. I was following a walkthrough for black hood.


Maybe you got a hacked version. (-_-)
Where did you download it?

Also, weird things happen sometimes with these games.
I download a fan game that doesn't have footstep sounds on some floors even though there should be; I even opened it in RPG Maker and it all looked fine.
I have no idea what causes this stuff (it may just be the computer).


File: 1325049228109.png (29.82 KB, 640x480, @@@@@@@@.png)

i got this once anyone care to explain it



it means you smell of wet dog


I think it's because you didn't use an AppLocaled 7-Zip to unzip/rar the file.


way to spoil the mystery GUYS


What is this mystery you speak of

I demand answers


It was probably better when pic in >>543 could possibly have been a secret code, rather than meaning techy stuff and smelling like wet dogs.


Ahaha, I see what you mean. xD

Ooh, ooh, I know!! The code relates to what the NPCs in YN say in the FC world!!! The jumbled stuff means numbers!!!! /randomness


> code relates to words of Yume Nikki's FC world NPCs
And thus it's still a mystery…un-ruined.


I'm still here and I still say I saw this.


We're still here and pretty sure it's a huge lie.

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