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(Stickying this thread would be ideal, mods. ;) )

This thread will serve as a walkthrough for anyone who does not know where to find a certain effect. 'This is not an error help thread' If you have any problems with installing the game, see .flow Help Desk (>>8).

Video Walkthrough:

Text Walkthough:

True Ending Walkthrough:

.flow Wiki:

(Thanks go to TehDemonWolf for the videos and whoever made that text walkthrough.)


That guy with the individual effects:


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My first video of my let's play, i might continue it after my exams period.

btw, I drew this.



That's That Guy's youtube account?


xP I never could remember his name, alright? I'd edit it to make it right but you know, no edit button yet.



So it isn't? I was just asking because I've wondered he had one before.


Nope, that isn't That Guy's youtube account


It is mine. I think I used "Just a man avec his moustaches" as nickname for posting the videos but I really do not care about being recognizable, I'm just your regular anon.


The dotflow.wikidot.com page really helped me with the empty boxes. I just saw the true ending and I'm not sure what to make of it. I guess I'll go on over to theories.

Thanks for the help!


Warning: Spoilers

I've initiated rust, and I've found two out of the three "empty boxes." According to a youtube video, the last one I need is in the orange maze. What's confusing me is the lack of "teleporter" to Oreko's Lab. Is it a random event?



No, but it is quite confusing unless you're expecting it. Better check the wiki


Ahhh, I can't get to Oreko's secret lab! I just don't understand how to get to the staircase from the industrial maze. I found the tube with Oreko and went back but the path won't change -_- Where is the damn entrance?


Got it, shouldn't have hit the tube in the first place.
Well, that wasn't the place I was looking for. Guess it's called Industrial maze II. How do I get there?


To get to Oreko's Lab, interact with the Oreko-in-a-tube in the Industrial Maze (you can reach the Industrial Maze from the Sewers). Follow the new path until you see a golden star (like the one that warps you to the Industrial Maze from the Sewers). Interact with the star to appear at the Endless Staircase. Walk about halfway down the staircase, interact with the circular object that's above the staircase, then walk back up. The rest of the way is simply following the path.


Yeah, I already figured that out. It's just that that is not the place I wanted to get. I need to get to industrial maze II. Wikia says an elevator from apartments 2 leads to the southern part of the rusty pier where I can interact with the symbol and get to the industrial maze II. But the elevator takes me to the Sugar hole. I'm completely lost here.


I think the way to the southern part of the Rusty Pier is Apartments II > Elevator > Room before Sugar Hole Back, and there's two elevators there, one that works and one that doesn't. I believe you smash that one open with the steel pipe.


Yea, thanks, that helped a lot. Also, I must have posted to the wrong thread. I still got all the 24 effects but can't drop them. I wonder what I could forget. The last time I played .flow I had the same problem but I can't remember what exactly did i do



Just use the computer after entering the Dream World


I tried, I said that I can't use it. She just sits in front of the computer and does nothing. And what about those "seeds" thing, like some get when you hit Smile and interact with him, or with little Sabi in the hospital. It's in Japanese and I can't read it. I wonder if I am missing some of those.



Those are Menu styles, not effects. Are you sure you have all effects then? The effect counter should point to 25, not 24, since the "Instructions" also count as an effect

Just check if, during the countdown to entering the Dream World, the small square to your left is filled with stars/whatever except for the very center of it. If there's another gap then you still have one effect to find


Thats weird. I have all the effects, but the counter is 24.



Did you use the debug room?


How do I enter that?


Please check again. You probably just missed something.



I just mentioned it because the Debug room has a bug in one of the effects, it doesn't add to the effect counter. If you never went there it's not really relevant, but here's the post if you still want to get there >>695

So you have 25 items in the effects menu? I'm not sure I can help you then. You're just supposed to sit on the chair and use the computer after sitting down, while in the Dream World. Not sure what can be causing your problem


So can we make a new wiki? On wikia, not fucking wikidot?

The current one contains almost no photos, no videos, does not contain the music, a comment section, and has shit tons of awful inexcusable errors. They also need to put their theories in to a "theory" subsection on each world/NPC page.

It's fucking awful. Really, let's make a new wiki.





Why not just consolidate these Yume Nikki inspired games into either the Yume Nikki wiki or into their own wiki?


There is already a wiki for Yume Nikki fangames, as well as one for Yume 2kki.

I am in favor of this. .flow is in desperate need of a new, better-managed wiki. Not to mention that the Yume Nikki, Yume 2kki and Fangames wikis are all on wikia, and .flow not following is kind of weird.


OK, I have a problem here regarding the Corruption Meter. I went through the Bloody Room event, causing the first pool of blood to appear. When I went through the event a second time, the pool of blood vanished (but the blood on the keyboard remained). I did the Dying Girls event, but no more pools of blood appeared.

Can anyone help me out here?


Okay, so I did the Dying Girls event again and the first pool of blood appeared again. Somehow the Corruption Meter was reset. That's strange.


And then I did the Bar Kaibutsu event, and the pool of blood's disappeared. What is going on here? Why does the Corruption Meter keep resetting on me?


Humm, are you sure it's saving? Is your save file set to read only or maybe you need to run .flow as an administrator? I can't think of any other explanation


I do believe it's saving, because the pools of blood aren't affected by turning the game on/off. It's when I do an event, that would normally raise the Corruption Meter, that "resets" the meter instead and causes the blood to disappear.


Your Sabi clearly has a genetic mutation that acts as a countermeasure for rust.

A gasmask maid team has been sent to your location.


Why I the True Ending does not play to the end (both in 0.15 and 0.18)? Wiki says there should be credits, the maid bowing and screen blacking out; but in fact she only walks to left side of screen nothing happens anymore.


Is there a video for the "Gore Demo" somewhere? I keep forgetting whenever I play the new updates that I shouldn't kill anyone before getting all the effects so I've never seen it. Is it just a cutscene of various things that happen in the game or is it something unique?


Exactly what do you mean by "gore demo"?


If it's not the widely used term I apologize, I usually use the wikidot to remind myself of locations to check and in the "extra events" page there is an event called "gore demo" which triggers if you get all 25 effects without killing anyone and use the computer



You can actually get that event even if you do kill someone, so that bit should probably be corrected


"Used just to foreshadow the user that soon there going to be more gore from."
That's just bad


File: 1445060591100.png (184.39 KB, 800x850, 1442588019469.png)

quality wiki

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