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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

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Just beat .flow ver 0.15 with the True Ending and I gotta say that it's a pretty damn good Yume Nikki fangame.

It's focus on more grizzly settings was a breath of fresh air.


.flow > YN

Just my opinion.


What that fair lad/lass said.



Honestly, I feel the same way. Yume Nikki is an amazing game, but .flow has a more cohesive mood, and the ending really makes it. The music in Yume Nikki is better, though. Only one or two areas of .flow really have memorable music to me.


er, I think I meant coherant, not cohesive.


So I'm NOT the only one. Yes, .flow had a fantastic, dark, tense atmosphere and a surprisingly epic ending despite how vague it and the rest of the game was.


I like .flow a lot, but it seems to me to be dumbed down compared to YN. .flow is shorter, with fewer areas and random events. Still pretty great, though.


I wasn't sure what to think of .flow initially. I figured it would com off a bit contrived with all the blood and gore. Try to hard to be creepy basically. But the more I played around with it, it didn't feel that way at all. I like it just as much as YN anymore. Both give you that obscure, unsettling and lonely feeling but use different routes to get you there. A good example of the journey > destination I think.


I had no idea what to expect when I first played .flow. And lucky me, I took a path that slowly reveals the freaky stuff until I'm finally forced to connect the scary dots and come up with frightening theories I couldn't imagine in Yume Nikki.
It was good stuff basically.

I recently tried to play Yume Nikki again, and it just didn't feel right anymore. It doesn't seem as interesting as .flow. Of course it may have just been my mood. >.>

I agree with all of you. (+_+)

I agree with you too. X3

I sort of like the "size" of .flow, because it's easier for me to get around and get to my favorite places. And it feels like somewhere you could actually go to somehow (if you could go into computers); I guess IF it was trying to be a "dream-like" game then it fails pretty bad.
All in my opinion, of course.

Where is the person who disagrees with .flow > YN ? xp



Nearly the same thing happened to me, I just started playing Yume Nikki, but it didn't feel alright for some reason.

But later, I decided to check an older version of .flow, and I still got the shivers when I entered the seabed corridor, even if I've been there many times, and I know that there's nothing harmful in there…

So yeah, it seems I started to like .flow more than the one and original Yume Nikki (I still respect it, though, since it was the one that started it all).


Here's your .flow < YN person. I actually played .flow first, and I've been playing it for a while. But I find YN more intriguing - more interesting, but it's probably because of the larger focus on exploration. I love exploration. .flow is rather easy and small, it gets a little boring after a while because everything is the same. With YN, I'm seeing new things everytime. My 2cs


Yeah, I know what you mean about the exploration and largeness and whatnot of Yume Nikki compared to .flow.
I look forward to [hopefully] getting that feeling again, when I finally [someday] play Yume 2kki (cus that thing must be as big as…something big, by now).

Of course I still like .flow a lot (in case anyone's wondering >.> ).



I've completed it once, I was too damn scared to explore and focused more on getting the damn effects and moving on to the true ending. I was doing another play-through of .flow but I lost my attention. Might do it again, just need two more get boxes.
But anyway, I liked .flow because it scared the shit out of me. Only twice did I jump though, and they are ALWAYS when you least expect it. *cough* Candle-world Kaibutsu, red static *cough*
The best and most scares I got was from how lolrust would keep building my tension up, I would always be expecting more and yet nothing happens. It's a breath of fresh air from how most horrors are like these days. The violence is… Ubiquitious, but tastefully done. The sandbox feel is good, the whole size is exceptional. In other words:
This game is bloody good fun.


While I did explore a lot more than just quickly getting the effects, I did get scared quite a few times. The Melting Girls event and the Corrupted School event made me practically start shaking, the red maze kaibutsu and bar kaibutsu freaked me out, and the whole game itself just creeped me out.


Fucking school. Hell, even when I knew the layout, I still was paranoid. Simply because of the fecking demons/corrupted school. Also anywhere that had Kaibutsu that was out to invade yo' ass.


I presume you folks are playing .flow in the dark?

If you're not playing .flow alone in darkness, you're doing it wrong. Shut the lights out. This game is meant to feel dark and isolating. Don't wuss out, it enhances the atmosphere of the game substantially. It's even better if you use headphones or noise-cancelling buds for maximum immersion.

Let .flow dominate your vision and hearing when you're playing it; every little tense moment in the game is amplified tenfold by the darkness surrounding you, just as the serenity of the peaceful parts of the game is amplified tenfold when there aren't distractions in your line of vision; it's a very intense and rewarding experience, to say the least.


I might try that one day, but I have paranoia issues, so I might chicken out.



You forgot to add "While sleepy as all fuck"


Fuck that. Play it half-asleep and droopy-eyed and you're liable to forget everything.

Play it wide awake. Get some coffee or something if you have to. Trust me, it's a hell of a lot scarier when you're experiencing the game with clarity and a totally amped-up fight-or-flight response during the horrific parts.



With all due respect, but if you're not remembering parts of the game, regardless of how sleepy you are, you're already doing it wrong

You're sleepy as fuck, and then you start playing .flow, and 5 minutes after that you cease to be sleepy, but your defenses are still down. All that surreal imagery will claw at your mind, regardless of how pixel-y and harmless it might be

And that's what makes playing this game sleepy the best way to play it. YN as well, of course


I suppose that works fine for the scary stuff, but the serene parts like the rainbow maze, ocean, micro world, (part of the) helltech labs, docks, etc. are kind of relaxing and I'd find myself dozing off during them if I were half-asleep playing the game.



Yes, I see your point. Honestly speaking, now that I know the game's areas inside out, I can see that outcome happening

But if I was playing the game for the first time I don't think I'd be sufficiently relaxed for that to happen, at all. I'd be waiting for the next mindfuck/scare to happen. Like in those Secure-Contain-Protect short games

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