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Hey! So I am new here to uboachan. I have loved .Flow for a while now, and one of the things that really gets me is that I don't see a lot of theories concerning the numbers on the walls in the apartments. I posted something on the wikidot page:


But I mean, no one has posted any thoughts as of yet. I think these numbers have some sort of significance to Sabi and things that have happened to her. Now, with the wall glitch event with the number 97920, I saw a theory on youtube that maybe it's a date. Rearranged, it's: September 20th, 1997

But what about the other numbers? 3792 and 4231?

Now, if I wanted to force a theory into what these numbers could mean, concerning the events that happen in the alley where the cones are:

3792 could be a code. We also see this number split apart as well (37 and 92). We see what looks to be a pregnant woman burning something (3 of them). We see the chainsaw maid. We also see someone running and a kaibutsu killing someone.

So again, if I'm to force a theory:

Sabi finds out after being pulled into that building and being chased, finally being held against her will by gun-point and raped, that her own mother might've been tortured by three of the men, making one of them in her mind her father. The 3 red women represent a dark Sabi's mother burning the memory from her and making it so Sabi would never know.

A shaken, scared Sabi is defenseless and bloody outside the room in the alley and the chainsaw maid finds her. (whether or not you believe the chainsaw maid is good, I think it's safe to say that she might still be a possible care-giver)

A kaibutsu following Sabi (perhaps the one who was at the sugar bar) chased one of the men and killed another. That could be 2 deaths there.

So 3 could be the 3 men that in Sabi's mind, might have been her father. 7 men actually raped her. 9 gave chase after she ran (and so she could've hit one in order to run). That bar kaibutsu killed 2 of the men.

Then maybe 4231 is a number representing the place, and maybe the other number is the date of her not only discovering her origins, but the night she was raped and possibly roped into prostitution? If 4231 is the location: 4 (city district) 23 (block number) 1 (building number)

4231 is always written in black, directly related to the men.
3792 is always in orange, directly related to things that happened to Sabisuki.

Meh, now, on another hand, I am just forcing theories to fit at this point because I have NO idea how to fit in these numbers. I was thinking that maybe it's a code, but it doesn't really work either. Is it a number of steps to a place in which something tragic happened? I doubt we can say these two sets of numbers are also dates. Is it a code in which like, 4231, if you take the other number and rearrange each number to fit this pattern, it means something? Rather complex, to be honest. I also don't think it's a price for anything either.

Also.. I should mention, in this pic, I can't remember, but doesn't Sabi encounter the viscera event here as well (after going going up to the puking face)? And if so, could it be that whatever caused her to have that traumatic vision in her mind, wouldn't it be somehow linked to these numbers shown around her? That orange blob with the smiley, I couldn't help but think it looks more like an erect penis…

Anyways, what are all of your thoughts? I really am curious about this!


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File: 1438690086906.jpg (49.38 KB, 640x480, 1340000793631.jpg)

The numbers on the wall along with the graffiti references the numbers world from Yume Nikki.


You are reading too much into it.


That was just my interpretation of the sugar brothel part of the game. But eh, I guess to all their own. ^^;

Well, I knew it was paying homage to Yume Nikki, but I kinda thought that maybe there might be more to it.

Meh, probably X'D But to be honest, we may be thinking too much of the entire game. The one thing that'd really suck is if lol created the game and put in a bunch of random things to look trippy, and here we are scratching our heads trying to figure out the deeper meaning X'D But, to be honest? That's part of what makes it fun for me, is the theories


File: 1438709395146.jpg (117.59 KB, 645x911, 1436056472766.jpg)

>it means something? Rather complex, to be honest.
He just put it and it means nothing. You're making it ridiculous complex just for the kicks. If he wanted it to have more to it he'd just put more info referencing these numbers somewhere else too.

I bet that if lol wrote 911 there now we'd be discussing theories about the link between sabitsuki and Great Allah army and that she was also raped by them so 911 also means the police ITT.


Hm -shrugs- Just thought since people were discussing other possible theories for things in the game, I thought I'd post my number one curiosity Lol

Also, the numbers were in a few locations. The number 97920 appeared on a wall that begins to glitch and open up empty dialogue boxes. I also thought it was strange that there were numbers at the scene where you can also enter to get the viscera effect. You're right on it's probably meaningless, I just thought it might be fun to see if anyone had any theories ^_^


This theory is sadly not backed by any concrete cues/clues from the game itself.
Too many conclusion jumps.
I mean anyone can have a theory, but for me *personally* to take them seriously I need the theory to be grounded in at least evidence that makes sense. :/


File: 1438711711145.png (27.24 KB, 347x539, 1435041076258.png)

>I just thought it might be fun to see if anyone had any theories
You could make theories if there was actually anything to form them on.
Okay, let's go for the 97920 one. What is it? Suppose it's a date, 97年9月29日, okay, great, but then, what happened on that day? There's nothing in the game pointing out to a specific event that may have happened in the 90's. You could say it's the day Sabitsuki was born as much as you could say it's the day the Rust pandemic illness started. Great. But, on what are we basing any of this? Nothing suggests when the rust illness started, or even what the fuck it is. And sabitsuki's birthday is a complete mystery.
There is absolutely nothing to base this on more than what you are imagining, but that's kinda meaningless in making a theory. It'd be more fanwank than a real theory.

>>2990 sums it up pretty well.


Yeah, true. /: Lol I knew the theory was a major stretch, but I was hoping that it could spark a discussion to see if anyone had any actual theories on what the numbers can mean. The more I think about it though, if the numbers were meant to mean anything, there'd be more evidence and there isn't anything supporting they mean anything. And if 97920 is a date, that's just a fun extra then because there really isn't anything that'd point to that 'date' and what happened on that date.

Oh well lol Thanks everyone for at least entertaining my crazy thoughts XD


Maybe 97920 is the zip code for Westfall Oregon USA


Lol Nah, it's not a U.S. zipcode. Looked that up though. Kinda funny because it's an actual zipcode for Oregon. X'D But yeah, time to put this one to rest. It could just be thought to be nonsense numbers like in Yume Nikki. I'm starting to agree with that. Sabi just scribbled them on the walls, and the whole wall glitch scene was merely a homage to Yume Nikki. But if I had to give more thought to the wall glitch scene, it could just be the disconnect from language, social awkwardness, that's why it's numbers. That's one of the more popular theories for Yume Nikki and the reoccurring numbers, and it's mine as well.

Anyways, thanks again everyone. I actually didn't expect to get replies so soon!

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