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The Uboachan Dream World MUD is back online, sorry for the downtime.

File: 1383259763982.jpg (38.28 KB, 234x268, 39471040.jpg)


I didn't know where exactly to post this, but lolrust has JUST released his newest game:


No translation yet unfortunately. I know this isn't exactly .flow related either so feel free to move this if needed.



Anyway, seems interesting. Thanks for sharing!


I thought that, but I thought it'd be better to get it to the .flow fans here first.


File: 1383643983823.png (618.29 KB, 570x800, 少女奇談.png)

Has anyone played this yet?


Well, I would have if I knew what the hell was going on.

I hope someone tries their hand at translating this game.


I was hoping on someone who knew Japanese, yeah. Gotta be somebody.


Just the intro, part 1

Title: Shoujo Kidan
"A Girl’s Eerie Narrative"

Opening sequence:

“Yes, that is right.”
“……I live here.”
“Pardon me?”
“……A rumor, you say.”
“A monster.”
“You mean people have gone missing around here frequently.”
“I see.”
“Why are you here?”
“……You are lost?
If you lose your way in such a place… it’s dangerous”
“……I happen to know of something a little.”
“……In fact, I was attacked too……”
“No, I do not know the whereabouts of the missing.”
“……Excuse me, but your name…?”

[Insert name]


Part 2
“So you are [Name].
Have I met you somewhere?”
“……I see.”
“Forgive me.”
“I’m sorry.”
“I cannot quite remember.”
“My name, I do not remember it.”
“Before I knew it, I was here.”
“Nothing else.”
“……I’m sorry.”
There is nothing I can remember before that.”
“Nothing before…… I was attacked by the monsters……”
“I’m here without any other choice.”
“About then?”
“You want to know?”
“……You want me to talk about it?
“Why do you want to know”
“About back then?”
“You are telling me to talk about it?”


Part 3
Choose [yes]:
“You are…… either a very fearless person or just a plain fool.”
“No, I’m just joking.
You are very determined. I like it.” to *

Choose [no]:
“……I was just joking.
I must have scared you.”
“I’m sorry.
I teased you a little too much.” to*

*“If you would like to know, I’ll tell you.
It is no secret.”
“……But don not blame me even if you get scared.”
“The lavatory is over there.
Why won’t you go before I start?”
“Then, please let me start.”

[Screen changes]
“I woke up.”
“Yes, from then on.
I can’t remember anything before that.”
“The place was unfamiliar.
“It smelled awful, like mold or rust.”
“I felt terrible.”
“It has been, watching, all the time.”
“I want to go outside. I thought.”

[Game starts]


wooooo translations!

tbh i can't even get the dag nabbed thing working. but reading it is okay too for now. </3


>“It smelled awful, like mold or rust.”
>main screen
>mc is girl with long, black hair



There needs to be more interest in this, but there'll also need to be a full translation before that. Is anyone up to the task?


I’m the one who did the intro

I’ll start the full translation in a few days which might take a while, but the problem is I don't have any RPGmaker whatsoever so I’ll need someone who can help me with that.
And some of the systems could be a bit tricky to transfer to the English RPGmaker like the naming part

Also is any native English speaker willing to help check the grammar?


I'm willing to help check over the grammar if need be… I know nothing about RPGMaker though.


i don't have a lot of experience with rpg maker but i've made some small test games with it. would translation just be changing the dialogue and names and such? that doesn't sound too hard



i don't really know but the naming part might just have to be reprog'd in altogether which isn't that hard

i'd like to help out if i can. i have some experience with RPG2k. like it's been a while but hopefully it'll be like riding a bicycle.

i can't really help directly translate but i also reel gud at speek engless.


Thanks for the volunteers

Well, the major problem about the naming part is that entering certain names gives you different routes&endings, but there are only 6 blanks provided in the Japanese version even though one name is spelled with 7 alphabets in English.

Can it be reprogrammed so that there will be more than 7 blanks?

I also couldn’t extract some of the texts/programs, especially from the naming part and the battle sequence, so I'd like someone to send it or upload it? I mean I can still see them in the gameplay, but I need to see the programs to tell you which translation goes where.


Here’s a brief sample of what I’ve been doing

Since I don’t have the RPGmaker I need to have everything in other formats. If there’s a problem with the way I’m translating right now, I’ll try a different way since I don’t know how the programming screen looks like in RPG makers, and I’m not even sure if this would tell you which translation corresponds with what. The translations are progressing, but I still need some time for it.

Also, get the Shoujo Kidan’s game file from here since it’s the debugged version.


File: 1388619461726.png (18.37 KB, 639x492, Screenshot 2014-01-01 18.3….png)


could you maybe dump the txt onto a pastebin. the upload is bein a turd.

as for the naming thing english RM gives you a whopping 11 slots so that should be fine. you could be a lil shit and name ur character sabitsuki if you wanted to. hella.



Here's the same sample

If this is okay, then I'll later paste what I've got so far


I'm guessing the translation project is 100% dead by now, right?


Is this dead?


I'm still here, I can just brush up the scripts and upload it any time
It's just that unless there's someone to help out with the RPG maker 2K there's not much more I can do


I can't promise anything but please upload that script.


File: 1436704642880.png (384.04 KB, 544x416, CGVxyIoUcAAlVQ4.png)


i can't do the RPG work anymore since i'm running an absolute piece of shit computer but FUCK YEAH SHOJO KIDAN I SUPPORT THIS CAUSE.

it might be getting an update soon though. pic maybe related.

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