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The Uboachan Dream World MUD is back online, sorry for the downtime.

File: 1376801332982.jpg (37.67 KB, 604x454, russians.jpg)


lolrust announced version .18 on twitter today. Here's the download link.
Pic unrelated, I don't have any good .flow art on this computer.


playing it now, unfortunately i cannot read the readme files for the changelog, mostly because it vomits some sort of gibberish instead of actual japanese text

changelog would be much appreciated.

so far, all i got is that the tv room (where the tv effect is) changed a little. it's not an empty space anymore, theres a bit of it as a black pit and there are weird glass-like squares behind the tv.


"2013 8/18 ver 0.18 bug fixes, adding a little map."
According to the changelog it's just a bug fix with some new map(s). Still, I'm sure it's worth it to investigate a little.


File: 1376812312417.jpg (18.87 KB, 450x369, yearwithoutsanta13.jpg)

oh lord i'm too drunk for this
ohhhhhhh lord /flow/ ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my lanta


File: 1376813805742.png (Spoiler Image, 7.13 KB, 526x381, 18.png)

taking a very cursory glance thru the map files there's a new event behind the traffic cone in the apartments (FINALLY), and there's a new "street" under the hospital/alley directory. sprites don't show on my RPG03 because it's a dumb bitch, but apparently oreko's there. and there's an entirely unfamiliar face in the new event. oooooh.


Shiit niggaah

Downloading now


File: 1376842242927.png (Spoiler Image, 5.48 KB, 640x481, Sabitsuki_mirror.png)

(spoiler pic)

why are you naked Sabi? specially on that place…don't tell me…

I am now wondering what will show if we go in Rust mode..

Also there's a new room at the end of the left hall, guarded by one of those laughing guys. I'm not spoiling what's in there.



I made a quick translation of the effect names and basic menus for 0.18


There's a ninja slime in the apartments, watch out


Just an FYI that I've already started translating 0.18.

I'm also gonna try and make it RTP-free, but this'll be my first time at attempting this, so I can't say for sure whether it'll work or not.


File: 1376878668305.png (43.82 KB, 320x240, sugar2.png)



File: 1376943656858.gif (1.1 MB, 320x180, 1286077025283.gif)


Is it inaccessible? Random event that the traffic cone will go away?


I'd like to know the same thing, I replayed the whole game, collected all the effects, went through all the events, got all the menu styles, and visited all the areas I could think of, but I still can't find this new area everyone's talking about. I've been to the apartments tons of times, but that traffic cone is always still there and I can't do anything with it.


sighs really loudly


you can't get to it in the game yet, but it basically just does this


I hope I'll be able to transfer my progress over to 0.18. It would suck to have to start all over again.


From my experience, porting save files from one version to another usually shows a black screen, but most of the time it can be solved by saving again.


Mixed those quotes up, oops


Just ported my 0.17 save and didn't notice anything wrong


I port my saves all the time and never have any problems.


That may happen too. It depends on how much the game changed. In earlier versions of fangames it's usually a big deal, but as the system becomes more stable there more chances of ported save files working just fine. Changing something in the map where you saved usually causes a lot of problems, though.


File: 1377119072082.png (5.25 KB, 94x134, smile_.png)


Thanks man! I did the other translation but was too lazy to edit the effect descriptions and such


What's a pretty good translation, but the file names can still be re-coded into hajibake at least so an English system locale can read it. This wasn't a problem for the person who translated 0.10.


You have to have eaten cake at the Sugar Hole at least 10 times as well as having interacted with a gas mask maid at least once in the current flow session.


File: 1377238790483.png (Spoiler Image, 81.2 KB, 645x483, finally.png)

I didn't actually expect that to work, thanks anon!


What? I searched on Google and some other places but couldn't find anything on this.

If I knew what this was then maybe I could *try* to do it, but I'm not very good with re-coding stuff so I can't make any guarantees.

Maybe after I find out more about this hajibake stuff I can fix a small error in this area that prevents you from leaving the room. Because of this, an entire room (shown during the video posted by >>2454) has become completely unused.

The door in that unused room also has teleport data that leads to the special room, but the staircase just takes you directly to the special room without ever showing you that small little apartment area with the door. I'm not sure if this is a bug or what, I'll take a look at it later.


Ehh.. Sorry about that. I meant mojibake. I don't understand why I called it hajibake.


All the files in the original Yume Nikki translation are turned into mojibake. Theoretically, you just need that and an appropriate RTP_RT.


Oh, okay, now I'm getting some search results. Don't worry about the typo.

It's strange though because everything I see is for changing the mojibake itself for sites and just converting the jibberish into proper Japanese, whereas I'm looking for how to recode the files as you said.

I did find this: http://anothereyeofthestorm.wordpress.com/2012/09/14/dealing-with-mojibake-in-filenames-converting-shift-jis-to-unicode/
but I'm unsure as to whether or not this is the correct method to use for recoding .flow's filenames or not, especially since I've never done this before.

I'm assuming I would only have to do this for files with Japanese names (and names that involve Japanese roman numbers/letters like "my" instead of "my" or "2" instead of "2" and such), but again, I'm unsure.

Sorry I'm so stupid when it comes to these types of things.


File: 1377301481866.png (436.26 KB, 1024x768, Japunesu.PNG)


Are we talking about the filenames at this point? I still don't get how you guys manage to screw that up. Just use an extractor that is able to extract Japanese filenames. I like jZip.


How do I trigger the event >>2445 mentioned? I'm aware that you need to eat 10 cakes and stuff, but where is it?

pls help


check the apartments area where there is a staircase blocked off by a traffic cone.

btw, if you get all the effects and get on the computer, you get a cutscene and then get booted off the computer. after that cutscene though, you can access the .flow world fine.


File: 1377967286101.png (10.39 KB, 640x480, d.png)

For the 0'01% of people who would play a Spanish translation.
I used DreaMaker v3.8 for this. It works like a charm.


…maybe I'll use this for my little sister, who's recently hooked on YN and the fangames


File: 1379348442807.png (56.84 KB, 320x479, na.png)

I can't believe that actually worked, I thought for sure I was wasting my time collecting all that money and revisiting sugar hole.

When I saw the new character it made me think of lol's drawings of Sister. Considering that you have to talk to a gas mask maid to get here, the 0.16 cutscene, and that the character is taller than you, it made me think that this may be Smile and Sister's mother with young Sabi. But hey, that's just a crazy theory.


File: 1380912704546.png (Spoiler Image, 13.91 KB, 640x480, BackAlley.png)

If anyone's wondering how to get into the new alley;

Remember the street behind the Sugar Hole and the hospital? There's a back alley entrance there that you normally can't enter because there's a horizontal pipe blocking your way. Simply use the cat effect to get past it.

Just follow the alley until you get to a place with a door and the new character. Then simply enter the door and you'll get into the new room.


File: 1380916837441.png (Spoiler Image, 8.45 KB, 326x200, mfw.png)

So Rust has a different mirror reflection than Sabitsuki in the Sweet Sugar…

(I thought the shading on Rust was just shading… apparently… not…)


File: 1381917799379.png (743.54 KB, 800x800, 37997810.png)

Looks like the new character already has fanart.

Looks pretty good, tho'


Is it just me or are the little red demon things during end-game Rust part of the game now harder to avoid? They're faster and will speed up to cover a ridiculous distance now. Before they just used to jerk forward every once in a while, now they seem to actively speed towards you from halfway across your screen.

I haven't noticed this in 0.17, so it may just be me…?


I would like to play the updated version but I can't find it anywhere….

Any help?


What's the gore demo? How do I obtain it?

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