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File: 1319410948128.png (172.22 KB, 416x416, asdfghjkl.png)


So we all know .flow has some scary places.

But in your opinion: Which is the scariest?

The hospital? The school? Perhaps the corrupted school?


For me, the scariest places are the prison and the underwater maze. I avoid these places whenever I can.

I'm also afraid of the place where Oreko's ghost appears.


File: 1319413459346.png (7.89 KB, 604x465, entrance maze.png)

After the supersonic Kaibutsu crashed into me this place has never been the same…


File: 1319473094914.png (31.79 KB, 640x480, thing.png)



Sweet Jesus yes. Why does nobody ever mention this shithole?


The shadow hallway where you get the corpse effect, behind the prison.

If I play that area in the dark, my hair stands on end every single time, even though I know nothing is going to happen.

Silence and darkness, no sound but footsteps. Nothing is scarier than nothing because anything beyond your worst nightmares could be lurking in that nothing, you can't see or hear it so you have no idea how close it is. It could be in the distance, it could be right next to you, within breathing distance, ready to jump out and scare the wits out of you at any moment.

lol knows how to play with phobias and expectations; The game hits you when you never expect it and leaves you anticipating when you do.
Think you've escaped from those Kaibutsu?
Think again.
Assume that no super-fast Kaibutsu will chase you if you don't attack them?
You assume wrong.
Expect something scary as soon as you step into room on the other side of that insanely creepy doorway?
It's the doorway.
Want to beat Smile and Sister into a bloody pulp?


Always the hospital place where you see the viscera girls event, the red demons just CHASE YOU TO NO END. And also the young Sabi in there that changes.


File: 1319685441309.jpg (203.7 KB, 1328x1728, 21028606.jpg)

to be honest, the place behind the hospital where you got the dark hood and gun effect.

the creaking noises got to me really bad.


also fucking prison.


File: 1320008051435.jpg (74.93 KB, 1440x900, NAVAR SLEEPING AGAIN..jpg)

I agree completely with everything everybody has said. Sorry I missed out the prison, I actually think that's one of the scariest places. Especially after seeing Sabi in the prison cell *shudder*

But the place I think that's the scariest is THIS PLACE…
This place terrified me, so much so I will never trigger this event EVER AGAIN. I refuse too… And when you wake up the blood that just go away… Urghh.. And the memory of that horrid experience… Bleh…
This place seriously made me need some new trousers.


File: 1320265545453.jpg (1.01 MB, 1275x1448, 1300122141563.jpg)

corrupted school yep
i was watching a lp and originally in the corrupted school there was the menu scheme changers

i think you can guess my reaction when i walked through that doorway


oh god the prison
what freaks me out irrationally is that shadow man behind a pillar that goes away when you get close

the alleyway hospital in the areas with the moving meat hooks made me almost shit myself when i first saw it

this doesn't apply to me anymore, but the first time i got to the alternate apartments, i was scared out of my mind. it was back a while ago, it was like 1 in the morning, and i had no idea where i was going. it was just really eerie.


You nailed my feeling towards the apartments.

For some reason I never considered the prison really scary, even after seeing the shadow behind the wall (I thought it was cute somehow)

Also, for me the area where you get the Gas Mask effect is quite scary somehow.. I can't explain it.
And ofc, PARADE.


File: 1320626756811.png (66.61 KB, 200x1822, manyways.png)

The viscera event area and the general fleshy walls place. I DO NOT LIKE HEARTBEATS AT ALL. I even despise my own heartbeat. Hearing the heartbeat in game to me is extremely grating and unnerving.


Any ambient track with a heartbeat makes me feel a sense of dread and totally scares the shit out of me too.

If I hear one in person though, I find it relaxing. But in .flow…fuck that shit oh my god.


I'd have to say "parade" made me shit bricks. The garden, actually freaked me out. Get this, they were trying these weird ass herbs on the Rust patients and basically plants grew inside of them. Ohhh god, that's pro sly just a phobia I have. But one of the kids…near younger Sabi, isn't moving and oh fuck they've basically been a host for some purple plant.


File: 1322531376262.png (17.5 KB, 640x480, oh my fuck hold me.png)

For me, it would be the corrupted school, simply because you are being constantly chased and one little wrong move and no no no NO NO NO HOLY SHIT. The mouth entrance to the event itself is enough to send shivers down my spine after that. 8C

Also the alley-way hospital, once I made the connection between the meathooks and the next-door restaurant. You have to make her eat at that restaurant in order to get a menu too. :c Poor Sabi.


>>once I made the connection between the meathooks and the next-door restaurant




Dude all she eats is cake. That's why you get the -sugar- menu type



Most cakes are made with animal products. Humans are animals.

I dunno, it still scared me.



Products like eggs, milk, or butter.

I'm sure the alleyway hospital produces neither of these.


The melting girls room.




File: 1328324055226.png (18.82 KB, 640x480, flow11.png)

Now I just read this thread and I too realized the connection between the restaurant and the meat hooks


Anyway scariest area… I guess the hooks kinda get me on edge.

I sorta relish in the creepy places in this game but one place that really disturbs me is the map you go to when you talk to the orange-headed fisherman in the star world. It's like hell, and he's there, and there's this writhing charred corpse on the ground in this isle of fire.




It kinda freaked me out because I had no idea it was there until I found it. o_o


Oh god, this.
I heard some laugh before that and then it came. I almost shit my pants.


Probably the fleshy world. That place creeped me the fuck out, I really hate the idea of being inside a body and slkfjas;ldfkj gross

also the area behind the alleyway hospital with the meat hooks always gives me chills, really hate going in there.


i freaking hate the flesh world.
everything sounds wet and bloody and painful there. hell, it looks wet and bloody and painful.
it's absolutely ruined anything to do with feminine parts or insides in general for me. ;;


I hate the teeth and mouth part of the flesh world because that place is a fucking laggy piece of shit.


I just hate the place with all the Red Demons. I forgot if that was the same place because I frankly haven't played in a while but THAT PLACE was laggy.


That's one of the most scariest places for me, because of the giant background mouth and the presence of the demons.
It looks like something is seriously fucked up there, like the starting point of an infection or something.


I didn't find many locations in .flow scary. The hospital? Jeeze, piece of cake. Its hard to be frightened when you're aware of the exploratory dynamic in yume nikki games.

But yeah. Corrupted school was pretty damn scary


I mean, it sort of gave me this unnerving feeling, but not really scared or anything. Other than Corrupted school and Melting girls, nothing in the game was legit scary or anything.


It's not the same without the music

It's like eating an apple without the flesh


those fucking demons

i actually had to pinch myself awake, i felt so uncomfortable


File: 1356356209977.png (18.6 KB, 654x514, flow33.png)

Probably the prison or hospital.

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