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The Uboachan Dream World MUD is back online, sorry for the downtime.

File: 1374689774839.jpg (275.27 KB, 656x926, 37269347_p1.jpg)



File: 1374690285637.png (57.4 KB, 431x312, Ayanami_rei.png)


Reminds me of Ayanami Rei in 2.22, when Zeruel ate her and, you know.
For the other, sorry, I'm not a moon wizzurd.


Average fetal pose.
The hair is almost the same though.



I think it's the vessel, the hair and the pose. Just noticed the huge similarities; Maybe NGE inspired lol, I don't know.


It says "I was born in a test tube."
At least the first page.


To be fair, Rei is also born from test tubes, has clones, and it's an eldritch albino girl


Is this doujin? Does lolrust know about it?

Basically, is this the sudden .flow equivalent to YN's new manga?

someone for the love of god translate this PLEASE


>164 pages


sorry I'm pretty hyped


File: 1374749769745.gif (450.18 KB, 273x155, tumblr_mcc8jgQAAl1qdavd0.gif)


File: 1374751955233.png (163.72 KB, 576x432, 1337521976439.png)



Huh? What?

HOLY SHIT, someone please translate, fuck I'm excited, the art looks good.



I've made a .rar with the whole thing, for the lazy people

I hope someone can translate at least the first parts of each chapter, so we understand where did this came from and if lol knows

Also what the fuck happened in the last part?


Exciting. :v

I tried and failed at getting a rough translation of it by screen-shotting some of the text, putting it into an online OCR program, and then translating it through Google Translate. The result was pretty awful. :c I did manage to figure out that the people in test tubes are meant to be "innovative people" and that she (Sabitsuki) thinks of the doctor as her father, at least. If someone else wants to take a whirl at interpreting it like that, go right ahead.

Until we get a translation, I guess we'll just have to go off our own theories. So we might as well start compiling some about whatever the hell is actually going on!


So, uh…. spoilers? I guess? Ima go ahead and give this a shot now.

Part 1:
Sabi is part of some genetic experiment, and is the latest creation of a mysterious and somewhat intimidating doctor. The doctor is accompanied by his much friendlier female partner, who Sabi and the other creations get along with well and see as a sort of a mother. Sabi befriends the other experiments, as well as Smile, a human boy is also in the facility for whatever reason, but doesn't seem to be confined to it and visits on his own accord as his shy sister tags along. Unbeknownst to the doctor, Smile and the other experiments sneak around while he isn't looking and generally cause mischief. They bring Sabi along on one of these excursions and find that she's unusually strong compared to the rest of them. (I guess she's the most "perfect" experiment since she's the newest?) Later, the doctor's partner talks to Sabi, behaving strangely and seeming nervous about something, and Sabi develops a bond with Smile, visiting him at his house and getting Sister to come out of her shell. The next day, the Doctor announces that his partner has died suddenly, seeming very upset about it, and emotionally scarring Sabi.

Part. 2

Sabi and one of the experiments find the diary of the Doctor's partner and discover that she had unknowingly created some sort of virus during one of her experiments and contaminated herself, which is what led to her death. Next, they discover a hidden part of the laboratory in her room that leads to where another new experiment, Oreko, is being developed. They wake her up, and are found by the Doctor, fearing being scolded by him for sneaking around but finding him surprisingly forgiving. Oreko joins the group, and eventually gives them a DVD containing a recording of the Doctor's partner, who tells them something before tearing up. The group goes sneaking through the laboratory again, and almost get discovered, causing Smile and Sabi to get separated and discover a ward full of children who are all in a coma and apparently suffering some plant disease. The two of them ride a decrepit elevator down to another floor, which is full of several dead/dying children. Sabi unwittingly wanders into the hall, and is almost overtaken by the corridor, which is some kind of organic, living thing in and of itself. (I'm feeling so pumped that I caught onto that part from playing the game. >:3) Smile pulls her out and they hurriedly leave, while Sabi still has the substance covering her legs. Upon returning to the lab, the two of them find the experiments strangely shaken up after having seen monsters that looked like them. (I tried translating this part too, the girl says something along the lines of "They were white, they looked like us, other than their faces.") The group is tired and shaken up, and goes to bed.

I have to put the third into another post because I can't find how to make this post any shorter. -A-


Part 3
Sabi wakes up, finding that overnight, the substance grew into plants that spread over her body. She screams, alerting the doctor. His only way of saving her is by amputating her legs. He asks the experiments and Smile how this happened to Sabi, and Smile fesses up. He's punished severely, and when Sabi visits him at his house, she feels horribly guilt ridden. (I'm guessing that at this point, the two of them decide to do something about what they've discovered, and possibly plan on killing the doctor?) The next day, Smile finds his sister brutally murdered somewhere in the lab. Here it gets kind of blurry; Sabi finds out from the experiments that one of these Kaibutsu-versions of them killed Sister, and Pigtail-experiment goes down to see the doctor about it, finding him dead in his office from poisoning. She starts to break down in tears, at which point Sabi comes after her and throws a chemical on her face that makes her turn Kaibutsu. Another one of the experiments finds her, and somehow turns into his Kaibutsu form as well. The third and final experiment is with Sabi, who plays innocent and tries to tell him that the two Kaibutsu-experiments are evil, but he somehow sees that she's lying. Sabi sees that the jig is up, and flees the scene to go and find Smile. (Just a tidbit, but it seems that while she's fleeing, she comes across one of the red demons growing from a pool of the virus, and I guess this means that something about the lab's experiments have gone totally out of control) When she finds him, the Kaibutsu-experiments have already gotten to him and impaled him with one of their pipes, and she cries over him as he slowly dies. She goes to the balcony of the school and starts having visions of the true ending of .flow, and I guess that she's hallucinating and seeing the maid as herself? For whatever reason, she wants to die and have her legs cut off, and so it happens and she dies. The maid brings her body to Oreko, who explains something as she stands amongst several other Sabis in test tubes that all bear the forms of Sabis with effects. (Seeing as this scene is basically all text, I don't think we'll be able to know what's going on until someone translates it.)

Sorry for turning yet another thread into a wall-o-text kind of thing. ;~;


I think the red demon comes from a virus flask that Rust throws to the floor in one of the previous panels.

With Rust I mean Red Eyes Sabitsuki.

I think that the scientist woman invented rust (the red virus) and she died from it.

Then Sabi, after getting infected by the plant virus (which IS rust), starts being possesed by it.
There are 2-3 panels with Red Eyes Sabi before the whole thing starts going crazy.I just remember one of them, where Sabi is spinning her pipe like a badass while looking to Smile.

So she goes basically Dr.Jekyll/Mr.Hyde and starts to throw around vials of rust around to people, without knowing it. (she keeps changing between innocent Blue Eyes Sabi and evil Red Eyes Rust)

I don't know what the fuck is going on in the ending, though.

It looked like she saw her Rust self, and killed her with a chainsaw, only to wake up realising that SHE is Rust (too late mate), and the maid comes and chainsaws her.

I don't know what's with Oreko in the ending and the Sabis in tubes.

Also I don't get how did Sabi get her legs regrown since she had them cut and went with metal prostetics for a while. Also the maid in the ending chainsaws her legs, again. What the fuck.

At the end she's shown waking up and seeing Rust. And I suppose she can get her legs regrown again.

Also, Oreko looks like she's Sabi's sister. Can be seen from how she interacts with Sabi, in a different way than with the others. Also there's a panel showing Smile with sister and Sabi with Oreko.
I think Oreko is one of her effect-tube clones, and they are all sisters in a way. Like Ayanami Reis


File: 1374802580119.gif (142.01 KB, 126x126, velho.gif)

Uhm, why doesn't somebody just ask lol_rust on his tweeter about this? He's a pretty nice guy to western people, and talks a bit of english.
Although you might need a nihongo-desu moon wizzurd there if he doesn't.


Yeah, someone should send him a "Have you seen *link to pixiv*" in moonspeak.
He'll probably love it, he likes fanart people link to him in twitter, and what's better than a freaking 150+ pages manga?

Anyways I think the manga was made with 0.15 or so in mind, since Oreko looks like Sabi when she takes her helmet out, instead of the little girl we see in one of the rooms in 0.17

By the way I hope he updates the game one of these days



Yep, he loves it; I don't think a moon wizzard will be REALLY necesary as he understands a bit of english; so somebody should try like that first. If he is not able to, then yes, somebody would have to send a moonspeak thing.



Seeing how they've taken the weird "genetic experimentation" route, I'm guessing that gives them major liberties with how the characters work as far as their bodies regenerating/when they're officially "dead"/etc. So perhaps Sabi really *did* just regrow her legs after they were amputated the first time.

And I was wondering about the red eyed thing myself. It makes sense to me that she's possessed by the virus or something, I just denied it at first since it doesn't always seem to be affecting her behavior. The first time her eyes do that, in the elevator, neither of them seem to notice it and it apparently makes no difference. Maybe this is just a predecessor to show us that something's off about her?

As far as what's happening when she's on the balcony, I'm thinking that what's *really* happening is what we see at the end of the game, where the maid comes by, she smiles, and has her legs chainsawed. The reason I think this is because on page 58, the panel depicting the maid with a chainsaw seems like it's parodying the panel that's drawn a similar way on pages 52 and 55, like the maid is recalling what happened from her perspective, which is presumably more rational than what Sabi was seeing at the moment. Sabi only got chainsawed once, her legs were shown cut off after this apparent clone Sabi did so, so it wouldn't make much sense that clone Sabi cut her legs off and then the Maid just so happened to show up later with a bloody chainsaw as well. But all of that seems to be totally confused by how Clone-Sabi has that weird little mini-meltdown after she cuts off Sabi's legs. >:/

And I tried doing my translation thing again for that last panel where she wakes up, and it's pretty solid for at least the first few bubbles; someone's calling her to wake up, and they basically say "..st" "…rust" "Rust." The panel underneath that got translated to complete and utter garglemesh, but Google seems to think it says something about repeating, implying that it may be about to happen again?

And I think you're right about the Sabi/Oreko connection. They both seem to have a strong connection to the doctor's partner, and I noticed the panel you mentioned where they show Smile/Sister and Sabi/Oreko, so it definitely seems like they're kind of comparing the two as having similar relationships.

It'd be really nice if a manga that's chocked full of dialogue would have an ending that was at least a tad bit more easy to understand than the ending of the game itself.


File: 1375468352810.png (673.06 KB, 640x940, 02.png)

Someone posted this on 4chan yesterday (probably he came from this thread) so I'm currently translating it (currently on page 10). Unless I find any problem, I should finish the first chapter today, or tomorrow maybe, it depends if I find any problem during translation. I'll probably upload it to batoto and post a link here when it's done.


Awesome, looking forward to it!


File: 1375491361070.jpg (343.5 KB, 611x810, 78647628b6ef24eab179014e62….jpg)


Nice, man, wish you luck!


File: 1375537707330.png (274.45 KB, 656x494, Cover.png)

Well, sorry for the delay. I had some problem with my headphones, and I can't translate without music, so I had to fix them. Anyway, here you have:
Next chapter probably next week.


It's not bad. I like the art-syle, too.
Thank you, anon!


File: 1375558177287.png (94.68 KB, 550x416, m6vir2ObUx1qgomego2.png)

Ah bless you anon ;^;
I'm looking forward to the rest




Thank you Anon, you're awesome!


File: 1375575106593.png (94.52 KB, 255x218, not-Rei.png)

Thank you man for your translations, what would we do without you…

I like this rendition of Sabitsuki,
(MAXIMUM MOE ENGAGED) even if I usually prefer a more "punkish" Sabi.
She's kinda similar to Rei here, though.

Also, I read it all in raw before
(I'm the one that posted it on /a/, also the one who posts Chie and Sabitsuki all the time in the threads)
but holy crap the translation really puts some things in a different way
>Clone zombie plant-powered Sabitsuki
Jesus fucking christ


before translation:
>hey Smile looks badass
after translation:
>Sabi bullied and killed herself
>Smile bullied and cuts himself


File: 1375580324213.jpg (232.35 KB, 1716x1287, Until next time.jpg)

I guessed you came from this thread when I saw the mega link up there. I'm finding this manga quite interesting (I haven't read much ahead), but I think it'll be one of those that end up depressing me. It would have been nice to see Sabi being happy until the end, but I guess that's not gonna happen (next chapter even includes a warning for people under 15).

Anyway, I went ahead and asked the author of the manga, Mariyasu, if she was all right with me doing a translation and uploading it, and she looked quite happy about it. So, I'll keep working on it, and I hope you all keep reading until the end…

By the way. If anyone is interested, I can upload the PSDs, like I do for the Yume Nikki manga. That way, if anyone wants to make a translation to any other language, it'll be quite easier.

Well then, have fun, people. I'm gonna sleep for a few hours. I'll probably finish the first half of the chapter by tomorrow… `unless I end up doing it all in one sit`


File: 1375795756895.png (69 KB, 305x174, Thank you.PNG)


I really really am loving this so far. So much better than the Yume Nikki one, too. Thanks so much for translating.



>So much better than the Yume Nikki one, too.

My exacts thoughts. This has dialoge, it's not what all players may have thought of Sabi, and yet it's better than that "kawaii desu loli pantsu sugoii sugoii neko baka" manga is.
So that of "its nut ur ideal maddy so fuk ye" is bullshit.

Back to the topic, how's that translation thing going, anon?


File: 1375820391467.png (516.95 KB, 656x922, 00.png)

Those kinds of comments make me kinda sad. I think people dislike the YN manga because Mado is not willingly exploring her dreamworld. But I like it anyway. Also, people is not really giving it a chance. I mean, the first .flow chapter is about pages. The three chapters of YN are around 65. And it's clear that the YN one will be longer than 160 pages…
I really hope the LN is what everyone wants it to be, because nothing would hurt me more than seeing this Yume Nikki Project amount to nothing.
Please, let's not start that shit again.

Anyway, about the 2nd chapter, it's completely cleaned and half translated, so depending on how much I sleep today, it can be done either by today, or by tomorrow. In any case, it should be up in the next 36 hours. Don't trust me too much with these deadlines, though, because I'm really bad with them.


File: 1375820975791.jpg (447.86 KB, 900x637, 1354670640519.jpg)

I'm waiting anxiously for it!


Thank you for the good work anon, it's appreciated!


me again

personally, I didn't really like it because I thought it was a little boring. it felt like it was trying very hard to be faithful to the original game, by not deviating too far from the original game by making up any plot or story line, but it makes it kinda boring. really, as a manga, it makes the story-telling really weak.
>i'm gonna go in this door..
>this place is spooky let's leave..
>now i'm in a forest..
>i'm being chased by a toriningen..

I understand that part of what makes Yume Nikki so great is the fact that it's all completely subjective, but, I dunno.. maybe the manga just needs to be more eventful.

as for this, I really like this and the way it references certain aspects in the game but through the story
like the apartment wall scribblings ends up being graffiti left by sabi n' friends


I like reading about Sabi being friends with the Kaibutsu, Smile and sister.
Also, like you said, how it takes most elements in the game, like the Sugar Hole, and remixes them for this story, but maintaining the creepiness and unsettling background.

I'm also still wondering if lol_rust knows about this and his reaction



I would've sent him a message but I don't have a twitter, and I won't create one.

I still think he'll love it.


Ok, I already sent him a tweet. Let's see what he thinks.


I'm making a thread right now on 4chan
I have yet to proofread it, but I'm too tired, and I would miss too many things, so it's easier this way (I'll upload it to batoto after I do that). I also have a few things to say, but I'll do it tomorrow too (btw, no answer yet from lol_rustle).


File: 1375965900568.png (514.14 KB, 656x922, 00.png)

Ok, it's already uploaded to batoto. Also, since someone asked, I made this folder, to where I uploaded them too:

Anyway, and first of all, thank you for all your support. I know there's a lot of people interested (already 1700 views on the manga page on batoto), but usually, the ratio of people who thank you is quite low, so I'm really thankful to those people. But there's a reason I don't have a webpage or anything. I want people to enjoy my work by what it is, and not because I've done it. So, as long as you enjoy it, that's enough for me.

Also, I'm really enjoying this project, so I should thank you for bringing it to me.

Finally, last chapter is a little bit longer than the other two, but I don't think it'll take that long. I'll probably finish cleaning it today, but the translation will take more, since there seems to be a few things that I should translate carefully (I haven't really read it yet, just gave it a look). Expect it around next week.

And that's all. Enjoy it.



traced rusted hospital floors and naked kaibutsu: the manga


Ugh… ok, my bad, I guess I was really tired.


File: 1375985741634.png (71.35 KB, 318x476, dotFlowmaids.png)

The maids are really neat, man!
I really like the mangaka's style. She did a really good job as far.


Well, lol_rust (did I write it properly this time?) answered. He said:
I read it (in a past tense, so he probably knew about it already). I'm in love with it.
So, you were right, guys. He loves it. Link again in case anyone wants to check:

About the translation, I wont be able to do anything today. I have a few appointments, starting with my dentist in an hour. So, sorry about that.



File: 1377108389363.jpg (14.17 KB, 236x250, Rest_in_peace.jpg)

RIP translator Anon.


Still waiting for 3…


File: 1377385354548.png (392.47 KB, 656x922, Ending.png)

Ok, my bad. Real life has been a bitch lately. But I finally finished it (well, I'm still missing the afterword of Mariyasu). I'll be dumping it in
and upload it to mediafire and batoto once I finish the afterword. Thank you for reading, and sorry for the delay.



it's okay we still love you.


Glad to hear it.


I love you so much


Finished! Uploading to batoto right now. The mediafire folder will go just after that. Thank you for reading, everyone, and enjoy.



That was awesome. Thank you very much for the translation.

Also, what a good artist the mangaka is. Pretty neat. I'm glad she did let you translate this.


Thank you for your work, as always!
I hope the translation makes the ending far more clear


How did Sabi get an eye and a new pair of legs all of a sudden?


Just a guess, but probably Mariyasu didn't draw everything in chronological order, and just changed her mind and added a few things. If you look closely at the pages, you can see how some of them have discarded drawings and things that were erased, so I wouldn't be surprised.



Didn't they say in the comic that the doctor was going to use other clones to replace her body parts? The artificial legs were only temporary.

I'm just not sure I really liked that weird turn it took towards the end. It seemed fairly forced.


File: 1384610482510.png (191.77 KB, 700x800, 7 - edit.png)


File: 1386411742308.jpg (27.96 KB, 476x500, AthOvf9LG4M.jpg)

You are my hero!

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