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File: 1367752480764.png (13.01 KB, 639x481, flow.png)


I have a question to ask.

Do any of you know whether or not we'll get a new .Flow update? Or is lol officially finished with the game.


Project .flow
Coming soon!
We will get a Takarazuka Revue stage musical of .flow, and a clothing line based off the game.
Show up early for the musical, because lol will be running a kissing booth!


>kissing booth
>.flow themed



you know you want it
Buy your tickets in advance to receive a syringe filled with the rust disease!


Those would be pretty toothy kisses.


lol is dead.


I wouldn't mind getting one of those srynges and funding a company called Umbrella…



File: 1367765380791.jpg (24.05 KB, 520x260, lol_rust.jpg)

You made me check lol's twitter account. In turn of getting trolled, I found his (new?) twitter pic

Looking really pretty here, Sabi


File: 1367765678219.jpg (77.61 KB, 640x960, full.jpg)

Oh it's this pic

Good Ending I guess


Google derp translation:
>It was good novel dream diary. Scene with the window of the last is going down blast furnace while thumbs-up, especially cried.

From this horrible google translation it sure looks like lol has already read the yume nikki novel?.

Is Mado now Terminator-chan?




Hmm, digging deeper in the webs it looks like lol in an interview said that sister is called Yuki and that she was the heroine of proto .flow

kinda like Poniko in YN

"As for English, I do not have any Tsu cough.
Volunteer's somewhere probably has done it. It is thankfully."
He also seems to be grateful for english translations of flow



The Yume Nikki novel was good. Especially the last scene when Madotsuki sinks into the blast furnace while doing a thumbs up, I cried.

Google Translate was more or less right, I think… but that sure is a weird tweet.


Oh also the bit that you're talking about roughly.

>There are play videos made by people from abroad on youtube, were you involved in the game translation of .flow from English to Japanese, or did someone else remake it?

>With regard to the English version, I had nothing to do with it.

>It seems another volunteer came along and did it. It's something I'm thankful for.


** from Japanese to English wtf am I doing


A guy trying to convice lol to sell .flow on Xbox
Smells fishy, since the guy wants to code .flow for Xbox and sell the game. I guess he's just trying to leech from lol

Thankfully lol said no.

Also, since when does he have a blog?


File: 1374717695015.jpg (64.21 KB, 708x847, 1335669551237.jpg)

Well done, lol, well done.
Somehow I have more appreciation than what I had for his person now.

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