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The Uboachan Dream World MUD is back online, sorry for the downtime.

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Same sorta thread i made in /yn/. What's your favorite place and NPC in .flow?
To be honest, in all the confusion of the rainbow maze, I loved the visuals in it and it's connecting zones. The music just added to it too. And, I just love the Gas Mask Maids. probably a lightweight choice, but, I love how they appear throughout a few connected zones and mostly nowhere else, gives you a few ideas about Sabi and what her life's like.


mouthface kaibutsu and the gas mask maid turn me o so much ;)))


File: 1363487106102.jpg (775.18 KB, 2140x2232, dog is happy.jpg)

hmm. i think my favorite place is… the underwater world.
it's so peaceful in comparison to all the other places. everywhere else is either bloody, meaty, disgusting, or bloody, and oceanland is the only place that actually genuinely made me feel at ease. it's pretty and calming. and it's got oreko, too.
as for NPCs, smile is my personal favorite. i'd go as far as saying he's my favorite NPC in any fangame, actually. but i feel cheap for giving that answer, so other than him, i think the doctor in the alley hospital. he's a cool guy, just hangin out. doing nothing. walks backwards and shit. cool guy.


File: 1363490043360.jpg (2.53 MB, 2400x1500, ____by_samara03-d4qlnk1.jpg)

Favorite place: probably the industrial snow area
The music is really calm and relaxing there and snow I love snow. Not to mention the dress effect is such a beautiful effect.

When the area changes to be covered in vines it's even more lovely in that plants vs machines sort of way

Favorite character: pigtailed/mouth kaibutsu of course

Then it's a tie between Oreko and the gas mask maids. If I ever make a new cosplay I'm considering being a gas mask maid because I enjoy cosplays that cover my entire body.


The Sugar Hole is probably my favorite location. It's… chill. In a gritty, urban, seedy kind of way. It feels right. My favorite NPC is probably the invisible young Sabi in the industrial snow world.


My favorite NPC is without doubt Oreko. She seems so interesting, and yet, she loves to work on that mechanical thing.

As for favorite place, I'm torn between the Microscopic World/White world with fog and the Footprint Path. The first one gave me a sense of ease when i first got there, but the Footprint Path had the footprints which made me wonder about some stuff.


File: 1375922353742.png (165.63 KB, 500x500, tumblr_lqt5qoe8z51qjv21bo1….png)

my fav npc might just be that orange jelly thing in the apartments. he's just really cute imo. i mean, i love smile and oreko and the black haired girls and all them, but orange jelly monster is so cute.

As for fav area… Probably a tie between the plant labyrinths and the industrial snow world
and the area you get the machine effect in but that's just cause i love the music in that area.


I like smile, kind of. there aren't many npcs i like because they're all creepy as shit and I don't wanna be the billionth person to say oreko.

and I guess I like neon world and the rave maze, because they're the only happy places.


So many cool areas but my favorite is probably the prison area. I like the hell area too. That little island the fisherman takes you with the writhing body, it's just so strange and the music… but the prison feels really emotional and desolate without the usual emptiness a lot of fangame areas that try to get that feeling across have.

Favorite NPC, definitely the black-haired girls


My favorite place in .flow would have to be the school. Was really fun to explore when I first discovered it. Fav NPC would have to go to the gas mask maids. I really like how they look.


File: 1376627992078.jpg (386.19 KB, 1920x1080, sabitsuki (11).jpg)

I love all of the Kaibutsu. I even have a shirt with three of them on it. Maybe I'll upload a pic If I get around to it


File: 1376902574851.png (19.74 KB, 640x480, orange orange everywhere.png)

Favorite NPC is Oreko, because cute.

Favorite location is Oreko's lab. Not because Oreko, though I do appreciate her presence, but because I really love orange lights.
.flow overall has kind of a "cold, wet" feel to it. The orange lights seem warmer and drier by comparison.

I also really like the sewers and the machine effect room.


File: 1376937380653.png (5.05 KB, 320x240, eye see you.PNG)

I kinda just like the combination of going through pipe world and then all the dark apartment buildings because it feels like exploring.
Sometimes I'll go out at night and come home at around midnight and on the way home I walk through this back alleyway between a pharmacy and a dollar store that leads to the back of the stores and I can get back into my neighborhood by climbing through a back entrance sort of thing. Also crossing the streets late at night when there's no traffic or people around feels really weird and cool, it's about a block and a half away from home. I don't know, it just feels adventurous.


I like the Sugar Hole. My reaction when I paid 300 yen for a meal for the first time. That, and the Kaibutsu counterattack.


File: 1379892097107.png (18.1 KB, 640x480, 31.png)

So far I really like the area before Smile's room and the School too. The music there is really something, and it almost feels like walking through his memories? Pretty neat.

As for Fav NPCs, Oreko is pretty cute, of course. I also like Smile and the Gasmask Maids.

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