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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

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I posted about this before, but nobody understood because I wasn't specific enough. Sorry! I noticed that outside this building only** in the underwater world, oreko will do a weird little dance if you shoot off the handgun.

I only have 0.10, so I can't say if it works in newer ones, but here it is!

Oreko And The Handgun


Hm well that is rather odd
I tried it in .17 and it's still there


That's a good find then. Don't think anyone had stumbled upon that before


OP here~

>>1764 That is interesting; that must mean it's significant enough to keep. I wonder, why the handgun, and why only that building?

>>1768 Thank you~ And I have to admit, I'm a little excited! I never thought I'd ever find anything cool (:

I think it's rather cute, but a little disturbing when you think about where Sabitsuki gets the hamdgun effect from. I wonder if that means there's a connection between either that building and the meat-hook hospital, or Oreko and the hospital?



Yes, I would think there is. Taking into account all the events and areas in .flow I can see the gun fitting in place

And while it is a rather strange effect to associate Oreko with, do notice Sabitsuki never actually uses the gun with violent purposes; in fact, she only fires warning shots


Maybe a one of their fathers like target shooting, shoot together, or hunt. I don't know if these thing are even common in Japan, though. Maybe Oreko and Sabitsuki played arcade games together. Oreko could have wandered the arcade, and always came back to cheer Sabitsuki on.


>>1772 The handgun effect in general now confuses me more then ever. It could be representative of protection, warning, danger, homicide… Oh Sabi, what happened to you?~



Does it? What were/are your views on Sabitsuki's and Oreko's relationship?


>>1775 Well, considering she interacts with you (which, in-and-of itself says something for a YN type game) in a generally positive way, I originally had kind of a "Sabi and Oreko were friends" point of view.

I don't know how popular this theory is or isn't, but I almost want to say Oreko was Sabitsuki's little sister. Maybe even a twin? She always wears that helmet to cover her face; Sabitsuki gets the same one. They're also both shown in those odd tubes during the game.

That's just one theory of course, some others that I've chewed on are the theory that they were next to each other in the hospital and Sabi saw her die; Oreko is younger Sabi or a representation of herself, Oreko was a gang victim, and Oreko as a forbidden female lover. (The last being the cutest, though probably least likely.)

I suppose since I view the flow world as Sabitsuki's broken mind, I've always thought of Oreko as someone who's died in her life. Of course I assumed death my drowning, but the handgun makes me wonder.

So many theories. What are some of yours? I find them rather fun to think about~


I always thought that .Flow was a therapy of a sort. Maybe the disease that Sabi has causes mental weakness, which makes the victim more likely to experience worse symptoms. Oreko was possibly a positive aspect in Sabi's life, and kept her more sane.

Slightly off-topic: Sabi and the Kaibutsu have the recurring facial scars/marks. Maybe the disease causes rashes. The skin could leak liquid the dries to look crusty and orange, looking similar to rust. Sabi's mind dramatizes the rash to make it look horrible and bloody. The disease may also cause stomach ulcers, causing blood to be coughed up, explaining the blood that appears in Sabi's room over time.



First off, I'd like to point out that even though Sabitsuki gets a Diving Helmet effect, it might not necessarily mean she got a Diving Helmet. She also gets, for example, the Viscera, Witch and Slime effects, Which I'm guessing don't really relate to what happened to her, specifically

I've believed for a long time that Sabitsuki, as well as the remaining Kaibutsu characters, are clones. Or rather, cloning failures. As for Oreko, we see her strongly associated with those orange technology (or Hell-tech) areas. I always thought Oreko was also created there. Her purpose was most likely different though, since we actually see her using one of those machines. So my current guess is she was designed as a sort of caretaker, and got attached to Sabitsuki

Theories aside, I looked at the events, and that's a bug. Oreko is supposed to appear there when a certain variable reaches a certain number. However, the event that codes the Warning Shot use of the Gun effect doesn't have that variable set. So when you fire off a warning shot, Oreko appears out of thin air, something she wasn't supposed to do

As a side note, she isn't dancing, either. She just follows the usual Warning Shot protocol, and steps away from Sabitsuki. If you fire it North of her, she'll go South. East, and she'll go West, etc

Still was a good find, in my opinion. Never saw Oreko there before, and she's been there for a long time, it seems


>>1778 Wow. I guess its cool in another way then… I can't believe its still there in 0.17! Lol must not have caught it yet. Haha~

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