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We've got an iron pipe, a handgun, a hoodie, and a tattoo. Was Sabitsuki in a gang? And was she perhaps killed by someone, which is why she has the "viscera" effect?


Well either that or she killed someone and projected herself in their place in her dreams, as guilty people often do. The thing is that implying that someone killed her doesn't particularly make much sense since she's kind of still alive.

Nobody survives from getting their stomach sliced open. Depressurizing that is like opening a can of shaken-up coke; everything is coming out after that.

But yeah, Sabi being in a gang and the implication that she's at least killed one person is plausible. Probably not with the gun because she never actually uses that as a weapon, but crowd control.


c'mon guys,think we really have no other evidence beyond these effects to suggest she was in a gang. On that basis alone, I would pretty much say it is very unlikely.

Further, I don't even think these effects suggest her being a gang since they are all so disconnected to each other. If there was something like a gang, we could expect to see some kind of connecting motif in each o the areas pointing to this, but there clearly isn't one.

It is really hard to visualize a terminally ill hospitalized girl with pale skin mugging passerbys



Fully agree with this, couldn't really have said it better

This doesn't mean future versions won't change to insinuate she might have been in a gang (this applies to any other theory lacking evidence for now, too)

As it stands, though, there isn't anything that can actually serve as a base to form a gang theory


Well, we could split hairs and talk about the school events and how that ties into gang-related activity. Maybe just a high school thing.

Also my headcanon is still that Sabi is in college which is why she sleeps at the computer instead of her bed.


How do we know she wasn't in a gang before she was ever hospitalized?


>>1556 We're still not entirely sure if she sleeps. The 4KHz noise theory sounds pretty reasonable to me. But that's for another thread.
>>1557 The effects are still somewhat all over the place, making them seem distant. The only effects of those 4 that are relatively close to each other are the Hoodie and the Handgun. And they're found near the hospital/meat factory. That's a pretty long shot…


File: 1335745000134.jpg (86.99 KB, 425x609, 1257567558138.jpg)


There are plenty of theories regarding what exactly she's doing at her computer. From what I've seen the general consensus lies with binaural beats, and I have no reason to doubt it. There's also a considerable number of people who seem to believe she's actually surfing the internet

More than anything though, there's no reason to think she doesn't sleep in her bed. Shrinking circle effect, soothing music… It's all there, really


File: 1340249039388.gif (185.61 KB, 245x245, vicera effect.gif)

>viscera effect

this is what comes to my mind


File: 1340306576899.jpg (47.41 KB, 640x360, geraldo rivera.jpg)

Maybe she really is just surfing the internet, and all the crazy shit is just symbolic for how weird the internet actually is if you stop to think about it (think Serial Experiments Lain here, folks)

>hoodie means hurr durr she's in a gang
>pic related


Isn't bleaching your hair white a common "gangsta" thing in Japan?


Acuualy is playing Second Life.


File: 1340504305729.jpg (35.87 KB, 640x360, tatami9.jpg)


Oh my gosh


It seems to me that Sabitsuki is a bit of a rebel who hangs out in shady places and with shady people. Lots of her effects are related to a shady life style (tattoo, hoodie, handgun, pipe, corpse and viscera) I think the psychedelic effect, psychedelic streets and that rainbow maze represent drug use. Her shady lifestyle eventually caused her to kill someone and that act is stuck deep within her mind.

Perhaps Sabitsuki was drawn to a shady life style because her medical condition. (well if the theories about her having a condition is right) She was unable to connect with her normal peers at school so was forced to hang out with the delinquents (One of the effects you get is from the guy on the school balcony who looks like your typical school delinquent.)

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