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File: 1421030284857.png (18.48 KB, 638x479, 2kki.png)


Ok next try, but this time no bashing Someday or Jojo will get mad/sad.

-Yume 2kki-

I felt it really really forced, shoving obvious simbolism in your face, areas so dissonant one to another.

You can see that there wasnt a real union between collaborators, also i feel being named Yume 2kki its a little too pretentious, trying to mislead people into thinking its the sequel to Yume Nikki by Kikiyama.


File: 1421031863651.png (80.7 KB, 168x185, ok.png)

I give this 10 minutes.


File: 1421031929983.jpg (46.72 KB, 500x375, 1412286931617.jpg)



File: 1421032002633.jpg (19.33 KB, 237x265, 2179_c1.jpg)

3 minutes, damn dude…


How about FLUX?



i know it sucks, but dont tell anybody.


Its Xenophobic, half-assed and its maker can go to hell.


welll what can i say about 3kki? … it better be a joke nigga.


hurr durr my forrum was gang raped by ubuu.


Global rule #10 applies to derailing threads as well.
Keep /ot/ talk in /ot/.


File: 1421033189734.png (10.04 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


im fucking done, you shitheads think this is fun? what do you earn with this shit? i was right when i say this place is a shithole and im glad now people can see it thanks to your stupid attitude. keep shitting yourself, uboachan, you will never improve.
stop or ill take other measures to fix your behaviour.


File: 1421033310207.png (28.07 KB, 255x192, 1420950736892.png)

Have you ever played this thing?



hi jojo, which is the worse fangame you ever played?


File: 1421033679680.png (6.96 KB, 255x192, 1421009565233.png)

from the other thread but, whats up with the 2 different Hell Diaries

i mean, the name sounds cool but wtf.


File: 1421033856551.png (24.68 KB, 255x186, 1421008579243.png)


we cant help it, you guys are too similar.

anyway, what the hell is behind being 2 hell diaries and both being hellawfull as hell?



which one do you consider the worst one mr. sushimoon?


is that true that theres even fangames of fangames!?



Probably because the name sounds kinda cool and kinda like Yume Nikki. Most fangame devs are painfully unoriginal and many, many games are painfuly shit. The twin Hell Diaries might be the worst



so, its one of those so-bad-its-good things? i may like it.


I just played 3kki, damn you guys were right, new champion for me.

You started it remember, however this thread is not about that, please don't derail.


what do you think is the reason for them being that bad?



is that shit even playeable?


kyouku yume


Monotose might be a contender


a ripoff of Me, which was originally cribbed off .flow, which is a fangame of yume nikki


>Yume 2kki
Overrated and pretentious yes, but I wouldn't say it's a bad game
I shouldn't
>Yume Nisshi
Perfect example of games that are good just for being japanese, I'm being ironic, I can't say it's the worst but it's absolutely not special, I agree about the dev
>One Way
The dev is just new at this, I don't think it should be critiziced that much, it's kind of cruel.
>Kyoku Yume
Holy shit dude…



its official, the "yume nikki fangame thing" has turned into the next "sonic recolor, original the character do not steal"


Thinking about it, Flux isn't really bad, it just needed more work, I just visited the dev's blog and it seems to have improved quite a lot


kyoku yume?



File: 1421035363635.png (90.96 KB, 319x243, kyoku yume.png)

Here is the title screen.


Also, when the 9999 get comes up, you can talk about it in /ot/.


dear god, that default title screen


it's gold


File: 1421035581098.jpg (57.2 KB, 640x853, Touhou_Cirno_Baka9.jpg)



File: 1421035585733.png (207.83 KB, 789x1033, red.png)



File: 1421035606838.jpg (759.7 KB, 3504x2484, cirno-1490618.jpg)



And then we never spoke of it again in this thread.


No mention of Yume Nikki Rythm [sic]?


File: 1421036544326.jpg (95.9 KB, 1280x644, aizenplan.jpg)

I think we can all agree about some, but there are literally dozens of fangames, and most of them are… bad, just because the concept is repetitive, it's hard to get out of the cliche, the worlds, effects, dreaming or fantasy cycle etc.

See pic



>don't laugh at muh jojogape ::''(((

>look, this creator makes shit he deserves to be impaled, let's laugh at how pathetic he is

You sure love to be a dick, uh.


Don't be so strict, a novice is expected to do shitty work, every single fangame dev here was a shitty novice once.
A bad game for me is something bad, made by someone capable of doing something good.


You're free to think whatever you want, but we are the ones who think it's funny how you just changed your judgement now towards a specific developer when you held your ground so fiercely before for period-guy and 2kki's sake.
Now, could you stop derailing the goddamn thread?


File: 1421080726783.jpg (80.56 KB, 896x332, snapshot_20150110_201835.jpg)

Guess again, Mr. only person samefagging here
>All defensive
>a novice is expected to do shitty work
>All defensive
You sure like chorizo dude, I am aware FG7's work is complete shit, I am not defending it, as I said in my last post, it is only my point of view about balance.

I know you like to start shit, but What if you take my opinion seriously?
What is worst? A newbie dev developing shit or a veteran dev developing shit?


File: 1421081258812.jpg (33.48 KB, 520x390, 1420162350774.jpg)

I propose changing this thread's topic to "Guess who is the most attention whore drama queen dev ITT".


I admit, the change is a little odd, but I hadn't taken jojojo's rant into real consideration before. So, yeah, that's actually pretty funny.
Honestly, I don't feel like arguing anymore, so I realize these are valid points in >>10011, and apologize for the complete derailing of the thread.


In Sushumoo's defence, FG7's work is ridiculously awful as it is plentiful and unfinished. There's not a single audio file in Cyclothimic that's not way too long for what it is and waaaaaay too loud. RIP headphone users.


File: 1421087182433.jpg (170.22 KB, 920x610, 1354212490959.jpg)

>in Sushumoo's defense
>argument already stated
>actually samefagging


File: 1421087492462.png (38.94 KB, 935x411, Clipping.png)

>>10015 how's that paranoia working for you?

Anyway she didn't just gank music from other sources, that'd be too normal. She also turned the volume up. Way up.


File: 1421087966538.jpg (134.74 KB, 640x512, 1390746417230.jpg)

omg what the fuck is that TL
I bet the db meter is completely fucked up


ahhahahaha whaat?
for what purpose


God where was that ynfg … called like Demencia or something? It was just posted on the ynfg wiki.

Then there was another one that had stolen all the music from basically the top 5 YNFGs… Sushimon, you should know about that one, right?

As for me personally it's Miserere, Me, YNisshi and … hrm probably Hallucigenia. Haven't played new Me though so while I'm biased as hell, I can't say much about it now because it was updated.



Probably because she liked it so it must be as loud as possible. To the point where it clips horribly.

Ambient tracks for an atmospheric game need to be loud at all times.

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