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Is the Dream vs Dream project dead?


I believe development is just very slow at the moment.


Development should go faster.


I do agree that it's going absurdly slow. Nonetheless, talk to them on Twitter, Tumblr, or their forums about their slow development.


Their website is down it seems. I hope it isn't dead.


If you're still looking at the 99k page, they moved to dreamvsdream.org.


That's down as well.


Ah, so it is.
But yeah, it isn't dead.


Agree with >>9461


They're constantly posting calls for more help. They're developing slowly 'cuz it's a small team for a fanlabor that brings in no cash, and they've gotta pay the bills :p Poke them on tumblr if you want to help speed up dev, provided you have something to offer.


>They're developing slowly 'cuz it's a small team

What is touhou…


A drunk man.


File: 1408427812148.gif (1.86 MB, 240x180, saddexter.gif)

I really want to help out, but…
>provided you have something to offer
There's the caveat: I don't. I can't program and I can't sprite worth shit. All I could do for them is the voice-acting (which, to be honest, needs some serious improvement), but there's already so much competition for the male roles that offering my help would be more of a nuisance than anything else.


a liar that says he works alone while he has a huge development team and he's rich and jap as fuck?


File: 1408429906040.jpg (353.38 KB, 800x800, 1404988060417.jpg)


Friendly reminder that th1 to th7/8 were done when the franchise wasn't well known (or, if you prefer, when it was doujin team with only one member).

ZUN specified in the staff roll that he had some help programming th6's engine, though.


I don't think a comparison to Touhou is fair, since programming a fighting game and programming a bullet-hell are two almost 100% different things.


>some help
Does he even program the actual games?


File: 1408474170860.png (17.21 KB, 1024x600, THECL.png)


While this is true, if you think about making and engine and then the interpreter which is capable of read your own language, bullet-hell making is not that easy, or at least touhou is not something easy to make, specially for a team solely made out of only one person.
Your first preoccupation (after the interpreter and basic aesthetics) consists in manipulating all your objects without causing lag, then the following is to organize all that crap and create the fucking patterns. Believe me, looking at all those floating points and hex numbers can be intimidating. And then you have the 3D models and other art things. True, not THAT hard and not related to programming, but not easy as well.

ZUN's ECL quality is surprisingly good, even compiled, and most of touhou's are themselves pretty well coded.
If you ever played with the stage files you'd realize they are pretty well thought.
It's also worth mentioning and recognizing his effort for coding fucking danmaku in fucking C in a 16-bit OS with many limitations, both of hardware and software, being doujin, and still making it enjoyable, and let's not talk about the MML.

All that bullshit that runs in the internet which says making danmaku games are not that hard is because the kids who said that use danmakufu and never made their own engine.
>B-but danmaku is an old genre it can't be that har…

Bullshit, look at any danmaku game and you'd realize the bullets' limitations and all the tricks the devs made to make it playable with said limitations.
Nowadays, compared to the old days, it is kinda easier and they're much simpler to make, but they're not an easy project and you have to know what you are doing. "Pro-1337 devs" may want to tell you otherwise, but most of them never even tried to make danmaku.

A more appropriate team to relate this project with would be French Bread/Watanabe Seisakujo, which made the Melty Blood fighting game, or even tasogare frontier with all their shitty bugs.

The making of a fighting game requires more things than a bullet-hell game, but it's as challenging as this last one. You have to take care of multiple hitboxes and coding the combos, plus the life bars decay with every attack and such.
They both aren't easy projects for little teams, but the comparison of danmaku and fighting games is not accurate at all.


I agree with you that ZUN example is out of place and the work DvsD devs are doing is not easy, but you're only shitposting and you also sound terribly butthurt over whether ZUN coded his own games or not. If you know so much about programming why aren't you helping the devs instead of whinning over something that is not even your business?



I didn't say it was easier, I just said they are almost two completely different skillsets, so the comparison isn't fair. Not to mention, the old Masters were a lot more used to working at low-level, so they had to code a lot of things themselves that we take for granted (they didn't have OpenGL or DirectX, so they probably had to write their own screen drawing routines, too.)

So no disrespect here, but I think you read what I wrote wrong and decided that I meant making a bullet hell for PC98 was easier than some choppy fighting game for windows. They've both got their quirks that programmers have to look out and account for.


File: 1408490437541.gif (312.09 KB, 128x106, f_u.gif)

Your fanboy is showing


File: 1408496661714.jpg (42.38 KB, 542x383, SM_Cabaret.jpg)


At the end of my explanation about how touhou worked I said it wasn't a fair comparsion and it should have been tasogare or watanabe circles since they actually made fighting games (for windows), and I agreed with you. So I don't think I read your post wrongly.


You just discovered my little secret. Steelpipe please go.


File: 1408501266889.jpg (15.19 KB, 229x220, 10403037_836413889704411_3….jpg)



Oh, it is me who read your post wrongly. D'oh. Go on with ya bad self


File: 1408507491712.png (382.34 KB, 537x718, 1408048203936.png)


Steelpipe, please, go.

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