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Hello ubu!

Asleep is my new yume nikki fangame.

Aside of T+T, I follow the traditional method. It doesn’t have dialogue, it have some bugs that are on purpose, others not.

the plot is the read me text but oh well


Ametsuki decides to suicide.

And without regret it she killed all of those who made her got into that point.

After that she locked herself in her

apartment room so she will kill herself soon; but the nightmare of her actions starts to appear before she can do a thing.

It has multiples endings, but some are still in development as the game itself.

If it is good or bad, i only wanna share it with all of you!
LINK> http://www.mediafire.com/download/ut3yl35m6cswsy6/Asleep.rar


File: 1400881240783.png (7.22 KB, 515x303, plzhelp.PNG)

Trying to play your game, but I get this error message whenever I try to open it.


By open, I mean starting the game.


Awww shit man.


strange.. Ok i fixed it now, or at least i did it and i tried the game in another computer… If this still happens to you, tried to google the error.
and also i fix some ones i didnt notice before :3



Hey, I tried posting a review of your game, but Uboachan is being retarded and giving me a flood error, not matter how much I trim the review down, so I just wound up posting it to tumblr. View it here:


*no matter


Someone actually is making a game? Good I will try it, I wonder why people here dont do it so often nowda…


okay, is okay, like I say before, there are some bugs that aren't on purpose and some others that are suppose they are. yes.
I feel grateful about all you wrote
And also I feel lazy to reply this but yeah, here it is:

Is the first version of the game. Are you expecting a complete and perfect game? well.. it didn't; I really sorry. it wasn't on purpose.
i'm not doing a horror game, I think is an eerie game, so i don't expect anybody wait some jump scare.
i'm not doing a yume nikki copy. at least i don't see it that way.
i'm doing a "yume nikki fangame" , also i don't want to do this game in the same way as my other game.
I don't put any effect descriptions, I got my reasons, because the game is still in development, so don't ask me about it. sorry if it seem troublesome.
Yeah, I speak spanish, but it seems the damn google translator wasn't enough. I know is A knife, but i feel insecure about my english and the translate says AN. whatever.
Pressing Z/ENTER sometimes is on purpose ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Can't you wait about the story progress? In fact, the game is not "go to bed, nexus, explore worlds, collect effects, drop them, wake up, die." It follows a story, can't you have patience? I think I must add "Play it slow, pay attention, have patience" to the game description.

Some effects got their bugs on p u r p o s e . sorry.
Yeah, I "poorly-drawn " all my chipset, cause that is my style, i don't even wanna talk about it.
the doors are supposed to, at some future progress, open it according to certain events. (i don't know if i wrote it well)

I NOT take anything from yume nikki or others fangames. I made them ALL myself, ok?

the corridors are like that, please have patience.
Things that looks messy, like the teletransportation are supposed to be messy and not have to be interesting.

I'm a lonely wolf, I don't feel like to ask people for help about music,
I had a serious problem with this when i made my other game. so that is not a option. and it is better like that.

I'm a girl, I obviously know how all the blood in the world looks like, but that thing you saw is not blood, the blood is the blood on the floor, the rest is water-like…Or that's what I understood.

oh and the first ending consist in:> all she did before→ locked herself→can't stand it> she died by hanging herself<

but is boring if I tell all the things that are hard to understand.
Don't get me wrong, i appreciate what you wrote, in fact i was waiting for someone to tell me the pros and cons about the game. so yeah, it's cool I take them all in mind.


So basically, everything that is bad about the game was on purpose. I don't think that helps your case here, really.
And also I don't see anything wrong with Psi giving you feedback even though the game isn't complete.
In fact, you should be grateful someone cared enough about your game to actually write something about it. You are taking the critique really badly, you should read it again and this time maybe think about what could be improved.


boo. I don't feel like reply what i already answered.
But I fix some little things that were wrong


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